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Edward teases Bella over and over again. One day Bella snaps and does something she seems to really regret. How will Edward react to something so utterly repulsive? Maybe it's not such a bad thing... **MAJOR LEMONS** **ADULT CONTENT**


5. Maybe Leah

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Edwards Point of view

Now I don't usually go to Port Angeles but I needed to buy a book for
Bella. She seemed to be acting quite different for a couple of days
and I wanted to cheer her up. I wondered what could be bothering her as I
scanned the books in the bookstore. I grabbed some rather interesting
selections and sat down to read over them a bit, the bell on the door
rung and in walked a very tall tanned girl. It was Leah.

She made eye contact and made a bee line straight towards me all the while
singing some horrible song in her head to keep me from reading it.
What was this girl up to? She sat next to me and smiled widely, I
never paid much attention to her before but at once I recognized her
animalistic beauty. I also noticed her tits bulging out of her low cut
shirt. She leaned against the table emphasizing the cleavage and I tried to look
up into her eyes.

"Like the view leech?" she said sarcastically.

"What do you want Leah?" I asked a little embarrassed by my gawking.

"Just seeing what you’re doing..." she said eyeing my books.

"I'm buying something for Bella." I answered coldly trying to keep the
impure thoughts I were having at bay. Leah’s mind suddenly shifted to a
blurry picture if something quite sexy, raunchy even. She continued
blocking me after a split second.

"Aaaah Bella." she laughed and licked her very full luscious lips.

"What is that supposed to mean?" I asked irritated. She looked at me
with a confused expression on her face and then laughed again.

"You mean you don't know? You must have smelled her when she came from
the party! She smelled quite juicy..." Leah licked her lips again and
it was starting to drive me insane.

"She went to la push?? When?!" I asked trying to avert myself from the
impossibly dirty thoughts I was having. Leah pressed her self against
me and her lips grazed her ear. It sent chills down my spine and
straight to my cock.

"Can I tell you something Edward?” she breathed quietly. "I knew
Bella was a nice girl and all but I didn't know she was so bad to." I
looked at her puzzled. What?

"What the hell are you talking about?" I was started to get angry.

"I'm talking about me and Jacob...and Bella. Together...." she purred
into my ear. She finally let her mind run and I saw Bella, my Bella,
kissing Leah in places that I never thought I'd see. Then I saw Leah
and Jacob and Bella all together, all fucking each other. Leah licked
my ear lightly and I cringed away from her.

"What Cullen, are you sad that your sweet Bella is not so sweet at
all? Well actually Bella is really sweet…really tasty in fact." Leah’s
seductive voice was making me hard and I knew that for a fact and after
a second she knew too. She ran her fingers up my thighs and cupped her
hands around my erection, it was beginning to become to much. I knew
exactly what I had to do then- if Bella got to have a taste of Leah
so would I.

The drive to Port A is supposed to he an hour long but we made it back
to my house in twenty minutes. The feeling of diving over a hundred
and Leah sucking my dick was exhilarating. She knew exactly how to do
it. When I walked inside I thanked god for wherever my family was-
they wouldn't want to hear what I was about to do. When we got inside
I threw Leah against a wall so hard I thought it might fall over,
something I could never to with Bella. I could taste myself on Leah’s
tongue as we kissed in the hallway but I didn’t care. I wanted her
tongue all over me. I kissed down her neck until I got to her perky and
tanned breast, they looked even better with out a shirt covering them.
She bit into me hard and I pushed her harder in to the wall. We
threw our clothes off as we climbed up the stairs, a lonely guest
bedroom carried the only bed. I laid her down and pinned her arms to
the side, trailing my fingers down her naked body. She flipped me over
and pinned me to the bed pulling out my cock and sucking it even
better then before.

"Ughhh fuck girl! Oh god that fells good!" she dug her nails into my
skin and I pushed her head harder onto my cock. All I could think
about was spreading her legs open and fucking her right there. She
crawled back up to me nibbling at my skin as she ascended up my body.
She was going to drive me fucking crazy with that mouth. Suddenly I
wanted to have her in my mouth too. I layer her down and sucked
lightly on her tits kissing her nipples while she pulled my hair.

"Ugh god Edward! Fuck me please Edward! Fuuuuck!" I made lines with my
tongue down to her pussy and stuck one finger inside of her. I took it
out and she whimpered at the loss.

"Touch me please Edward. I want to feel you all over me!" she screamed.

I flicked my tongue on her clit running it up and down her wet pussy.
She moaned louder then Bella ever did. She painted pictures in her
mind of what she wanted me to do to her and my cock was rock hard. It
begged for her pussy. I stuck another finger inside of her and she
gripped the sheets ripping them into shreds.

"Mmmmmmm! Ugh Edward!” she squirmed as I slid my fingers in and out almost afraid that I would cut her in half. She pulled me up to her and kissed me franticly,
she wanted to taste herself. A low growl rumbled from my throat and
she pulled back and smiled.

"Do you want to fuck me doggy style? I'll be your bitch for the day."
she exclaimed more excited then anyone I've seen before.

"Oh your going to me my bitch alright! Now bend over you fucking
slut!" she got on her knees and elbow and her ass stuck out high in
the air. I could see her pink ass hole and her pussy dripping so wet
my dick just slid right in. Her cunt was warm- almost like a small fire
on my cock, but this was a good fire. A fire that made you come
gallons. I wondered why I never fucked her before.

"Ughhh fuck Leah! Your pussy feels do good! You like that? You like my
big cock in you?" I smacked her ass and rubbed the little trace of red
I left. She was screaming so loud I thought the whole house was going
to crumble.

"Ugh fuck Edward! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! God that feels so fucking gooood!
Mmmmm!" I started going faster and I knew she was about to come but I
wasn't done yet. I pulled out of her and she turned around and licked
the tip of my cock so lightly I felt myself getting angry. It all felt
so fucking wrong fucking Leah that it felt absolutely right. She
thought the same to and as she swallowed my dick. Her mouth skimmed it
with her large juicy lips as she thought of all the ways she wanted to
have me. I was going to give it to her.

I picked her up and pushed her against the wall shoving my dick so
deep inside of her I could’ve swore I felt her heart beat at the tip. But she
wanted me to go deeper... She wanted me to go harder. I picked her up
away from the wall and we kissed our way to the open window ledge in
my room. I layed down half over it as she humped me wildly, touching
her body all over, rubbing her clit and pinching her nipples moaning
louder and louder.

"Mmmmm fuck! God Edward you cock feels so good! Ugggggh!" I could she
was about up come and I was sort of sad but also happy. I didn't want
my dick to be anywhere but inside if her. I was a little glad though
cause I was sure this girl was going to fuck me to death if she got
the chance. I picked her up and fucked her harder then I was before.
Her body tightened and her pussy gushed as she came all over my dick.
I fell to her pussy and licked of all the remains of her juices- she
really was quite tasty. I picked her up and made her suck the come
right out of me, she really enjoys having my dick in her mouth and she
even loved when I came right in it. I looked down at her and smiled
and she swallowed everything.

"That was sooo good," she said as she licked the tip. "When can we do
it again?" she asked and I smiled.

"How about now?" I said and her mind screamed the answer- yes! Yes! Yes!