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Edward teases Bella over and over again. One day Bella snaps and does something she seems to really regret. How will Edward react to something so utterly repulsive? Maybe it's not such a bad thing... **MAJOR LEMONS** **ADULT CONTENT**


1. Maybe once?

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Charlie was crashing at Billy’s with a killer hang over, which left me and Edward some quite alone time to ourselves. We were lying on the soft bed in my room as the moonlight shined in from outside. Edward touched my face with the back of his hand and kissed my forehead.

"Aaaah Bella you are so...ravishing." He smiled and I swung my leg over his torso so I was on top of him. I kissed him as hard as humanly possible and he tried to pull away.

"Please Bella not tonight." He whispered and I huffed angrily and rolled back down beside him.

"When then Edward?" I whimpered.

"You don't even know how bad I could hurt you. I don’t want to put your life in danger love." He purred kissing my neck to try to soften me up. I crossed my arms and tried to resist but it was definitely turning me on. I pounced back on top of him grinding into him as I kissed him.

"I like danger." I whispered trying to sound as sexy as possible. He grew rigid as I kissed his neck trailing my hands down his waist to the front of his jeans. Wow where did that come from? When did I become so seductive? Unexpectedly he swung me around so that he was on top. I gasped and then bit my lip embarrassed by my childish reaction.

"I don't think you're ready for this kind of danger." He growled. My hand reached down to his penis and I squeezed it firmly. It grew hard in my grip.

"Oh I'm ready." I said as he moaned.

"Fuck Bella why do you have to do this to me?" He whispered as he trailed his lips down my collar bone and then to the center of my chest stopping before he reached my cleavage. I pulled his face up to mine and kissed him wildly, my tongue danced with his as he ran his fingers down my arm and under my shirt.

"I want you so bad Edward." I panted as he lifted up my shirt and slid it off.

"Really?" He questioned as he kissed his way down to the edge of my jeans. "How bad?" He looked up at me and smiled. In a second my shorts were being thrown on the floor and I was lying there half naked on the bed. Edward parted my legs and crawled back up to my face kissing my body along the way.

"Really, really fucking bad." I said as he licked a long my breasts just before the nipples. He tugged at my underwear’s and I notice the warmth coming from me. I was so wet.

"God you smell so good." He inhaled deeply and licked his lips.

"Don't tease me Edward please..." I cried as he grabbed my leg and placed it on his shoulder. He kissed my inner thigh and made his way up slowly stopping just before the part I wanted him to kiss me most. Just then my phone rang violently, screaming at us almost. After a couple of minutes it started to ring again, that damn phone just wouldn't shut up!

"Answer it." Edward said kissing my neck softly.

"Hello?" I answered shaky and out of breath.

"Hey bells it's me Jake!" God he had no clue what was happening just on the other side of the line.

"Hey Jacob." I said. Edwards head snapped up and he smiled wickedly.

"Umm so I was wondering if you wanted to come down to la push tomorrow..." Jacobs voice trailer off because Edward was now picking me up against the wall. I wrapped my legs around him and he thrusted against me. I could feel his hard cock press against my soft wet center.

"...Sam and Emily and Embry and Quil are
all going to bring some food and crap and..." Jacob’s voice was muted by the sound of Edward whispering some quite dirty things in my ear.

"God Bella I just want to stick my big fat cock in your tight wet pussy and fuck you until you cum. Do you want me to do that baby huh? You want daddy to fuck you like that?" I shivered and he pressed me tighter on the wall. I held on to him while juggling the phone in one hand.

"Tell him you don't want to go..." Edward whispered as he brushed his hand over my moist panties.

"Jake I don't think I can go, maybe next time." I tried to act casual, ignoring Edward tugging at my panties and slipping his hand down to massage my clit.

"NO! Tell him never!" Edward demanded as he slid one finger inside of me. I gasped and held the phone away from my mouth kissing Edward as he went in and out, in and out repeatedly. We stopped so I could end the pointless and inconsequential conversation.

"Or...or...or never okay Jacob? Bye!" I said quickly and hung up the phone throwing it to the floor with a loud thud. Edward lowered me down on the bed again and I pulled of his shirt. He slid off my bra revealing my hard nipples, he couldn't look away.

"Son of bitch Bella you are so fucking sexy." He said as I spun him around so I was on top again. I lowered my body down to his bulging erection, anticipating his swollen dick in my mouth.

"May I?" I looked up at him as I unzipped his pants. Suddenly his face turned white and he looked around nervously.

"No, no Bella we can't! What if you get hurt." He argued with himself as I pulled down his jeans and unveiled his large member. I stroked it firmly as he rambled on about being safe and not wanting to kill me. Before he could go on any more I flicked his head with my tongue lightly and he let out a low moan.

"Oh forget it!" he almost yelled as he got up to undress him self. I stood up as he ripped off his jeans and rushed towards me punning me against the wall again.

He pulled on my panties and a quiet tear ripped through the air.

"Oops." He said lifting up my legs and setting me on my desk. I threw everything off of it and wrapped my legs around him. He reached down to massage my clit and then kneeled down between my legs. I tangled my fingers in his hair as he sucked and licked and caressed my softest point. Pleasure coursed through my body and I felt myself coming close to orgasm.

"Oh god Edward please don't stop! Ugh Edward im so close!" He stuck one finger inside of me, and then two and then three.

"Ughh you're so tight Bella I just want to fuck you so bad, I just want to feel your warm virgin pussy all around my hard dick." He moaned.

"Oh Edward fuck me already please!" I screamed pulling his hair harder. He stood back up to kiss me and I could taste myself on his tongue. It made me even more wet. He made circles around my hole with his dick teasing me.

"You taste so good Bella. Don't you think so? Do you want a taste?" He said lifting me off the table and pushing me to the ground. I licked both sides of his cock and rubbed it with both hands.

"Put it in your mouth already!" He commanded me and I slipped his huge cock right into my throat as far as possible. He guided my head and moaned loudly, actually it kind of sounded like a growl.

"Oh fuck Bella you suck so good. Uggh fuck baby!" I flicked his head with my tongue and his eyes rolled back in his head. He really liked that. It was making me so horny just hearing him moan that my pussy throbbed with pleasure. He pulled me back up to him and kissed me fiercely.

"I want you to fuck me Edward!" I moaned as we slid back onto to the bed.

"Is that what you want huh? Well I'm going to give it to you Bella. I'm going to put all of it inside of you and I'm going to fuck you hard."

"Oh fuck Edward just do it already please!" I moaned breathlessly. Suddenly a flash of something evil spread over his face. He smiled and got up from the bed. I looked up at him confused. This was as far as we had ever one before and I knew it was too good to be true! “Maybe later.” He smiled and kissed me on the forehead. I laid there stunned as he pulled back on his pants and shirt. My face grew red with fury and I reached for my clothes. I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! “I hate you.” I whispered. “I love you.” He said laughing.