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You Don't Know The Half Of It

He would've helped. He really, honestly would've. How was The Famous Edward Cullen supposed to know that his high school girlfriend had given birth to his daughter? How was he supposed to know that his ex-girlfriends brother, who was also her best friend, got in a car accident and the hospital wasnt child friendly? How was he supposed to know that his six year old daughter had to stay with him until her uncle recovered? And how was Emmett supposed to know what stupid was a mean word? AN: A little OOC. Oh, who am I kidding? Bella and Edward are so out of character, its not even funny! Well, I hope its funny. But still. You get what I'm saying. Oh, and banner courtesy of lunamoon!

This is kind of based off the Game Plan. I watched it with my brother and liked the idea of it so I made it a story. Some of the stuff in her is straight out of the movie, but most of the stuff is mine!

1. The Life And Times Of Me: Edward Cullen

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Sometimes, karma can really come back and bite you in the ass.

But that's just every now and then. Most of the time, life was pretty perfect. At least for me it is. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Edward Cullen. Famous musician. I've been playing piano since I was four. As I grew older, my talents spanned out. I began to sing and play guitar.

I began to be famous.When I was seventeen, my career branched out. I was discovered by a big time producer, who felt my music was something that could really reach the younger generation. I signed a few contracts, and bada bing- I'm a rockstar. Things have always been pretty simple.

My father is a surgeon. My mother is an interior decorater. My father, Carlisle, graduated from Harvard Medical school, top of his class. He became a well known pediatrician at John Hopkins. As more and more people started requesting him, he was pushed to become a doctor of higher status. He is now capable of all kinds of medical miracles. He's famous.

It runs in the family.

My mother, Esme, met my father when his sister (My aunt) needed someone to design her house. My father was there to offer his opinion here and there, but ended up falling in love. Madly in love. They were married five months later and had me.

When I was two, they decided it best that I had some company. Nine months later my little sister, Alice, arrived. Alice is a fashion designer. She dresses me for all my shows, public outings, parties. Pretty much everyday. Alice is engaged to my right hand man. Jasper Hale, guitar player extrordinar. I don't know where I'd be without him. Jasper has a twin sister, Rosalie. Rosalie is a model, she has done a lot of internatonal work. She's engaged to my other wing man. Emmett McCarty, drummer of the century. Never goes anywhere without his drumsticks.

I have a whole network of support. Some closer then others. My family and friends are top of the list. Then comes my agent, Tayna Denali. Who just happens to be my girlfriend. She's blonde, rich and beautiful. She models with Rosalie a little, but Rosalie absolutely dispises her. It was a girl thing, I chose to ignore their bickering.

I have fans everywhere. America, England, China, India, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Russia. Name any place in the world and I guarentee I have at least four hundred fans. Signing autographs is tedious and I have no patience for pictures. But girls still throw themselves at me left and right. Even a few men. Though the men are sometimes worse then the women.

I've been with many girls in my life. Besides Tanya, there has only been one that's ever meant anything to me at all.

Her name was Bella Swan.

Beautful, innocent, kind, sweet, funny. Everything and anything I could have wanted. We met in sixth period bioligy. She was new in town, along with her older brother, Jack. I was assigned to be her lab partner, something I didn't look foward to at the time. Even before I was famous, women would go to the ends of the Earth for me. If only they would stay there.

Word had it that she wasn't bad to look at. This was a plus in the deal. I was a man after all. I did have needs. And girls were usually easily influenced. Peice of cake, right?


She walked in that classroom, wearing nothing but confidence. Well, she did have on clothes of course. Ripped light blue jeans, a Rolling Stones T- shirt, hair pulled back in a ponytail with little ringlets falling in her face. She wore no jewelry, no make up. She had on simple red flip flops and her hair had been pulled back with only an orange band.

She wasn't smiling, in fact she was frowning. It pained me to see such a lovely face upset. When she was settled, I introduced myself. I even pulled out that smile I knew made girls weak at the knees. She rolled her eyes when I told her she was quite possibly the most gorgeous thing to ever catch my eye. Her exact words were 'Could you be a bit more, oh, I don't know. Cheesy?' She was so critical.

It made me love her even more. Every time I tried to speak, she blatantly ignored me. Until finally I told her 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' was my favorite Rolling Stones song. That made her angry. She told me 'Paint It Black' kicked my songs ass. I disagreed and this started a beautiful friendship. Well....friends with benifits, some would say.

Her brother wasn't happy about this at all. You see, I had a reputation as a play boy. I liked the ladies, was there something wrong with that? I certainly didn't think so. Plus, I was a bit on the arrogant side. And selfish. And mean. And cinical. But other then that...I was perfect. It irked her to no end that I loved myself. That I had nothing but time and money. Bella never had time for anything fun, or money to do things that weren't necessary.

Her father walked out on her, her brother and her mom when she was ten. He left her mom to juggle three jobs to simply pay the bills and Jack to worry endlessly about their future. Jack is four years older then Bella, so he was fourteen when her father left. He worked at a gas station for four years until he got a full scholarship to college.

While he was in college, their mom remarried to a man named Dino. Dino was a little...insane. He was an alchohalic, but he helped pay the bills. Barely.But the truly unhappy thing about this marriage was the fact that Dino hit Bella and Jack's mother, Renee. After a few months, he started to hit Bella too. Jack didn't know, he was busy with college.

Otherwise, I'm quite sure he would've kicked Dino's ass all the way too Asia. Jack loved Bella more then anything, everyone in town knew that.Bella was sixteen when her and I started going out. We were seniors and she was striving to get a full scholarship like Jack. She wanted to make her mother proud. I was working on my music career, but I was still planning on going to college.

Bella was aiming for Yale, or Princeton. But that was a stretch, even for someone as driven as her. I wanted to go to Dartmouth, like my mother or Harvard like my father. Everyone was positive I was going to get in. But no one had any hope that Bella was going to get that scholarship.

Except me.

And Jack.

Bella was the smartest person I know. She had everything going for her. She was smart, beautful, lively, talented. Even if I was the musician, Bella still loved singing. She didn't flaunt it though. She was very low key about her abilities. She was the one who taught me to play the giutar, actually.

I loved her with all my heart. Well, the part of my heart that wasn't in love with myself. So the night Bella got her acceptance letter to Yale, we slept together. We didn't mean for it to go that far, but we were so excited. She had gotten a full scholarship and was graduating valedictorian! I was so proud of her. Jack was too. He had actually called a few hours before our...celebration.

It scared Bella. She didn't want to beleive we had actually done what we did. We fought the next morning. Endlessly. Screaming, yelling...she even slapped me. Twice. She left. Went off to Yale to fufill her dreams. I still loved her. But I was too angry to go after her. So, I turned all my attention to myself and my music. With all the effort I threw into my career, I soared. I was known all around America in six months.

In a year, I was popular in Europe.

Two years...I was international. Top of the charts at ninteen. And I still am.

At twenty threeI live in a loft in Los Angeles. Three bedrooms, four bathrooms. Penthouse suite, actually. I was living by myself, but with Tanya in a few ways. She stayed over almost everynight and stayed most of the day. I didn't love her. But I tolerated her. She was hot. She was rich. She was mine.I have a dog too. I wasn't one for animals, but Esme thought I needed some company.

He was a yellow lab, only a few months old. His name was Spike. Emmett named him, against my better judgment. But I still loved that dog. He was...a good friend, as odd as that may sound. But all that I've told you is the past. Well, past/present.

Let me give you a little taste of the true present.

This is where the story starts.