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The Cullens return to Forks after 40 years of being away. Anyone they ever knew has died or moved away, so they are free to start a new life. A new girl arrives at Forks. Her name is Bella Swan, she looks just like Bella before she was turned and she can't walk over a flat surface without tripping up. Oh, and did I forget to mention that her blood calls to Edward, just like Bella's once did? Can Edward resist the temptation and love of another Bella, one who smells so incredibly edible? No Nessie

No Renesmee

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The sunlight shone gently over the silhouette of a large house, casting the land below in a damp, dark shadow. Puddles of rainwater gathered here and there, dripping off the waxen surface of the wooden roof and on to the dirt below. Occasionally the wind heaved a great sigh and shook the frail leaves of the forest until a few floated gently from the high tangles of branches. Nearby the soft sound of a sweet melody floated through the air, turning and twisting through the towering trees. Occasionally one note would linger, as if caught on one of the near-bare branches, until the wind blew softly and the music continued to float on by. Gradually the sound stopped, the last note echoing through the scene of tranquility, disturbing a near-by nest of birds.


Edward’s fingers came to rest gently on the ivory keys, a satisfied smile on his face. Taking a pencil and piece of paper off the gleaming surface of the piano, he wrote down pages of notes so fast his fingers became a blur. Putting down both the paper and pencil he began to play again, this time referring to the music sheet.

“Shut the hell up Edward, it’s two in the morning!”

A thoroughly irritated voice cut through the peacefulness.

“It’s not like anyone’s trying to sleep, Emmett.” Edward replied, just as irritated; even though his voice came out slightly softer, like honey.

Emmett suddenly appeared at the door, leaning against the frame.

“Oh ha ha, very funny” Emmett replied in a sarcastic voice, even though his golden eyes sparkled with humor.

Edward rolled his eyes.

“Got the musical prodigy to shut up yet?”

A small figure appeared beside Emmett, her thin frame only reaching his elbow. She held the hand of a slightly taller girl whose chocolate hair still rippled with the speed she and Alice had ran to get there.

“Not yet, he still has no regard for the pounding headache he’s giving everyone. Seriously man, enough with the piano playing”

Alice nodded in agreement.”Yeah, time to snuff out the musical genius inside you”

Edward chuckled, organizing his music sheets in to a neat pile.

“It may be hard for you to believe, but people actually enjoy my music” Edward resorted.

“Your right, that is hard to believe” Emmett feigned shock, placing his hand were his heart should have been.

“I enjoy Edward’s music “Said the girl with the chocolate colored hair, her mouth quirked up in to a smile.

Emmett turned to her, only just noticing she was in the room.

“You would enjoy Edward’s music; you are in love after all. Oh and good morning” he said, engulfing her in a hug.

“Tends to make you a bit biased” Alice said as soon as Emmett released Bella.

“True” said Bella, before running to Edward’s side and planting a kiss on his cold, marble lips.

“I swear she’s got a total personality makeover since she became a vampire” murmured Emmett.

Grabbing the pencil off the piano, she threw it at missile speed in his direction, before it bounced off his chest and clattered to the floor.

Emmett laughed and soon the others joined in.

“What’s all the noise?”

Two figures joined the group, both with heads full of silky blonde hair. One was a beautiful girl, her mouth set in to a pout over her pearly white teeth. The other figure was just as good looking, but a boy, whose voice came out laced in a thick southern accent.

“Sounds like a group of vampires in the midst of massacring the townsfolk” He grinned.

“Wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened” Smirked the blonde-haired girl.

Not a second after the beautiful girl had stepped in to the room did Emmett engulf her in a kiss.

“Geez people get a room!” said Alice before skipping to the boy’s side and taking his hand in hers.

“Hi Jazz” she beamed up at him.

In response he pulled her closely to his side and whispered something in her ear.

She giggled and then froze.

“Oooh, Alice in full-frontal psychic mode. Tell me if it’s anything life-threatening, like Bella falling down the stairs” Snorted Emmett.

Bella growled.

Are you coming upstairs Rose?” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Rosalie giggled and followed him out of the room.

After a moment Alice squealed and clapped her hands excitedly.

“What is it Alice?” asked Bella her, face alight with curiosity.

“A new girl at school, the humans will be really fascinated, she kind of looks like you Bella.”Alice grinned.

“Great!” said Bella sarcastically.

“Come on let’s go get you ready for school!”

Alice skipped out of the room after kissing Jasper softly on the lips.

Bella rolled her eyes.

“You’d think, that after 40 years, she would have realized that I actually can pick out an outfit on my own”

Huffing she walked out of the room.

There was a moment of silence when all that could be heard was the rustle of trees outside the window, before Edward and Jasper burst out in to laughter.

After a few minutes of gasping for breath (that they didn’t even need) Jasper turned to Edward.

“Want to go hunting?”

“Nah, I’m okay for a couple of days. Try and tear Emmett away from Rosalie for a moment and ask him, he’s always complaining that you’re more fun to hunt with than I am”

Jasper nodded and walked out of the room, his chuckles echoing after him.

Edward sighed and sat down on the piano stool. After a moment he turned to the piano and placed his fingers gently on the keys, ready to play.

“Don’t even think about it Edward!” Alice’s voice rang through the house, her voice full of authority.

Edward chuckled.

“Wouldn’t dream of it Alice!”