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Edward teases Bella over and over again. One day Bella snaps and does something she seems to really regret. How will Edward react to something so utterly repulsive? Maybe it's not such a bad thing... **MAJOR LEMONS** **ADULT CONTENT**


2. Maybe Jacob

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The next day I convinced Edward to let me hang out with Jacob, it was
only "right" after what he did to me last night. He reluctantly agreed
but he agreed. Jacob picked me up at the treaty line and I was happy
to be with him. Yet, I still couldn't get that night out of my head.
Edward was so demanding and so eager, I could hardly believe we did
that. It all seemed like a dream, a very hot, sexy dream. Jacob interrupted
my thoughts abruptly bringing me back to reality.

"So...what's up?" be asked nervously. Something was bothering him.

"Nothing much just being with a vampire and stuff. What about you?" I
shrugged my shoulders and he took in a shallow breath.

"Yeah about that... You know how I feel about him don’t you." He asked

"Yeah I do. But is that all? You look a little tense." He swallowed
hard and sighed.

"It’s just you look really good right now Bella." I cocked my head
back surprised by his answer. He stopped on a road that led to the
beach. Embry, Quil, Sam and the rest of the pack waited for us down
the road.

"You look good too Jake." I admitted noticing his massive arms and
hands. I wished those hands were touching me. Wait! Did I just say
that? Just then, as if he knew what I was thinking, he reached out his
hand and swept it across my cheek. Goose bumps rose on my arms and
quite frankly, it turned me on. Suddenly he grabbed my face and forced
a hard kiss on my lips. I kissed back. Edward flashed before my eyes
but he would never kiss me like this. Never with this much force and
want and need. I pulled myself towards Jacob and crawled into his lap,
he tightened his grip on my waist and started to grind into me. I
could feel his hardness through his pants, he was very large.

"Ugh I’ve wanted you so bad for so long it's driving me crazy. Let me
fuck you Bella please." Edward flashed in my mind again but Jacob
pulled me back to the car licking my neck and trailing his hand up my
shirt, he went under my bathing suit top and squeezed my breast and pinched my nipple. I let him lift my shirt off and lick my them as I pulled his hair. We
crawled to the back and he took off my pants and his shirt. All that
was left between us was my bathing suit bottom and his shorts, they
weren't concealing much. His hard cock was bulging now as my tongue
fought with his and he tan his fingers up and down my waist making me

"Ohhh god Bella. You are so sexy. You're so wet too... Do you want me
to get that for you?" He ripped my bathing suit bottoms off and crawled back
spreading my legs apart and dipping his head between them. I pulled
his head down to where I wanted him to go as he licked me furiously.
My body rocked with pleasure and I craved for him to be inside of me.
His fingers slipped inside of me and he thrust them in and out as he
licked my clit.

"Ugh Jacob! Don't stop please don't stop!" I moaned as he continued
to eat me out.

"Bella do you want me? Because I'll fuck you right here right now."
His tongue flicked my clit and I gasped.

"Yes Jacob fuck me please! I just want you're cock already!" He smiled, pleased with my answer and crawled up to my face kissing my body along the way.

"First" kiss "you have to" kiss "do something" kiss "for me" kiss.
I nodded and sat up knowing exactly what he wanted. I got on my knees
and elbows in the back seat and pulled Jacobs huge erection out. I licked both sides if it and made circles around the head before I stuck it in by mouth.

"Uggh! Fuck Bella! Where did you learn that from? Have you been a bad
girl?" He smacked my ass and stuck his fingers in my wet pussy mercilessly. I
moaned before sticking his cock back in my mouth.

"Yes Jacob I've been a very bad girl." I moaned wanting him to fuck me

"Yes you have! Going out with vampires and all. I think I'm going to
have to show you a lesson huh? Come here..." He picked me up and I sat
in his lap rubbing his cock against my warm pussy. Teasing him until
he groaned and pushed his mouth against me roughly, jamming his tongue in my mouth.

"Don’t make me wait Bella! I've waited long enough!" He shouted and with that he
picked me up and forced his cock inside if me. I winced at the pain
but he didn't stop. After a few long thrusts he picked up the pace and
bounced me off of him hard and fast. I grew tighter and tighter as I
became closer to orgasm.

"Bella you're so tight and wet! Oh god!" He moaned as he went faster
and faster.

"Jacob please don't stop. Don't stop Jacob! Ugh fuck!"

"Don’t you come yet baby!" he demanded, pulling it out, stopping me
from reaching the top. I looked at him and pouted my lips.

"You want more?" He asked smiling. I nodded.

"Mmhmm." I replied. He turned me around at gripped my hips forcing it
into me doggy style. His stokes were short and hard and I bit into the
car upholstery.

"Scream for me Bella! I want to hear you."

"Ughhh Jacob harder! Fuck me harder! Oh god!"

"Yeah you like it like that? You like my big, hard duck in your pussy?"

"Mmmhmm!" I moaned. He pulled my hair so I was standing up in front
of him.

"I want to hear you scream Bella! Louder!" My body twitched and fidgeted
as I reached my climax.

"Oh yeah. Ughh. Ughhh god Jacob! Fuck!" My body went limp with
ecstasy and he pulled out coming all over my ass. He pulled me close
and massaged my still soaking wet pussy.

"Your leech could never do that to you!" he growled licking my nipples
as I closed my eyes.

"Maybe not. I don’t know.” I said smiling reaching for his dick.