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Dance, Dance, Dance

When you leave someone you love for the better, they should just stay away right? Well, what if it was what you needed, but just couldn't get him out of your mind?

Get out of my life
I beg you to go now
For I can no longer stand your face
You're cold as ice and so frustrated
Now I get on my feet again
There's nothing more to say

You're out of your mind
You're losing control now
I've never mistreated you before
You slammed the door, while I was waiting
Remember how it was before
"Les nuits, l'amour, Paris"

Dance, dance, dance dance
'Till the night has gone
Dance, dance, dance dance
'Till the night has gone

2. Definately The Best I've Ever Had

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He smiled down at me and grabbed my hand and kissed the top of it. "Are you sure?" he asked looking at me through his eye lashes.

I drew in a deep breath and nodded my head slowly. I needed to do this. I needed to get Edward out of my head; I needed to give Billy all I had left to give. He deserved that much and more from me.

His smiled grew more if I could. I smiled back and looked out the window as we got to my apartment building.

"You can grab something to eat; I'm just going to freshen up." I said as I unlocked my door.

"Okay," he said watching me as I ran up the stairs.

When I opened up the door to my bed room I grabbed a few things from my dresser, including a cute little halter baby doll that was light blue with dark blue lace designs all over the breast area and with matching panties.

"Please tell me you have never worn that before." A voice whispered from behind me.

I dropped the fabric, but didn't turn around. I knew who it was.

"Isabella Marie. Please don't do this."

My breathing started to get irregular, and my stomach clenched.

"Bella, look at me."

"Why are you here?" I said turning around to face Edward.

"I cannot let you sleep with him." He said getting closer to me.

"Why?" I backed away until my back hit my dresser.

"You're not supposed to."

"Who are you to tell me what I am and am not supposed to do?" I said standing up straighter.

"I don't know," he sighed.

"Edward, why?" he looked at me questioningly. "Every time I get close to a guy you are always in my mind telling me that I'm not supposed to. I just want to move on. I'm already 22, and your still 17. You always will be 17." I said walking past him and grabbed my purse that could be considered a duffel bag it was so big.

"Bella..." he started.

"No, Edward. I waited for you. I waited for your calls during college. I waited for your e-mails your texts only to get nothing from you. Just leave. You're good at that." I said walking towards my bathroom and grabbing my old toiletries bag.

"I'm not leaving you alone with him..."

"Edward, please. Go back to your blonde. You are cute together and she really likes you. " I said before closing my bedroom door and walking down the stairs.

"Ready?" Billy asked, walking up to me and grabbing my bag.

"Yeah." I said pecking him on the lips, smiling. "Let's just get out of here."

"Alright." He said grabbing my hand and leading me out the room and to his car.

The car ride was quiet, but comfortable. I reached to turn on the radio but decided against it.

"I need to talk to you about something." I said.

"Is this a good or bad thing?"

"Um, well its part of my past. The part I don't talk about much."

I heard him swallow and grip the steering wheel tighter. He knew I only didn't tell him about high school. He knew I didn't tell him about my ex boyfriends.

"I had a boyfriend named-" he cut me off.

"Bella, I don't want to be thinking about you and your ex boyfriend tonight, and I really don't want you to be thinking about him tonight. Only you and me." He said looking at me.

"But I really need to tell you something." He groaned internally and just nodded his head, "He was there tonight." He kept himself well composed. "And he still loves me." Not as well composed now. I felt the car accelerate slightly faster. And I heard the engine put in the extra work. "I don't think I love him."

With that he slowed down and pulled to the side of the road. Putting his elbows on his steering wheel and his head in his hands, he answered with, "Bella, I really like you."

"And I really like you."

"Then why did you bring him up?"

"I just wanted to let you know that there might be some bumps in the road for a while." I sighed.

"Please don't tell me you want him." He said looking up at the cars passing us by.

"I don't. I only want you." He looked at me and leaned over and took my face in his hands and pressed him lips quickly and then proceeded to plant tiny kisses along my jaw, causing me to close my eyes and lean my head to the side, until he got my ear, and he pulled on it with this teeth. I let out a sigh and turned my face to kiss his lips.

"Let's get to my house before we get carried away."I giggled and leaned back into my seat.

He looked into his left mirror and easily slid into the ongoing traffic. We reached his house soon after and he opened the gate to his side area and parked in the space designated for his car. He opened my door for me and grabbed my bag out of the back seat. I followed him through the arch way that was part of his porch. I ran my fingers along the leave of his potted trees and flowers. I went through the arch opposite of the first and turned to face the white double doors. Once opened, he opened it wider for me and closed it behind us. Already knowing his room was upstairs I turned right and started up the stairs.

"Babe, I'll be right there. I have to see if Zach is here."

Zach was his roommate. He was actually the one to set us up. Zach had a friend who was in one of my classes and I guess he always talked about his hot dance teacher, so Zach came to class one day and asked me to go out for drinks and but I rejected him. He came back, and brought Billy. Probably trying to gain some support from his buddy, but I immediately fell for Billy. Who later that night, asked me to go to dinner with him and I accepted. We have been seeing each other since, and it's been almost 6 months.

I decided to go up into his room and wait there. It was a simple room with earthy tones and a comfortable feeling to it. I sat on his king sized bed, but stood back up after a few moments. I walked around his room looking at different pictures. Some were of us, some of him and family and some of him and friends. Billy loved being in pictures; which was good for his career as a model.

I went into his walk in closet and changed into my baby doll and put on one of the robes he got me. It was a white silk that went to my knees, and I went into the bathroom and checked my make up and ran my fingers through my hair. I heard him open and close the door to his room.

"Bella?" he called.

"I'm just in the bathroom."

"Zach is going to some chick's house tonight." He said as he pushed the door the rest of the way open, his jacket was tossed over his shoulder hanging lazily from two of his fingers. He dropped his jacket to the floor and came in and grabbed my hips from behind me and pulled my body to his chest.

"I love the way that robe looks on you."

"Well I hope so; you did by it for me." I said smiling at him through the mirror.

"That I did," he said nestling his face in my hair. I turned around to face in and put my arms around his neck. He gazed into my eyes with such intensity, such devotion. He really did like me as much as he says. He stroked my cheek, and jaw line, and neck. All areas felt like they were on fire now.

I pulled him closer to me and kissed his lips. I sucked on his bottom lip and weaved my fingers through his hair and felt his snake bites on my lower lip. His hands caressed from my back to my hips to my butt. He gently lifted me up to the counter, bringing me to be level with him. And he ran his hands up and down my thighs and then around my bottom, pulling me closer to the edge of the counter, closer to him. My knees parted he moved closer to my body and his hands moved leisurely along my sides until he knotted his fingers in my hair, pulling my closer, kissing me passionately. I sighed into his mouth, and locked my ankles around his waist.

I released his neck and untied the knot in my robe, and pulling my arms out. The robe slid off and Billy pulled away. Obviously liking what he saw, smiled at me.

"When did you get this?" he said, his voice a little husky, and barely above a whisper.

"It's a gift from an old friend." He leaned back from me, an eye brow raised, "It was a girl, and she got it for my 21st birthday." I giggled at his relief.

"Let me look at you better." He said pulling me off the counter and carrying me into his room and then setting me on the ground right in front of his bed.

He took a few steps back and his eyes racked of me and lingered on the sheer fabric that dangled from under my breasts all the way to my upper thigh. I blushed at his appraising face.

"You're so gorgeous." He said smiling at me when he looked at my face. I slowly walk toward him

"So are you, but you'd be better if you took this off," I said pulling at the hem of his shirt.

"You're wish is my command." He said reaching to pull it off, but I was already lifting it up.

"I want to do it." I said, as he let me lift his shirt off his body and I ran my fingers over his sculpted stomach and over his Pecs. I always loved the way his upper body looked unclothed. It just made my stomach clench and my mouth smile.

I kissed his exposed collar bone and then his throat, then I reached on my tippy toes to kiss his lips. He lifted me up and I felt his bludge through his pants and smiled at the affect I had on him, and he set me on the bed. I looked him in the eyes as I reached for his belt buckle. He nodded and helped me get them off. Once they were completely off he climbed over me and kissed me with such exhilaration that it made me breathless and dizzy. His hands roamed everywhere. He caressed my thighs, my butt, and my stomach and ran his fingers through my hair. I didn't really know what he was touching and what he wasn't, my body was on fire with the craving of his touch.

His lips left my mouth and he pushed my hair away from my neck and sucked on the exposed skin and he ran his mouth down to my breast bone, where his hands slowly made contact with my still covered breast. He had never touched my chest before; well no one has, not like this at least. He rubbed them and kissed the skin that was exposed of them. My fingers left his hair, and undid the tie to my straps.

He looked up at my and slowly revealed my breast, and I broke eye contact, unsure if he would be pleased or not.

He grabbed my face and kissed me assuring me, which I interpreted as them being fine, and he groped my breast and with one hand took my nipple in between his thumb and fore finger and teased it, while he took the other in to his mouth and sucked on it and swiveled his tongue in circles, causing my back to arch into him.

I moaned out load. A new feeling between my legs forming. It was like a throb. A whole new heart beat, a whole new need.

His mouth remained, but his hand we down to my thighs and he traced circles in the skin next to my panties. He teased me by pulled on the elastic and snapping back to my skin. It didn't hurt, it just turned me on.

I leaned up and rolled us over, so he was beneath me. I straddled him, but didn't sit down; I didn't want to tease him too much... yet. I ran my tongue on his stomach starting at his elastic band on his underwear to his throat, and along his jaw line, where I planted kisses and bit on his lower lip and tugged a little. His eyes fluttered closed and his hands held my hips so tight. I sat down onto him and his eyes flew open and his breathing became labored. One of his hands left my hips and tugged at my panties.

He rolled us again so he lay in between my straddled legs, and he sat up and lifted my butt slightly and pulled off my underwear. His hand slowly strayed back to where my underwear was. First his grabbed my thighs, his thumbs pressing into my sensitive skin near my wet center. He then used one hand to separate my lips and the other was in search of my opening. When he found it he slipped one finger in and my walls tensed, but quickly relaxed. Then he slid in another finger. And he started to pull them out the pushed them back in causing my back to arch again. It felt so good, and I just wanted to scream in pure bliss.

He pulled them out and licked them and moaned. "God, Bella. You taste good." I stifled another scream as his warm tongue licked the skin around my bikini line. I whimpered when he licked my opening. "Come on baby, I wanna hear you make some noise." He said huskily and stuck his fingers back in, but this time he put in three. I let out a moan of pleasure, and he smiled. He pumped them quickly in and out, making me arch my back and breathe loudly. It would have been embarrassing if anyone was still home. I was starting to sweat.

I pulled his face to mine and kissed him with such force that it made me wetter onto his still inserted fingers. "Ugh, you feel so good." I sighed into his lips.

"If you think this feels good..." he said pulling his fingers out and reaching for the elastic band, but I pulled him to me.

"Not yet, it's your turn." I said pushing him off me so he was standing and I kept pushing him until he was against a wall, I reached my fingers around the elastic and pulled them down. I gasped as his size. There is no way that thing would fit in me. I looked up at him and he smiled.

I looked back down and grabbed his erect manhood and gave it a little squeeze causing him to groan a little and kiss my face where ever he could, I started to pump him and he groaned louder. I slid my hands down his thighs as I got down on my knees.

"Bella you don't have to..." he breathed, but he obviously wanted me to.

I just ignored him and touched my tongue to his tip and licked all the way up his length. I then put as much of him in my mouth as I could fit and closed my lips around him. I pulled my faced back a bit and then brought it back to him. He grabbed my head by my hair and pulled me even closer to him. Talk about deep throating someone. I grabbed the rest of him that didn't fit in my mouth and followed the same rhythm of my mouth with it. He groaned out "Bella, stop. I'm going to cum!" I just took him deeper into my mouth as he exploded and swallowed it all. "I can't believe that you are still a virgin to all this with a mouth like that."

"Some people just need the right person to lead them." I winked.

He smiled and turned us in a half circle so I was leaning up against the wall and he kissed me and grabbed my breast with him huge hands. I felt him getting hard again. I felt him against my stomach right above my bikini line. The throbbing was back in my center and I felt myself getting wetter. "Take me now." I nearly yelled.

He immediately complied and lifting me up and I felt my wetness getting on his stomach. He laid me on the bed and laid between my open legs, he kissed my face and said against my lips, "Ready?" I nodded and he entered me. I let out a gasp and took some deep breaths as I adjusted. "Relax," he said, "There you go, this might hurt worse." He pulled out and pushed in farther. I squeezed my eyes shut. It wasn't a bad hurt, it was a good hurt. I finally understood the meaning of it hurt so good.

I took some more deep breaths before I started to rock with him. My hips meeting his. It felt so good, "Harder, baby, harder." I sighed. He pushed into me harder and faster now; I let out a scream of ecstasy. Our bodies now covered in more sweat.

And he smiled, "That's the noise I wanted to hear, say my name."

I tried to find the breath to say something comprehendible, "Oh." Was all I could say.

"Come on Bella, say my name!" he yelled, rocking me harder.

"Oh, Billy, oh my god, BILLY!" I screamed. He yelled as we cummed together.

"You definitely are the best I have ever had," he said when he fell on top of me. I giggled and kissed him passionately.

We fell asleep that night limbs tangled together. And I had dreams of Billy and only Billy.