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My shorter version of Twilight, I kept some details of the book and changed some things as well.

I wrote this fanfic right after Impossible ; once again, sorry if there are grammar mistakes, I'm French :-)

4. Chapter 4

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At the end of the class, Edward stood, waiting for me – how could he be so fast to pack up his things? – and as I got up, I noticed he was looking at me again. As if I was the only person on earth, that was weird but in a way, it pleased me. Maybe he was that kind of boy who is totally devoted in a relationship, I wanted this so bad.

“Ready to go?” he asked.

I took my bag and nodded. On our way to Biology, I wanted to ask him about yesterday but I was scared it would ruin what was beginning to be built between us so I stayed silent. He did too. As we entered the classroom, everyone – even the teacher – was staring at us; I felt suddenly ill-at-ease with all those eyes on me. I managed to sit without stumbling this time on anyone’s bag or table and sighed with relief, it would’ve been too embarrassing. Edward put his chair closer to mine and sat, my heart began to race and I felt the heat at my cheeks – he will see it obviously. I didn’t dare looking at him, too embarrassed by my reaction; he seemed not to care and took one strand of my hair in his hand to put it behind my ear to see me.

“Are you okay?”

I felt my heart was going to stop. “Yeah, I was just thinking about something.”

“What?” Oops. I should have expected this one.

“You’ll be angry if I tell you.” I decided to ask him about yesterday eventually.

He frowned. “Why that?”

“Well…” I looked down at the table and carried on. “I was wondering what I did wrong yesterday.”

He seemed to stiffen for a while and I looked up at him to see his reaction. He looked pained.

“I… You didn’t do anything wrong Bella, it was only me… It was really a bad time for me, that’s all. Do you believe me?”

He looked at me so intensely that I couldn’t say no.


Then he smiled this beautiful smile. My breath stopped for a second.

“Miss Swan and Mr Cullen, are you with us?”

“Sure, excuse us.” Edward answered. My own answer was to hide behind my hair and blushed. I heard Edward chuckle gently. I didn’t even notice the class had begun, there was no space or time with Edward, there was just him and everything around was superficial to me. It was only the second day but I felt so good with him already. I’ve never felt this before; it was totally new to me. And I didn’t want it to stop. Not at all.

The day passed so fast: I sat with Jessica and Angela at lunch and Edward sat with his family but all we were doing was looking at each other. I think the girls noticed because they were exchanging glances from time to time; as I watched Edward, a sudden urge to get up and kissed him overwhelmed me. I controlled myself and breathed, what the hell?? That was crazy!

Later in the day, Edward walked me to the Gym, told me not to hurt myself and walked away, a smile on his face. Did it show on my face that I was clumsy?

I tried to listen to him, to pay attention but in vain, I crushed another girl as I was trying to escape from the ball coming straight on me. I finally got fed up and sat on a bench, sighing. I saw the girl going into the toilets, wincing, to certainly put some water on her elbow. Pfff, nothing could be done for me. The ending of the hour seemed to never come and I almost ran to the changing room when it was finally over, maybe Edward would be waiting for me at my truck after all, like yesterday. I hurried to put on my clothes and waved at Jessica before leaving; I was right, he was waiting at my truck. Butterflies came into my stomach as I saw him, it was like a dream, it couldn’t be true: this wonderful, angel-like, perfect creature was standing right next to my awful truck, waiting for me. I smiled at him and he smiled back, what a peaceful feeling.

“How was Gym?” he asked, looking amused.

I shrugged, and then showed him my arm. He winced. I shrugged again. I opened the door of my truck and sat on my seat, facing him.

“I’m a walking danger.”

He laughed cheerfully. This was also the most beautiful melody I’ve ever heard. Everything – and no, I’m not exaggerating – absolutely everything was perfect about him. Why was he wasting his time with me? I thought about asking him one day.

I knew his family wasn’t far because he glared behind me, looking angry.

“I have to go,” his tone was sad.

“I know,” mine was too.

Then, he put his hands around my face and kissed my forehead. Ok, now I could die, it wouldn’t even matter. I looked up at him and got up to kiss him but he released his hold, understanding what I wanted to do.

“I’m sorry, I can’t.” And he was walking to his car. His reaction took me by surprise: he couldn’t kiss me?? Why? He didn’t want me to kiss him? Or he really couldn’t for whatever reason?

I watched him go, without even looking at me and I just stayed where I was like an idiot. I had felt in his eyes that he maybe wanted to kiss me too but… I didn’t understand anything. I sighed and started my truck. I didn’t pay attention to people watching anymore. His fingers were icy and so were his lips on my forehead, that wasn’t normal; but the contrast had been very pleasant, it gave me chills. I drove to my house without stopping thinking about him, it was stronger than yesterday. Much stronger. If only I could see him, I wanted to be with him right now. I wanted to ask him so many questions. A million.

The days passed and we were getting closer to one another. I didn’t dare ask him why he couldn’t kiss me but I had a little idea, I noticed lots of stuff that made him different from the others boys but it wasn’t these details that attracted me to him now. He was so clever, so thoughtful, he was made for me ; he came every morning to drive me to school – Charlie had no idea of course – and we used to hold hands in class or in the school, while going to our different classes. Our relation was pretty stable but I could feel he wanted more and so did I. Two months had passed since I came to Forks and finally, I was feeling at home, thanks to him. I’ve been to Angela today and I was going home now, he should be there already, waiting for me. I was so distracted that I haven’t paid attention to the lights that were red. I saw too lately the big truck carrying wood coming on my left, right on me. My window was open moreover. I first heard the loud horn of the big truck and then the crash. The noise was awfully loud, too loud for my ears. And then, I dropped the steering wheel and felt a terrible numbness. And then nothing. This crossroads was usually empty, I knew it. I tried to move but couldn’t. I realized I had my eyes closed and tried to open them. I couldn’t do this too, I started to panic: I couldn’t move my legs. I stayed like this for a moment, hoping a miracle would happen. I tried to open my eyes again and all I was seeing was very blurry, I shook my head and finally saw: my legs were stuck between my seat and my wheel, I couldn’t move a single toe, that worried me. Was I going to spend the rest of my life on a wheeling chair? The scent of blood was everywhere, it was overwhelming, and I began to feel sick. The other truck was on its side, apparently the driver… was dead, his head resting on his wheel, his face bleeding. Oh no! I was beginning to tell myself it was the end when I heard a voice. His voice. Edward. What was he doing here?

“BELLA! Bella!” He came by me and threw the door of my truck away. How the hell did he do that?

His eyes were back coal as he approached me. Anyway, I was so relieved to see him. To see his face. Maybe for the last time.

“I need help, Edward.” My voice was weak.

“I know, I called my father. He’ll come very fast.”

I wanted to talk to him but a sudden sickness overwhelmed me, it had nothing to do with the smell of blood, I could feel it. Edward looked suddenly horrified, watching me.

“Do you feel my hand?”

“What? No, why?”

And then, I saw him removing his hand from my back: I hadn’t felt anything at all.

I watched him in horror and I suddenly felt really bad, I coughed and felt something coming out from my mouth: blood. Crap.

I looked at Edward and told him: “Edward, I… Don’t leave me please. I…” Tears started to fill my eyes as I realized I was going to die, and that the beautiful love story we built would never have a future. I began to cry as he was holding my hand, his face totally pained.

“I’ll save you Bella. I promise.”

What? How?


“Do you trust me?” he asked seriously.

“Yeah,” I could only whisper now.

“Then close your eyes and hold my hand very tightly.”

I did as he said and felt him lean on my neck, he took a breath and I felt a horrible pain then. He was biting me??? And then, the burn, a pain so much more horrible than everything I’ve ever felt before. Then I got what he was doing: he was drinking my blood and at the moment I thought he wasn’t going to stop and would drain me, he stopped.

“Bella, it’ll last some times but you’ll be fine right after, I promise you.” Was he stroking my hair? My senses were completely troubled. I couldn’t see clearly, everything was a blur.

His voice seemed so far whereas he was just near me, I saw him carrying me out of my truck, he then laid me down on the ground, my head on his knees.

“It burns, Edward!” I wanted to scream because of the pain but I couldn’t, I was way too weak.

“I know, I know how much it hurts, I underwent this too. I promise you’ll be perfectly fine soon Bella.” His voice was full of pain, I hung at his jacket and then he held me tight against him. The pain was excruciating, I finally closed my eyes. I heard Edward called his father: “Carlisle!”

“Carlisle, I was forced to do it, she was dying. I could hear her heartbeat was weakening. I… I… Is it working?”

“There’s no reason it would not work Edward. You made the right decision. Now let’s take her home.”

I couldn’t think anymore. The pain was everywhere, in my entire body. It increased. The only thing I was aware of was that Edward was still holding me in his arms and that felt nice somehow. I kept my eyes closed, I didn’t move anymore.

“Carlisle, she’s not moving. Are you sure it’s working? Maybe I should…”

“No, don’t do this. It would increase the pain. Listen to her heart. It’s racing like hell, I’ve never seen a heart hammering like this, it works perfectly, and she’ll be ok.”

My heart was racing like hell? I couldn’t feel it. I didn’t feel anything at all but the pain, even Edward’s cold hands were nothing; what had he done to me? Was he a… vampire? I knew immediately that something was different about him, his face, his smell, the way he spoke … I suddenly felt something cold on my forehead: he had put his lips on it. I tried to concentrate on him but nothing worked, the pain was spreading, again and again. When will it end?? Will it ever end? I wanted someone to kill me right now so I wouldn’t feel it anymore… I suddenly felt he was moving me, I was still in his arms, and he laid me down on a bed – well I think it was a bed – he was holding my hand, I felt it. I tried to open my eyes but I really had no strength at all. I decided to give up and let the time go by.


The pain was gone, I opened my eyes. I looked through the window on my right and gasped: if I concentrated on the trees in the horizon, I could see them perfectly, each detail of the trunk, each leaf, it was amazing. I didn’t feel Edward’s cold hand in mine anymore, has he gone? I turned my head and saw him on a chair, next to me, he was still holding my hand but it didn’t feel cold to me now. Why? I could also see him very clearly, his face was so much more beautiful than before, I sat and smiled at him. He smiled back. I didn’t understand the change in my vision.

“How do you feel?” he asked gently, staring at me.

“Well. Can you explain to me what happened?” I still had a million questions for him.

“You remember the crash?” He winced.

I nodded, it was blurry but I still had images.

“You were dying, Bella. You’d lost too much blood, I saved you by injecting my venom in your veins and with your heart beating, it spread all over your body.”

“Your venom? What do you mean?”

He took a deep breath, seeming to dread my reaction and said: “I’m… a vampire Bella. And I turned you so I could save you.”

It took me a little while to clarify this in my head.

“A vampire? But I thought-”

“Everything you’ve seen before about us is wrong Bella, we can’t be killed by a stake in the heart, we can’t be burnt by the sun; we are very powerful creatures. It’s very difficult to kill one of us.”

I nodded. “So now I’m like you? I’m a vampire?”

“Yes.” He watched my expression.

“So I have to drink blood?”

“Yes.” He said again.

“But do you kill people?” That’s why he looked at me so fiercely on that first day.

“No, me and my family only hunt animals. We don’t want to be monsters.”

“I don’t want to kill people either. You’ll show me how to hunt animals?”

He seemed to be surprised and then nodded.

I was wrong to think I was on a bed. I was on a sofa, I observed the room and realized it reminded me of something.

“We’re in your room?”

“Yes, we first brought you in one of the rooms upstairs but then, I wanted to wait here, alone with you. I didn’t know if it had worked, and now I’m thinking that I hope you don’t mind.” He looked down.

“About what?”

“Turning you into a vampire.”

“You saved my life, Edward; well you know what I mean. And the most important, we can be together for eternity. So no, I don’t mind. I just had a billion questions for you.” I smiled gently at him.

He smiled back and leant to me. I touched his face, which was warm to me now, and looked at him. Would he like to be mine forever? I wanted him since the first time I had put my eyes on him. Suddenly, he took my face with one hand and put his lips on mine and kissed me, first slowly but then with more passion. We laid on the sofa and our kiss became more and more passionate. His skin was so warm under my fingertips, it was the kind of warmth you couldn’t find in a human. He stopped kissing me and looked at me.

“Can your questions wait?”

“Definitely!” And I kissed him as we were tearing our clothes.