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Edward teases Bella over and over again. One day Bella snaps and does something she seems to really regret. How will Edward react to something so utterly repulsive? Maybe it's not such a bad thing... **MAJOR LEMONS** **ADULT CONTENT**


4. Maybe three?

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"Hey Quil you know where Jake is?" I asked scared that he was off doing something stupid because of what he saw the other night.

"He’s probably passed out in one of the rooms!" He yelled over the thumping speakers. Great!

I felt bad about what happened, I didn't mean for him to see that but why the hell was he in my tree. I searched the rooms one by one worried he was choking on his own throw up or something. Hopefully I could find him and draw the line in our friendship. Edward forbid me to see him again but I was going against it just to say sorry. I heard Jacobs voice coming from one of the rooms and I marched in there determined to- HOLY SHIT!

The scene both shocked me and confused me all at once. It was Jacob...and Leah. Jacob was sitting on the bed while Leah was on her knees looking up at him while she sucked his dick. Jacob’s mouth dropped open and we stared at each other not sure what to do, Leah just kept doing her thing until I cleared my throat. She looked up, saw me and smiled. I would know that smile any where.

"Bella!" She licked his tip and looked back at me. "Come here." She motioned for me to join and Jacob’s eyes nearly popped out if his head and fell on the floor.

Now I had exactly two seconds to make a decision before I looked stupid. I could walk away and never experience this ever or I could go with what my body was telling me and jump in. Oh what the hell! What's one more time with Jacob? Especially if it's a threesome with Leah. She was exotic, gorgeous, older, more experienced. She could have a thing or two to teach me. All for Edward, I told my self

I smiled and walked over to the bed and Jacob regained his composure and smiled wildly. He was going to have fun with this. I kneeled down beside Leah and she stuck his hard dick in my mouth, she rubbed my back as I licked and sucked. The heat between my legs was making me wet, throbbing in anticipation. I turned to Leah and kissed her, Jacob moaned loudly as we both rubbed his cock. Leah lifted my shirt off and pulled me closer to her, I took her dress off and kissed her neck, running my hands along her side. She felt so warm. We stopped paying much attention to Jake and kissed each other all over. She unzipped my jeans and pulled them off. Could it be possible to be a complete lesbian for one night? I bit Leah’s upper lip and looked over at Jacob, he was rubbing his erection, staring at us kneeling on the ground.

Leah saw me and pushed me on the ground, she inched her way up to my mouth and sucked on my bottom lip, massaging my tits as I pulled her closer between my legs. I unhooked her bra and threw it to the side, she followed suit. I flipped her over and kissed her body until I reached her navel, then I kissed back up lingering around her hard nipples. Ugh she was so hot. I hooked my finger in her underwear’s and she smiled. I slid them off inch by inch. She was so wet that her inner thugs were drenched. I sucked and kissed her clit licking it lightly.

"Ugh Bella! God that feels good! Don't stop! Please don't stop!" Just then Jacob came from behind me and yanked off my lacey thong. He rubbed my ass and smacked it while I fingered Leah. Jacob placed his finger in the slit of my pussy and felt my wetness.

"Wow Bella who knew you could be this fucking dirty? You like that baby? You like licking her juices of her sweet pussy?" He stuck a finger inside of me and massaged the inside if my pussy.

"Yes Jacob I love Leah’s pussy! It tastes so fucking good!" I moaned as he slid his finger in and out.

"Well your going to like my cock too then!" his voice was low and raspy as he stuck his cock so deep inside of me I whimpered in pain. But he didn't stop there, while grinding into me slow and hard he stuck another finger in my ass.

"Ugh fuck Jacob ugggggh god! Mmmmmm!" Me and Leah and Jacob all moaned loudly as we licked and fucked each other. Leah got up again and Jacob pulled her in for a kiss. From behind him she put her hands on his and helped guided his thrusts.

"Say our names Bella. Scream for us!" She demanded and I happily obliged.

"Oh fuck Jacob! Leah! Ugh. Ugh! Ugh! Mmm I'm so close! I'm so close don’t stop!" Jacob dug his nails into my hips and groaned and grunted as I was about to peak. Suddenly he pulled out and turned me around standing up so me and Leah could suck his cock. I put his warm juicy dick in my mouth and fingered Leah while we took turns swallowing his massive erection.

"Ugh you girls are so fucking hot! Ugh yeah! Fuck that feels so good!"

Me and Leah got on the bed switch roles and Jacob fucked her while she ate me out. Her tongue made circles around my clit as Jacob pumped harder and harder into her.

"Scream Leah! Tell me how much you like it!!" Jacob roared as Leah stuck three fingers inside of me.

"Oh Jacob that feels so good! Harder faster! Mmmmmm! God yes ughhhhh!" I felt my orgasm build and my body tensed in delight.

"Ugh ugh! God Leah I’m going to come! Oh yeaaaah! Ugh fuuuuck!" I exploded and the walls seem to wobble and shake as I laid there, Leah sucked the juices off of me as she moaned louder and louder.

"Make me come Jake! I want it harder! Ughhhh fuck! God yes! Yes! Ugggggggh!" Leah finished and seconds later so did Jacob. He collapsed between us as we laid there silently for a few minutes catching our breath as we thought about what just happened. It was absolutely amazing. I hugged Jacob tight tracing circles on his chest and Leah kissed his neck softly. She began to laugh and we all joined in, Jacob kissed both of our heads and sighed.

"So when can we do that again?" He asked smiling.