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I am Lilith

Kay I dont know about you all but the whole vampire thing made me scratch my head sure with the werewolves we know the story how they became but what about the vampires that wasnt very clear so this is my explanation and also an epic about the early vampires. and an epice is a story about a tragic tale of a hero well the tragic thing is dead on but the hero thing? i think it is good but read it and give me your opinion please give it a chance read it and review the cullens arnt in it yet and i am not sure if they will be but it is for one simple reason this startes like thousands of years ago before the volturi before the myths it starts at the begining of the vampires creation so it startes before we where kicked out of Eden, if you dont belive that part of the story fine but you should know how long ago that was in history. Oh I am thinking about a banner any one want to help


1. The First

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First I would like to say this is purely fiction nothing like this really happened and I don’t want people to believe that it did. This is purely my explanation for how vampires came to be it has not true basis what so ever and I am just having some fun writing it the last thing I want is an angry comment from someone about it so to be warned THIS IS NOT TRUE it is just my assumption thank you.

The First

There was a time when none walked among us,

When humans where supreme

But they did not know

They were innocent;

They were free.

But one knew that man would fall,

That evil would be free,

So he set forth to born a child of temptation,

This child had to be born of temptation,

And nothing else would do.

They must know temptation to best it;

their whole life must be temptation.

For if it was not they would not be able to recognize it

And if it can’t be recognized

Then they would be vulnerable.

But also this child must be mistaken for not a bringer of life

but of death

For if they were revered as gods then they would not know there true purpose.

But is not then they will stay strong

This child must be a people of hate

But also of love

And power

And hunger to the demise of their enemy

A child that seems to be evil

But is not

A child that should be feared

But is a vessel of trust.

So he set out to one of the two who could carry this burden

And gave her, her first temptation

And she became this child

Cast out of Eden she wandered lost.