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The Forest

Have you ever wondered what the other character were thinking that night that Edward left Bella in the forest? Well read here to find out what Mike, Charlie, and Dr. Gerandy were thinking.

So far I only have Mike's written. Please review with any suggestions or comments.=]

2. Charlie.

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Charlie’s POV
As I walked into the kitchen after work I noticed that neither Bella nor Edward was in the house, though Bella’s truck was parked outside. My guess was that they were at the Cullens house.

As I glanced down on the counter I found a letter with my name on it.

Going for a walk with Edward, up the path. Back soon, B.

I didn’t really think much of the note but for some reason a quick shock of worry passed through me.

“She’s fine,” I thought to myself. “Edward can take care of her.”

After getting a quick snack from the kitchen I ventured to the couch to watch a Baseball game. The Yankees were playing the Red Sox and I’d heard from Billy that this particular game was going to be brutal.

As I watched the game though, I began to get anxious. At first I thought it was just the game but soon I realized that the game had nothing to do with it.

It was starting to get late- almost 8. It was twilight outside. Not exactly the best time of day for walking. Especially when Bella was so clumsy…

No. She’s fine. She’s with Edward. Edward wouldn’t let something happen to Bella.

I decided to give it thirty minutes before I called the station.

I tried to get back into the game but I couldn’t focus. This wasn’t like Bella. She was usually so responsible. She didn’t even like hiking.

Minutes passed and there was no sign of Bella or Edward. I was really starting to get anxious. My foot was tapping anxiously and my body was tense. I found myself glancing at the clock way more than necessary. Why wasn’t she home yet?

When the clock finally said 8:32 in big black numbers I jumped up from my seat on the couch and ran to the phone. I called the Cullen household first but no one answered. It just rang and rang. For some reason this made me a little sick to my stomach.

I called the Newtons’ next. Mike answered but said that he hadn’t heard anything from Bella since school got out. He volunteered to help me look but I said I didn’t think that’d be necessary. I promised that if I needed any assistance I’d call.

Finally I called the station. My deputy Dave answered and I rushed through my explanation about Bella’s note. He said he would come over and we’d look up the trail a little ways.

I sat at the kitchen table restless and worried as I waited for Dave. My mind was making up different scenarios as to why Bella wasn’t home. All of them were horrifying.
When Dave finally arrived I ran to the door before he had a chance to knock. I pulled my jacket off the hook and we ventured to the trail to look for my missing teenage daughter.

We looked for about an hour calling her name and looking for footprints. But when it got so dark that I could barely see my hand in front of my face Dave and I decided that we needed more help.

I called Billy in a panic and he promised that he would send some the boys from the reservation up to help us search.

“They know the forest better than you do,” he had joked once. I really hoped he meant it.

Next Dave and I took turns calling various citizens of Forks and asked for their assistance. We asked that they would spread the word. We also warned them to bring flashlights and raincoats.

I was surprised by how many people showed up. It seemed like there had to be at least sixty. That was a good majority of the town. It was nice to see that the town could pull together like this.

We were about to take off when something in my mind warned me that we might need a doctor.

I was a little irritated with myself. Shouldn’t I have thought about this earlier? For god’s sake Edwards own father was a doctor. He had right to know what was going on every bit as much as I did.

Quickly I dialed the hospital.

“Is Dr. Cullen there?” I asked what sounded like an overworked receptionist.

“Er.. I don’t think so.” She said.

“Well is there some other doctor I can talk to?” I was beginning to get impatient.

“Here’s Dr. Gerandy,” she said.


“Dr. Gerandy this is Chief Swan. Bella’s gone missing and I’m afraid I might need your assistance when I find her.” My voice cracked a little bit on the last part.

“I’ll be right over,” he said and then hung up.

It didn’t take him long. He was here in less than 5 minutes. I guess that’s one of the advantages of living in a small town. Everything is so close together.

Finally we began our search. We all called out Bella’s name but heard nothing. I was extremely close to hyperventilating but I held up. Occasionally one of the neighbors would come up and reassure me but it didn’t help.

While we were walking I had a chance to talk to Dr. Gerandy.

“Where’s Dr. Cullen? Shouldn’t he be here?” I asked.

“Dr Cullen? Well, Charlie all the Cullens left. They’re moving to L.A.”

This shocked me. Why didn’t I know about this? Why didn’t Bella know about this? I was beginning to get suspicious. What if she ran away with them…with him?
No. Bella wouldn’t do that. Besides, she would have acted guilty for days if that were the case.

Suddenly something occurred to me. Dr. Gerandy said all the Cullens left. If they all left then why was Edward still here?

I was about to ask when suddenly I heard someone call out something other than Bella’s name.

“I’ve got her!” someone shouted.

Relief swept over me.

I watched as a man from the reservation carried her over to me. She was awake. By the looks of her she looked fine.

I carefully took her into my arms and looked down at her face.

The relief vanished. Horror took its place.

Her face wasn’t normal. I tried to name an expression to the look on her face. Hurt? Horrified? Sad? None of them described it properly. There was no name to this expression. It was a look of true emptiness.

“He’s gone.” She mouthed.

So did this mean that she knew they were leaving? Pain swept over me as I realized that that was why Edward had taken her for a walk. He wanted to say goodbye.

“Did Edward leave with them?” I whispered to Dr. Gerandy.

“I don’t know,” he replied. “Carlisle just said that they were leaving.”

I turned back to Bella silently praying that her expression was back to normal. It wasn’t. I studied her cautiously, trying to figure out what was wrong with her.
She didn’t notice. She didn’t notice anything. She just looked around, seeing nothing.

Rage swept through me. Edward had left her in the woods. Edward had broken her, my daughter. I desperately hated him. What had he done?

Finally we made it back to the house.

I set Bella on the couch while Dr. Gerandy asked her questions. It surprised me that she was actually able to have a conversation.

However, there was no way to miss the empty sad hollow sound of her voice that now belonged to my daughter.

“She’s fine,” the doctor said to me. “I don’t think she’s hurt at all.”

He was wrong. There was definitely something wrong with her. It just wasn’t something that could be fixed with medicine.