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second chance

what if... Jacob was not in the story... Bella would have died while cliff diving... what if... Edward had not been able to commit suicide... he would have to endure life alone... what if... Bella came back somehow... Edward would have a second chance to re-write history...

i normally don't try my hand at anguished love stories but this one ate at me...screaming to be written...so here it is.. written in Edward's POV...coz 'midnight sun' is obvioius not getting published and i'm fed up with Bella's love sick attitude..lol disclaimer: i own nothing! and i don't plan on repeating this endlessly!

3. Chapter 3

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It was not Bella. The girl was different. In the two minutes following sitting down next to her I had been able to analyze her obvious difference.

The girl’s hair was jet black and very straight not like the tips end soft curls Bella had. Her eyes were deep grey. Even her style was different. She wore black from head to toes. Black jeans, black t-shirt, black and white tennis shoes. She had a miniature diamond stud pierced under the left side of her lower lip. Bella would have been horrified at the mere notion of a needle getting close to her skin.

But what about the similarities?

I tried to push back the voice that kept saying those words. But I had been able to acknowledge that underneath it all the girl could have been my Bella.

Her skin was the exact shade. The heart shaped face was the same as well as the slightly fuller upper lip. Her thin nose and narrow jaw. Even more, I could not hear her.

Like Bella her thoughts remained hers alone. It had not taken much time for me to realise that.

She looked stubbornly in front of her, unwilling to meet my gaze. It was just as well, I was not interested in finding a substitute for Bella any way.

“See I told you he was gorgeous!”

I winced inwardly. Just my luck to have class with the girl named Sophia as well as what was apparently Mandy and Carol. The three girls looked like carbon copies all bleached blonde, wearing similar pink shirts. They were seated two rows in front of us.

“Yeah he sure is, I wonder if he has a girlfriend…” Mandy whispered loudly. They did not bother to keep their voices low since the history teacher, Mr Vaclav, was half deaf. I noticed the girl roll her eyes next to me. She was obviously hearing the gossip too.

“Who cares!” Sophia muttered impatiently.

“Poor guy, he has to sit next to Charlotte.” Carol exclaimed dramatically.

So that was the girl’s name, Charlotte, it suited her.

“Yes Charlotte the ‘bwitch’” Sophia snickered.

What does she mean by that! Mandy wondered.

“Charlotte the bitchy witch!” Carol joined in the laugh.

“So next time, Mandy you go sit next to the witch so that Edward gets to sit next to me!” Sophia ordered.

“Why me?! What if she throws a spell or something?” Mandy argued childishly.

“She’s not really a witch Mandy.” Sophia replied in a superior voice.

“Yeah remember…we were the ones starting the rumour.” Carol added.

“Anyway what do you make of Rick?” Mandy asked.

Hmm Rick… I shuddered at the images the three of them had at the mention of that Rick persona.

“Edward is way hotter than Rick, once I get him I’m ditching Rick.”

I was fed up with those three girls nonsense so I tried best I could to ignore their voices. Next to me Charlotte began trembling, I looked her way an noticed that she was trying hard not to laugh.

She had her face in her history book with a hand pressed to her mouth. For the first time in so many years I felt the want to laugh too. No! how could I. I felt the constant anger return and felt relief.

Charlotte controlled her laughter and put her book back down. She noticed my gaze and frowned whilst blushing before looking in front of her once more. She nervously bit her lower lip and I was hit by a wave of desire. What was wrong with me.? What was wrong with her? How could I feel those things for a total stranger…

I was angry too. Bella was dead and I had committed myself to honour her everyday. It was not even hard for me to do so, I had no interest in other girls. So how could I betray her memory like that.

I needed to be alone. To feed. I had fed the previous day but the burning in my throat kept intensifying as I stayed in contact with such a mouth-watering smell, the sweetest smell in eighteen years now. I had been trying to hold my breath since the beginning of class but I had been hit by it from time to time.

I glanced down at my watch. Thirty minutes to go.

The first time I had been in contact with Bella, I had barely been able to control myself. I could have so easily killed her as well as the innocent bystanders in our biology class. I flinched at that thought. I would have had to live with so much culpability.

But what was worse for me, I would not have been able to appreciate what Bella had brought in my life. Even though I claimed that Bella would have led a happy normal life if she had never crossed my path, I could not regret those months together. That brief moment in the century that was my life, had been the happiest. I had felt alive, nearly human.

Fifteen minutes to go.

Charlotte was taking down notes. She kept fidgeting with a strand of her hair. I noticed three more diamond studs pierced in her left ear lobe. I could not stop from looking her way. Her nails were stubby and painted black too. I forced myself to look away again and began counting the tiny marks and holes in the wall.

Three hundred. Five minutes to go.

Charlotte was crossing and re crossing her ankles under the table. She reached for a rubber band inside her pencil case and tied her hair back in a ponytail. Her features were even more clearer to my gaze now and the resemblance with Bella again stunned me . Her neck was nearly as white as the wall beside me. She was nervously biting her nails, peeling off the polish. She impatiently pushed back a loose strand of her hair behind her ear.

Two minutes to go.

She looked down at her own watch, a silver bracelet. She reached for her pencil case and closed it shut. She impatiently drummed her fingers on the desk.

I stood up at the sound of the bell. She looked up to me and frowned before letting go of a sigh. I walked away not glancing back. I needed to think through what had happened.


It was Alice calling my name in her head.

“Not now.” I muttered as I passed her.

Its her Edward, its Bella.

I stopped dead and glanced back. Alice was standing, waiting for me. She had a huge grin on her face. She was happy.

Our Bella is here. My best friend!

I walked towards her.

“You saw this happening?”

“Yes, but not in enough time to warn you.”

It was true, I could see she had already been in class when the vision hit her.

“Its not Bella, Alice.” I warned her. It would be easier for her to admit it now rather than later.

Your wrong!

She was so fierce in her denial that I wished it was true too. For one split second I contemplated the idea that Bella had never died that she was alive here in this school. Her body had never been found. It would be so easy to believe it.

“She does not even look like Bella!” I said forcefully.

I felt it as Jasper neared us.

“Jasper! We have found Bella!” Alice enthused.

“Its not Bella” I repeated.

“What are you saying then Edward? You are feeling attracted to someone else? To some girl in your history class!” Alice demanded angrily.

What is she talking about?

Jasper was confused.

“Come Jazz. We’ll go find her.” Alice ordered.

I followed them to the cafeteria.

Charlotte was sitting at the farthest table with two other girls and a boy. She was talking animatedly. I listened in. Her voice was as soft as Bella’s but had a different intonation.

“You believe it, she actually came up with a good joke. ‘Charlotte the bitchy witch’ cool isn’t it?” she said laughing.

Her friends laughed along. They admired her ability to make fun of those who made fun of them. I realised then that the four of the them were somehow the school rejects. They did not fit in the norm. One of the girls was a small redhead with wavy hair and on the rounded side. The other girl an African American seemed to be younger her face nearly completely hidden behind huge glasses. The boy had blond hair cut very short at the back with a long straight fringe. He wore black too but his clothes were not casual wear.

“You know Charlotte they would leave you alone if you stopped wearing only black.” the young girl said.

“No! Black is cool, isn’t it Max? And I don‘t wear only black I just avoid bright colours.”

“Sure is honey, but with your pale features you end up looking like a dead corpse, or a vampire.” the boy replied.

“Now don’t be nasty or I’m going to tell Rick you have the hots for him.”

“Please no God forbid, he might actually believe it!” the guy named Max retorted.

“Would be a good way to get to him for having spread your supposed ‘affair’ with coach Henderson.” the redhead stated.

“Yeah Max, I dare you to tell Rick you love him.” Charlotte insisted.

“Hmm, interesting…how much?”

“My Barbara Streisand best of”

“Wow you really want to get to him!” the redhead said.

“Of course, he spread that I had the hots for him, remember. Since then the terrible threesome have been on my back.”

I turned towards Alice and Jasper, they were as puzzled as I was. This girl was clearly not Bella.

“ I told you so. Its not Bella.” I affirmed.

But her voice…

Alice too believed her voice was like Bella’s.

I’m going to check out for myself!

Alice swiftly walked towards the end of the cafeteria. The four of them looked up.

I stopped Jasper before he followed her.

“Let her find out by herself.” I muttered.

“Hello! I’m Alice Cullen.” Alice said amiably.

The four of them just starred. Then Charlotte shook her head and frowned.

“What do you want?” Charlotte asked in an irritated voice.

Alice was taken aback by her hostility.

“Can I talk with you for a minute?” she squeaked.

“Look if its some kind of joke, tell blondies we are not interested.” Charlotte angrily retorted.

Alice was hurt. Jasper growled and made his way toward her.

“Bella…” Alice murmured, the pain ate at her.

Charlotte frowned then looked down.

Jasper reached for Alice, “Lets go Alice.”

They both walked back towards me.

“Weren’t you a little hard Charlotte?” the redhead whispered.

“Yes but why would a girl like her want to speak with us right?” Charlotte muttered.

“No she wanted to talk with you only.”

“And why did she call you ‘Bella’ ?” Max asked.

Charlotte had a puzzled expression at those words.

“I don’t know.”

Let’s go home Edward.

Alice did not feel she could cope with the rest of the day. I still had two more classes but I felt restless too. I nodded and we all walked towards the parking lot.