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second chance

what if... Jacob was not in the story... Bella would have died while cliff diving... what if... Edward had not been able to commit suicide... he would have to endure life alone... what if... Bella came back somehow... Edward would have a second chance to re-write history...

i normally don't try my hand at anguished love stories but this one ate at me...screaming to be written...so here it is.. written in Edward's POV...coz 'midnight sun' is obvioius not getting published and i'm fed up with Bella's love sick attitude..lol disclaimer: i own nothing! and i don't plan on repeating this endlessly!

4. Chapter 4

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I drove away towards our house near Gerritsen Beach. Normally I did not care for driving but I needed to try to occupy my mind and block out the thoughts of Alice and Jasper.

“Edward.” Alice spoke softly.


“It must be her Edward, there is no other logical possibility.”

“I’m not sure Alice…” I was stunned to hear Jasper say so.

“No Jasper, its her! I can feel it. She looks like Bella, she smells like Bella, even their voices are the same.”

“This is insane!” I said forcefully. “So what? Bella rose from the dead? She is immortal? Maybe you are going to say she was transformed into some kind of creature too?!”

“Edward.” Jasper warned on a low growl.

He was mad that I was snapping at Alice. I stayed stubbornly silent for the rest of the way.

As soon as we reached the house, Alice bounced out of the car. She was going to announce the good news.

I wanted to run away from the illusion but I knew I would disappoint Esme once more.

I walked as slowly as I could and stepped in.

Esme, Rosalie and Emmett were already waiting for me. Carlisle was at work. Alice had already told them what was going on.

Is it true Edward?

What is she talking about?

Yeah…Bella is alive, what next!

“No! Bella is dead! We all know it. The girl just looks like her.” I growled.

“Edward why don’t we check it out?” Emmett said.

There’s no loss in trying to figure this out.

“And how are you going to do that? Get hold of the FBI’s files on her!” I was ready to explode. Why couldn’t they just let it go! Was my suffering not enough? Did they need to insult Bella’s memory too by comparing her to some girl from school.

“As a matter of fact we can do that.” Emmett exclaimed.

He was referring to the FBI files.

“What are you talking about?” Rosalie demanded.

“Well…ask Jasper.” Emmett muttered sheepishly.

If Rosalie learns that I have helped to hack their system, I am dead.

“You hacked their system.?” I asked with disbelief.

“We were bored…” Couldn’t you have kept that to yourself!?

I realised there was much going around that I was unaware about. I felt guilty, I should have paid closer attention.

“That’s a good idea!” Alice exclaimed.

“Wait a second, the FBI deals with domestic issues. It does not hold information on each and every individual in America.” Rosalie stated impatiently.

Oh yeah…

I rolled my eyes. They were not letting go of the subject.

“If you are going to look for evidence you might as well go for the local newspapers and the school system, Jasper already hacked into it to enrol us.” I said stiffly.

They all looked at me surprised that I had volunteered such information. I grunted and went to sit on the sofa. Jasper went to his computer with the others standing behind him.

So what’s the password…? Oh yes. He inserted the password and as expected the school files popped on the screen.

“Alice do you know her full name?” he asked.

“Charlotte Anne Silverstone.” Alice replied. She had inquired about it before finding me next to my history class.

Jasper entered her name and they all looked avidly at her school profile.

Rosalie, Emmett and Esme too were shocked by the resemblance on her profile photo with Bella.

Name. Charlotte Anne Silverstone.

Date Of Birth. No!

It could not be possible, she was born on the September thirteenth exactly one year after Bella’s eighteenth birthday.

I jumped abruptly from the sofa and went to stare at the screen too.

You see its her Edward!

I shook my head. There must be some kind of coincidence or God was

making a joke out of my life.

I read the rest of the article. Charlotte was born in Syracuse and stayed there for ten years before moving to Brownsville after her parents death in a car accident. She was currently living with her father’s sister.

My mind absorbed the information and turned blank. I could not even hear the thoughts around me. I starred into space not seeing the dust motes for once.

“Yes Emmett that could explain it!” I heard Alice exclaim.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

She had had a vision during my absentmindedness.

Reincarnation . Emmett thought about the word.

“No, its impossible!” I stated. Who would believe that Bella would be reincarnated!

“Would someone care to explain?” Rosalie said, irritated.

“Charlotte is the reincarnation of Bella.” Alice enthused.

“No! she is not!”

I was getting tired of this.

Edward why can’t you just admit it? Maybe this is your chance.

I shook my head. Bella was dead. I had killed her, I had let her die. There was no chance that God would entrust her life again in my hands.

Edward if you feel for this girl what you felt for Bella-

“No!” I snarled. Esme was implying that I should accept this girl in my life no matter who she was as long as it made me happy!

She cringed at the sound of my voice and I took a few steps back.

Look at the facts Edward! Alice was angry too now. She decided to speak aloud.

“She looks like Bella! She smells like Bella! You feel as attracted to her as you were attracted to Bella! You cannot read her mind too, am I right?!” she did not give me the time to reply, “ She is born the same date! Why can’t you accept it Edward? Why can’t you see that life is giving you a second chance?!” she finished distressed.

“Because I don’t deserve a second chance! I let it happen, I let her die. I had promised to take care of her. I should have known that she would have done something so stupid! I should have been there for her.” my voice had started as an angry retort but was now barely audible.

I’m so sorry Edward…

Sorry bro…


I blocked out their thoughts of pity. I did not even deserve them least of all want them.

Alice stepped towards me and took my hands in hers. I did not want her compassion, her understanding…

“Edward if you could re-write history, if life gave you a chance to save Bella…? Would you save her and remain by her side?” she asked quietly.

I felt the anguish rise like every time I thought about going back on time.

“Of course I would. There is nothing I wish for more.”

“Yet now that life is giving you a chance, you are refusing it.” she observed.

I still could not believe that such a thing was possible. I could not bring myself to contemplate such an idea.

“All right Edward, I cannot force you to believe it,” she sighed. “could you bring me back to school?”

“What? Why do you want to go back?”

I have class with her last period.

I was about to tell her to drive herself but I could not find the force to argue further.

Jasper did not want to return. I drove silently back. We arrived five minutes late into the first period after lunch. I had chemistry while Alice had maths.

I walked stiffly to class and apologised for being late before sitting in the first chair available. My thoughts wandered around school trying to find Charlotte. I could not stop myself.

I ended up in Sophia’s mind, she had PE with Charlotte. Her thoughts were the loudest and I was not yet used to the other students.

Look at her! As if any guy would want to go out with her…I squirmed inwardly at her level of meanness.

Charlotte was sitting on a bench with the guy Max, they were both talking intently. Sophia was a little further behind them. She could hear what they were talking about, in fact she was listening on purpose wanting to grab whatever she could use against the other students. But this time she was focused about one specific subject: me!

“So did you talk to him?” Max asked.

“Of course not!” Charlotte retorted.

“You end up sitting next to the newest gorgeous addition to school and you don’t talk to him.” Max observed, disbelieving.

“Well he kinds of freaks me out.” She replied with a shudder. At least this girl was sensible enough to the danger that I was.

“He scares you?”

“No, not scary actually…he has an overwhelming presence. He looked at me like he was trying to hypnotise me or… read my soul. It was disturbing.”

Yeah! Of course.. Sophia snorted loudly enough to make Charlotte and Max turn around. They both look startled then frowned before turning back. They seemed to be listening to the end of the theory on basketball.

Then it was practice time. I realised she was just as clumsy as before. That thought stopped me. I had unconsciously already associated Charlotte and Bella. The day’s occurrences flashed through my mind once more. The sent that had assaulted me, the perfect resemblance with Bella’s features, her soft voice and now the girl’s obvious clumsiness. Could coincidences go that far, not to mention her birthday date. I pinched the bridge of my nose. Would I let her go? That girl that I probably already loved. Who was I kidding…of course I already loved her. She was different from Bella , less shy, more independent it seemed. But I knew deep inside I would never feel what I felt except for my one true love. Like Bella she had brought devastation and hope in just one day.

I took a new resolution. Who was I to judge whoever had decided to give me back my love… I would not fight it. I would be forever grateful and accept this gift as I should have the first time.

It was time for my last class. I made my way towards PE too. Charlotte was just leaving the changing room. She looked up as she saw me, I tried a tentative smile. She frowned then smiled timidly. I felt the place where my heart once was get warm and lighten suddenly. I inhaled deeply as she passed me.

I concentrated on Alice’s mind. She was already in front of their English class but was waiting for Charlotte to enter first. As soon as Charlotte took her seat she followed behind. Alice did not even pretend to pay attention to class, she just stared at Charlotte.

Charlotte looked sideways and blushed, “What is it?” she whispered.

At least she’s not being rude, “Nothing… you remind me of my best friend.” Alice replied.

“Oh!” Charlotte grimaced then smiled. “I’m sorry for being nasty earlier… I am Charlotte. I thought you were Sophia’s newest recruit.”

She is so nice. I was right it’s Bella.

Alice laughed, “It’s all right. We all make false assumptions.”

Then Alice pretended to pay attention to the class. Her thoughts were elsewhere, already planning to bring her at home. She was wondering about when to tell her our secret. She spent the better part of her English class doing just that. Then it was over.

“Bye Alice.” Charlotte said with a whole smile this time.

“Bye Bel- Charlotte.”

I joined Alice on the parking lot.

Still sceptical?

I shook my head from side to side discreetly.

“Oh Edward, I’m so happy!” she exclaimed before wrapping me in a hug. I responded for the first time in many years. I felt happy too.

“This is great, we’ll be all reunited like before.” she continued in her chirpy voice. I drove in silence still enveloped in my happiness while Alice kept enthusing on the situation.