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My shorter version of Twilight, I kept some details of the book and changed some things as well.

I wrote this fanfic right after Impossible ; once again, sorry if there are grammar mistakes, I'm French :-)

2. Chapter 2

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2. Afraid

He didn’t look as nasty as a few minutes ago but still… strange. I knew he could read the fear in my eyes, I felt it myself; something pushed me to him and I began to walk forward. He suddenly stiffened and I stopped, I didn’t want him to react so unfairly.

“Hum, do you know where the gym is please?”

He took two deep breaths and answered.

“That’s near building 3, you have to go back.” His voice was as soft as velvet, it was incredibly attractive. Gym could go to hell; I wanted to talk to him.

“Are you okay?”

“Don’t worry about me, you’d better not to.” I didn’t catch the edge in his voice, maybe it was a kind of warning. A warning about what? Not approaching him, was he dangerous? On drugs? He didn’t look like he was a junkie yet.

I was about to ask him why when he looked at me so fiercely I could only step back. I was going to turn back at the corner but I had one simpler thing to ask.

“Can I know your name at least?”

He looked up at me, surprised.

“Edward Cullen.” And then, he got up and went to the toilets in front of him.

I stayed there, still, for a minute and then went to building 3. I finally found the gym and got ready, everyone was playing already: volley-ball. I was going to hit someone for sure… And myself at the same time. I’ve never been gifted for any kind of physical activities; I was way too clumsy to succeed at anticipating at the right time, and was almost scared of the ball. When I got out of the changing room, Jessica came by me and greeted me with a big smile:

“Hey, where you’ve been? You couldn’t find the gym?”

“Well, yeah I got lost but I saw Edward Cullen, he showed me the way.” I wanted to see her reaction at his name to catch something about him. Instead of looking scared, she made a bigger smile.

“Oh so you saw him huh? Isn’t he incredibly gorgeous?” She giggled a little, her eyes lightening.

I wasn’t expecting this so I struggled for words.

“Well… Yeah, I guess he is.” I smiled and asked her: “Do you know anything about him? He looked bad in Biology.”

“Well, he has a sister called Alice, and he also has adoptive parents: Dr et Mrs Cullen. They also adopted Emmett, his brother, Rosalie Hale and Jasper Hale. Emmett is Rosalie’s boyfriend and they live together… Like together, together. I think it’s weird. They are not really sociable; they just stay together, away from the others.”

“Do you have any idea why?”

“Not really, I heard lots of things about them. Apparently, Mrs Cullen can’t have any children.”

The edge in her voice made me feel uncomfortable, that wasn’t really my type to tell gossip about the others.

I looked away quickly and began to try to play volley-ball. When the hour was over, I had hit myself 6 times and some other people 3 times: I was a walking danger. Jessica, Angela and I walked to the cafeteria right after changing our clothes; Angela was a nice girl, shy like me and quite calm. She didn’t say a word about Edward’s beauty when Jessica told her I saw him, instead she only said he was a nice boy. Nice? Why didn’t he seem nice to me at first?

As we were in the line, I managed to see him and his family waiting for the check; then they sat at a round table without looking anyone else. I looked at Edward: he sat quietly and seemed to concentrate on something and then he glanced up at me. I quickly turned my head and blushed; he had caught me watching him.

Edward’s POV

What was that girl doing here? Isn’t she supposed to have Gym? Her scent invade my nose and my throat, it was just like nothing I’ve ever smelt before, the blood of this girl was something totally new to me, sweet and overwhelming. The monster in me rejoiced she was here; he could reach her in half a second and gets what he wanted more than anything. But I couldn’t throw away everything Carlisle taught me; she suddenly walk to me, I didn’t want this, I didn’t want her to approach me, she would ruin all my existence forever ; I stiffened and stared at her.

“Hum, do you know where the gym is please?” Her voice was a bit weak but nice to hear, she got lost – what a chance, the monster rejoiced. I could lead her in the wrong direction and drain her from all her blood. But instead, I inhaled calmly, trying to resist her scent and said:

“That’s near building 3, you have to go back.” Then, she looked completely… dazzled. My voice. Humans didn’t hear it the way our kind do. There was not a single sound, a single thought coming from her mind and that frustrated me like hell. What was different in her mind? I wasn’t used to not hear the thoughts of people; it’s as if there was a shell around her mind.

“Are you okay?”

She was asking about me now? “Don’t worry about me, you’d better not to.” No one here – except my family – ever asked me about my feelings and that new girl, Bella Swan, was doing it even if I had been about to kill her a few minutes ago. I couldn’t understand her, and I couldn’t even know anything about her. I wanted her to comprehend she shouldn’t approach me so I looked at her as I did during Biology. She seemed to get it because fear showed on her face. She stepped back and stopped again as she was about to turn and leave the room. What else did she want? My eyes weren’t scary enough?

“Can I know your name at least?”

My name? Something was definitely wrong with her. Or maybe it was me, maybe I wasn’t persuasive enough. I simply replied: “Edward Cullen.” I got up and came in the toilets just in front of me, looking for somewhere to escape her and her wonderful scent.

I hid in a cabinet – what the hell was I doing? – and I listened to check when she is gone. After a quite long moment, she finally left. I decided to go in my car because her scent was beginning to invade the toilets, I left the building without inhaling and ran to my Volvo. I sighed with relief as I shut the door, she was totally puzzling; I closed my eyes for 10-15 minutes without thinking and then, I knew I shouldn’t care but I looked for Jessica Stanley to see if Bella was with her. Bella was sitting on one of the numerous benches of the Gym, wincing; she seemed to be in some little pain, maybe she hurt herself with a ball. I checked in Jessica’s mind and saw that she received the ball twice on the head; strangely, I was worried that she was hurt. Watching her, I just noticed how much pretty she was, no wonder the other boys daydreamed about her.

At lunch, she was with Jessica and Angela Weber. Angela didn’t say weird stuff about me to Bella, contrary to Jessica, she was a nice girl, a good friend for Bella; surprise passed on her face when Angela told her I was a nice boy, of course, she was surprised: I didn’t look very nice at first. And strangely, I wanted her to think I was nice, I didn’t want to be the nasty one for her. But her blood was something bothering, I didn’t know if I’ll always control myself. I had to feed, again and again if I wanted to talk to her, to get on with her. I know she was watching me; I looked up at her, with gentle eyes and she immediately turned her head and then I saw the sweetest colour I’ve ever seen: she was blushing. I really wanted to arrange things between me and her, because no one has ever interested me like she did right now.

Bella’s POV

As we sat at a table where Mike and another boy called Eric joined us, I thought about the way Edward looked at me a moment ago; his eyes were soft this time, was he bipolar?? I was really confused and I had to admit Edward Cullen really puzzled me with his behaviour. What could possibly be wrong with him? Maybe he had an illness after all and that made him mentally unstable… I waited for Jessica to finish her sentence and asked them:

“Hum… Do you think Edward Cullen is sick?”

Mike laughed at my question but Jessica and Angela looked surprised. Mike answered my question when Angela opened her mouth to answer.

“He’s not sick, he’s just a freak!”

“A freak?” I didn’t like his tone, almost jealous – that, I could understand.

“Come on, you certainly noticed, Bella. He’s weird, never speaks to anyone, and always looks like he’s in his own bubble…”

“Yeah, but maybe it’s because of something?”

He shrugged; apparently he didn’t give a damn about Edward.

I turned to Angela who touched slightly my arm to show me she was about to talk.

“I think the fact they were all adopted makes them certainly sad or melancholic, I think they all got secrets but I’m positive on the fact that they’re nice, especially Edward and Alice. And I don’t think he’s sick… Why do you think this?”

Jessica added, frowning: “Yeah, what makes you think he’s sick?”

No one ever talked to him or what?

“Well… This morning, I parked next to his car and he looked nice, but then in Biology he seemed angry with me and then he showed me the way to Gym… I don’t know, that’s weird. I’m trying to figure him out.”

I glanced at him and he was watching me intensely, I didn’t look down and he finally smiled a bit and then turned his head away.

Angela chuckled and said: “Well, maybe you look good to him. I’ve never seen him interested in any of the girls in here.”

I saw Jessica winced and guessed she was interested in him.

“What? Why would he be interested in me? I’m totally insignificant.”

Mike protested: “No, you aren’t. I mean… You look kind of cute, I think.”

Jessica glared at him and then added: “Well, you should talk to him.”

Ha ha, very funny, I wanted to tell her. “He doesn’t seem to like me.”

“You don’t know this, just try Bella. If he’s shy, you should make the first step.” Angela smiled at me, saying this.

“Well maybe…” I looked at him once again, he was now smiling, the eyes on his tray. Could he know what we were saying? One more mystery about him, I guessed. He then looked up at me, his expression unreadable. I looked down this time.

I began to eat, thinking I should talk to him finally.