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My shorter version of Twilight, I kept some details of the book and changed some things as well.

I wrote this fanfic right after Impossible ; once again, sorry if there are grammar mistakes, I'm French :-)

1. Chapter 1

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1. Amazed

This was my first day in my new school. Great. It was the middle of the semester, I was going to be the new freak, the shiny new toy. The ring of my alarm clock gave me a headache already, I checked the hour and almost ran off the bed when I saw 7.35, my first class was to begin in 25 minutes exactly. Obviously, as I wasn’t well awaken, I almost fell right back on my bed as soon as I stood up, my head spinning. I sighed and put on the first clothes I found in my wardrobe – if you could call the few clothes I had a wardrobe – I rolled my eyes at myself, took my bag and opened it to check whether I forgot something or not. Everything was in so I went downstairs, right to the kitchen as I had two minutes to grab something to eat. Cereal bars were the first things my eyes saw, I took two of them and put them in my bag. The truck Charlie – my dad – gave me as a welcoming present was “waiting for me” in the yard, its red-orange – well more orange now – colour wouldn’t be discrete of course.

I checked my face in the rear-view mirror as I drove to Forks high school. “Oh my gosh…”, my hair was a mess and I had purple circles right under my eyes because I hadn’t slept very well, too nervous for this first day. I tried to order my hair by brushing my fingers through them, which hurt me of course; I was so white besides, no one would believe I was coming from Phoenix.

When I arrived at school, it was 7.50 and I saw with relief that some places in the parking lot were still empty. I parked at the first empty space that caught my eye, right next to a shiny Volvo which I didn’t know the model – I didn’t speak Cars & Driver. The boy who owned that car was getting out of it when I stopped my engine. He was quite tall, very thin and his hair was a mess that really looked hot on him – the utter opposite of me – he turned to face me and I was totally amazed. His eyes were golden-brown, the kind of colour that came out when a girl with hazel eyes was wearing blue eye shadow, his skin was white as chalk and above everything, he was definitely the most handsome boy I’ve ever seen in 17 years. I was staring at him in amazement like an idiot. He seemed to hesitate as he was still looking at me and then walked away to his class. I frowned, wondering why he did this and then get out of my truck; I had to go to the office before going to class.

I was the only person when I came in, I leant my arms on the white counter, waiting for the secretary to lift her head; 2 seconds later, she did and smiled gently at me.

“Isabella Swan I assume?”

Everyone already knew my face or what?

“Yes, it’s me.”

Then she explained to me where were my buildings, what classes I had and gave me tons of paper and then wished me a nice day. It began pretty badly because I didn’t even have the time to keep in mind the buildings she told me. I arrived on time for my first class. After the class was over, a young fair-haired and blue-eyed boy named Mike came by me and greeted me with a huge smile.

“Hey, you’re Isabella Swan, right?”

“Just call me Bella,” I said, faking a smile: I hated when people called me Isabella, I really loved Bella.

He smiled more, looking a little too enthusiasm for me.

“Ok, Bella. Good. What’s your next class?”

I took my timetable from my bag and said: “Well, Biology II with Mr Banner.”

“Great, come with me, I’ll show you the way.”

Was it me or did he look disappointed for a second? No, I must be getting paranoid; I was just the new attraction here.

He asked me about Arizona and Phoenix as we walked to my next class, and I learned he lived in California until the age of 10 – at least, I wasn’t the only one who had seen the sun everyday for some years – when we arrived at the door, he wished me good luck and left. I walked to Mr Banner for him to sign the paper I had to give back to the secretary, Mrs Cope. That’s when I saw him. The boy I saw this morning, incredibly handsome: it was almost unnatural. The only seat left was right beside him – lucky me – but as soon as I looked up at him, his face turned into a wince of disgust mixed with… horror? He covered his mouth with his hand and looked away. I was completely on shock: what the hell was wrong with him? He had looked normal in the lot, but now he was different. Something was definitely wrong, or maybe he was just feeling sick – I didn’t believe it myself. After Mr Banner gave me my books, I walked forward to my seat and stumbled on the foot of the table as I reached my goal. I sat without looking up at him, it was so strange but I was afraid in a way; his black eyes were on me now, I could feel them. I hid my face with my hair, not to see his eyes but at a moment, I failed and looked up at him. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing right now, I’ve never seen eyes that black – and that was really weird because I swear his eyes were golden-brown or topaz in the lot, and he was looking at me as if he was going to kill me. Why? What did I do? Maybe that’s why there wasn’t anyone beside him… I didn’t even know his name, I would ask the blonde girl I met in my first class, Jennifer or Jessica, I couldn’t remember.

The hour passed very very slowly, he did not stop looking at me during the whole hour; I knew I had some bad luck, but this was beyond everything. A fraction of a second before the ring bells, he got up abruptly and left the class room so quickly, I could only stare at the empty space next to me, my mouth open. After several seconds, I packed my things and left, I still had my timetable in my hands and saw that I had Gym – super, that was exactly the kind of thing I wanted to escape – and, as if it wasn’t enough, I didn’t know where the gym was, of course. I sighed, and felt really alone suddenly; there wasn’t Mike or Jessica – I think her name was Jessica actually – to show me the way; I decided to look for the gym by myself and began going downstairs. In my previous school, the gym was underground: maybe it was the same here. But deep inside, I knew everything looked different from Phoenix: rain, clouds, rain, bears, and weird guys – at least, one weird guy. There were some classes here, and students were waiting for their teachers but no sign of a gym, I came across the hall without paying attention to the eyes following me. At the end of the hall was a door that led outside, if my memory was good the gym was in another building, I headed to the buildings near the cafeteria. I studied the sky as I walked and sighed: it was very cloudy, not raining at least and there was some fresh wind; I entered the building number 2 and found an empty hall – I’ll be late of course – I continued ahead of me and decided to turn on the right. I stopped as soon as I saw who was just in front of me; he was sitting on the ground, his head in his hands, looking sick. He didn’t lift his head to see who entered and I found it weird: everyone had the reflex to see who was coming, what was happening. As I stayed where I was and didn’t move my eyes from him, he finally looked up at me; I was like paralysed against the wall.