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The Forest

Have you ever wondered what the other character were thinking that night that Edward left Bella in the forest? Well read here to find out what Mike, Charlie, and Dr. Gerandy were thinking.

So far I only have Mike's written. Please review with any suggestions or comments.=]

3. Gerandy

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Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

The sound of the clock beating in my office at Forks Medical Center one of the single most boring sounds in my life and unfortunately I heard it far, far too often.

On a good day I would be inspecting the clients in the Emergency Room. Those were my favorite patients. Usually there wasn’t much that needed to be done. Just a few stitches typically. Maybe an x-ray if the situation demanded it.

But today wasn’t a good day. The hospital was nearly empty except for the few patients that spent the majority of their time here. Even with Carlisle gone there was no spare work to be done. So I sat in my dull office filling out the never ending pile of useless paperwork.


I glared at my pager. There had to be something to do in this hospital. I stood up and decided to walk around.

As I past the receptionist counter in the main waiting room I saw Peggy talking on the phone with a strange expression on her face.

“Here’s Dr. Gerandy,” she said hurriedly.

She handed me the phone and then got back to the game of solitaire she was playing on her computer.


“Dr. Gerandy, this is Chief Swan. Bella’s gone missing and I’m afraid I might need your assistance when I find her.”

Ah. Bella Swan. There was no doubt in my mind that she would need some kind of “assistance” when she was found. That girl was a hazard to herself and everyone within a three foot radius. Hell, that girl was hazardous to the entire town.

“I’ll be right over,” I said and hung up.

I was more than happy to go help search for Bella. Finally, something to do other than boring paperwork.

“Charlie needs help finding Bella,” I said to Peggy. “I’ll be back later.”

The drive the Swan residence didn’t take long. It was only 2.3 miles away from the hospital. This was almost mandatory when a father had a child like Bella who had more scars to count than a war veteran.

Charlie didn’t waste any time explaining things to me. Once I was out of my car he simply nodded and walked in front of the crowd to begin our search.

He didn’t look healthy. If anyone in this crowd of people needed medical assistance it was him. He looked so worried I would have thought he would fall flat from a heart attack or something.

The walk was long. And for the most part uneventful.
The crowd called out Bella’s name over and over again. It was like a broken record. I joined in for a while but after about an hour my throat began to hurt.

It seemed as if tension was building. Charlie was getting worse. It seemed like every call of Bella’s name sent a jolt a pain through him. And it wasn’t just Charlie. The entire town seemed to be getting edgier and edgier. Everyone seemed worried, myself included.

I saw Charlie glancing at me occasionally and soon I realized that he was battling the idea of asking me something.

He lost.

“Where’s Dr. Cullen? Shouldn’t he be here?” he asked.

His question caught me off guard. Dr. Cullen had left yesterday. As far as I knew all of them had. You would think that since Bella had been dating Edward Charlie would certainly know.

“Dr Cullen? Well, Charlie all the Cullens left. They’re moving to L.A.” I answered.

Charlie eyes got wide, first with shock, then with suspicion.

Charlie really must not have known that the Cullens left. But wouldn’t Bella of told him? “She wouldn’t if she planned on leaving with them,” I thought to myself.

Now that it became apparent that Charlie had no knowing of the Cullens’ departure, I was beginning to doubt that Bella was in the woods. Hell, I was beginning to doubt whether or not she was in the state of Washington altogether.

I didn’t voice my thoughts though. It might not be safe to tell Charlie.

He looked like he had something more to ask me, but as he turned to speak a noise stopped him.

“I’ve got her!” someone shouted.

In the few seconds it took Charlie to reach his daughter, he looked whole again. The lines in his face smoothed some and his eyes lost the clouded, frightful look in them.

However, that didn’t last long. He took Bella into his arms and the same expression I’d seen earlier took him over again.

I didn’t understand. She was found, she didn’t appear harmed, and she was talking. So then what was wrong with Charlie?

I didn’t comment. I just walked forward with the rest of the town folks.

But as Charlie moved closer to me I was able to see the cause of his worry. Bella looked dead. Not literally dead, just…disattached. She didn’t look like she had any control of her thoughts, feelings, or movements. And she was pale. She skin toned matched that of the many corpses I’d seen throughout my career.

My mind went into medical mode. I went through all of the diseases I could think of that would show symptoms like Bella’s. I had none.

“Did Edward leave with them?” Charlie whispered.

I thought for a moment before I answered. I thought about what Carlisle has told me…

“Steve, I’ve been offered a job in LA,” Carlisle said. “We’re leaving tonight. Esme already has the house all packed up.”

“I don’t know,” I answered Charlie. “Carlisle just said they were leaving.”

He turned back to Bella and was silent for the rest of our journey back.

Once inside Charlie put Bella on the short couch and I moved closer to examine her. I checked her blood pressure. Normal. I checked her eyes. Normal. I felt for any lumps around the throat. Normal. What was wrong with her?