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My shorter version of Twilight, I kept some details of the book and changed some things as well.

I wrote this fanfic right after Impossible ; once again, sorry if there are grammar mistakes, I'm French :-)

3. Chapter 3

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3. Dazzled

I didn’t have any more classes with Edward today. I hoped I would see him in the parking lot as I was making my way outside the building, or maybe he wouldn’t want to talk to me, that thought made me sigh. Well, I couldn’t say my first day was boring at least; as I walked to my truck, I noticed that most of the students were glancing at me in a strange way. What have I done this time? Maybe people saw Edward and me looking at each other in the cafeteria. And then as I had a complete view of my truck, I immediately understood why everyone was looking at me: Edward was standing beside my truck, turning his back on me. I slowed my pace as I was wondering what he wanted and then took a deep breath and walked forward.

He turned to face me when I came to his side and I noticed he looked hesitant. He finally began after a little while, watching me deeply. That made my heart racing.

“Hello Bella, I wanted to apologize for this morning. I had a lot on my mind and I realized it was very rude from me to… act this way.”

Oh. My. God. His voice was so sweet and his eyes so tender, I couldn’t find the strength to reply at first and then, I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts.

“Well, no problem, I-I can understand. It happens to everyone.” I wanted my voice to sound sure and I totally failed. I sounded like a little girl being contested by an adult. I smiled at him and remembered I had to talk to him. But about what? Damn!

“So what do you think about Forks?” He smiled at me, making me feel more comfortable.

I hesitated and then looked away, noticing everyone was really staring at us right now. Wow.

“Well… to be honest, I don’t really like Forks. You know, I come from Phoenix, I miss the sun, and the warmth. I don’t really like the cold.” He smiled at this.

“So why did you come here then?”

“I wanted to spend some time with my dad, Charlie. And I also wanted to give my mother some time with her new husband: he’s a baseball player so he travels a lot, and I knew she wanted to be with him.” Why on earth was this handsome, perfect man asking about me? I was completely ordinary yet.

“I understand, you seem to care a lot for your mother, don’t you?”

That took me by surprise: no one has ever seen me as clearly as he does right now.

“Hum, yeah so that’s why I came here.”

He was about to tell me more when he looked up at something behind me. I turned back and saw his family coming to his Volvo.

“You have to go?”

He made me a smile so beautiful I could only gasped.

“See you tomorrow, Bella.”

“Yeah see you tomorrow.” I replied as he went away.

I was totally dazzled – yeah that’s the right word to describe my feelings right now – by him, his hair, his voice, his face, and his smile… Everything about him was so gorgeous, I couldn’t believe he could be interested in me. I saw him glancing at me before getting in his car; my heart was hammering like never in my chest. If I would’ve been a cardiac, I would have had a heart attack right now. I got up in my truck and started the engine, the roar of it didn’t put me out of my amazement as I drove back home.

Once at home, I went upstairs to prepare my bag for tomorrow, I must admit that I was kind of in a hurry for tomorrow. Maybe we’ll talk in Biology, I hoped. Then, I went to the kitchen and got a glass of milk and drank it entirely; I couldn’t help myself but thinking about him, he acted so weirdly this morning, he really scared me but then he was like the nicest guy out there. I would ask him tomorrow because I wanted to know what had been wrong and why he had changed his behaviour so quickly, not that I was complaining. I heard Charlie’s cruiser and opened the fridge, wondering what I could make for dinner and also to try to hide my face from Charlie, he wasn’t as perceptive as my mother but it was obvious that I was thinking deeply about something.

“So, how was your first day Bells?” He removed his gun and his jacket.

“Fine, I got on well with everyone. Gym wasn’t really that good because I hurt myself but whatever, I’m used to this.” I was trying to sound normal.

“Ok. Good. Who are your new friends?” He passed by me and took a beer out of the fridge and then waited for me to answer.

“Jessica Stanley, Angela Weber, Mike Newton, a guy called Eric and Edward Cullen.” My heart began to race when I said his name – fortunately, only I could hear it.

“Only good people, I’m happy for you.” I knew he truly meant it, my dad was a bad liar – I’m the same - so apparently, everything was fine with the Cullens. I really had to know what happened.

The evening passed in a blur, my mind too busy thinking about Edward. I didn’t know which feeling was stronger: fascination or curiosity. Maybe both, a mix of both. First, his eyes were penetrating but also had an uncommon golden-brown colour; his face was so white he looked sick, his body was quite thin, but muscular at the same time and his walk was gracious, so flow. He was undeniably the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen, he had the face of a Greek God, of a model doing a photoshoot – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a model more beautiful than Edward though. On the other hand, he was strange: his eyes had changed colour in Biology II, I was absolutely positive about this, they became black coal and he had looked so scary, almost animal-like. At lunch, I had the feeling he concentrated to hear our conversation, he seemed to hear it and then he waited for me at my truck to talk to me nicely and told me “see you tomorrow”. I will find out eventually his secrets.

After dinner, I had a hot shower to clear my mind and I went to bed directly but of course, no way to sleep, I was thinking about Edward too much. I listened to a calm cd and finally managed to sleep. I awoke quite early, it was 6.30, and couldn’t believe what I had just dreamed of; I was in my room and then Edward came in by my window and… I just pulled him to me and kissed him. What was wrong with me? I don’t even know him!

I washed my face with cold water and let it dry on my face. I brushed my teeth and then put on a moisturizing cream on my cheeks that smelled good to me. I never did that usually… Guess I was losing my mind. Because of him. I even chose my clothes carefully, a deep blue skirt and an ivory shirt. I brushed my hair a little and went downstairs. I wasn’t very hungry so I left without eating, as I started the truck I smiled at myself. I was going to see him.

When I arrived on the parking lot, I was surprised to see so few cars parked. I checked the clock, it was quite early indeed; I got off the truck and saw his shiny Volvo parked not so far from me, no one was in it. Where was he? Already in his classroom? As I was heading to my first class, I suddenly saw him sitting on a bench ; I stopped and then he looked at me, he smiled so I walked to him.

“Can I sit with you?” I asked politely.

“Sure.” He smiled the same breathtaking smile of yesterday. Good thing that the bench was at my reach, I needed to sit right now.

I kept a reasonable distance from him and asked:

“What’s your first class?”

He waited a bit and answered: “Trig.” I also had Trig.

“With Mrs Smith?”

“Yes, you too?”

I nodded, silently watching him. His eyes were even lighter than yesterday, and that made him so much more beautiful. He suddenly caught me again. That was so embarrassing!

He chuckled as I was obviously flushing, and then he said: “Do you want to go into the classroom?”

“Ok.” It was a bit cold after all.

We walked side by side without a word. This silence felt good anyway. I noticed he was watching me all the time from the bench to the classroom. Why was he watching me like this? Maybe I had something on my face? No I would feel it, I guess… When we arrived to the classroom, we were all alone.

He told me gently: “I used to sit by the window.”

Good he had this seat next to the window; I’ve never liked to be away from the outside. He sat and looked at me curiously as I hesitated.

“Do you mind if I sit next to you?” I asked slowly.

“Of course not.” He laughed silently. He pulled the chair for me and I sat. No one ever pulled a chair for me before him. That sounded stupid but it was pleasant. I put my bag on the ground and stayed still.

He turned to me: “So, tell me, what was your home like in Phoenix?”

“Mmm, it was quite big, warm – I mean, the colours - and we even had a garden. My room faced the West so that in the evening I could see the sunset.” I smiled at the memory and he smiled back.

“And your room?” He had his head leant on his arm and was listening to me carefully.

“My room had blue light wallpaper, it lightened it. I had a bigger bed than I have now – why am I talking about my bed?? – the bed stuff was salmon; it went well with the walls. I had lots of cuddly toys in my room too, some memories of the childhood you know and I had a TV too. I really liked this room. It’s like my main room and the one I have now is my secondary room.”

“You miss this previous life, don’t you?”

“Well, yeah… I guess. But it’s not so bad here.” Did he understand that I was referring to meeting him?

He smiled at me and chuckled.


“Nothing, it’s just that I think you shouldn’t hide your feelings this way, it shows that you suffer more than you say.”

He startled me a little. How could he guess so easily? I pouted and looked down.

“Did I offend you?”

“No.” I kept my eyes down.

“I’m really sorry if it’s the case, Bella.”

I looked up, surprised by the tenderness in her voice and I gasped: his face was so perfectly beautiful when he made this apologetic face. I looked to the door because a boy was entering the room, he opened his mouth in surprise as he saw Edward and me sitting at the same table.

“And what about you, do you like Forks?” I asked, wanting to carry on talking with him.

He laughed and told me: “Well, this is a better place than anywhere else I think. I won’t say that I like Forks, but I really like my home.”

I was curious now. “What does your home look like?”

“It’s a very old house, with 3 stairs and a wall made of glass; my room faces a little river and the mountains.”

I tried to imagine it and it looked beautiful to me.

“Must be beautiful.”

“It is.”

He smiled at me again, and I couldn’t help myself smiling back. We stared at each other for quite a long moment and then the teacher came in. When I looked at the front of the class, I realized that everyone was staring at us. Great, gossip was going to spread around the whole school. I took my bag and put my books on the table, I saw from the corner of my eye that he was still watching me.