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You Don't Know The Half Of It

He would've helped. He really, honestly would've. How was The Famous Edward Cullen supposed to know that his high school girlfriend had given birth to his daughter? How was he supposed to know that his ex-girlfriends brother, who was also her best friend, got in a car accident and the hospital wasnt child friendly? How was he supposed to know that his six year old daughter had to stay with him until her uncle recovered? And how was Emmett supposed to know what stupid was a mean word? AN: A little OOC. Oh, who am I kidding? Bella and Edward are so out of character, its not even funny! Well, I hope its funny. But still. You get what I'm saying. Oh, and banner courtesy of lunamoon!

This is kind of based off the Game Plan. I watched it with my brother and liked the idea of it so I made it a story. Some of the stuff in her is straight out of the movie, but most of the stuff is mine!

16. Making Up

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"Shit." I whispered after a minute of quiet. Harlie looked up at me.

"You could hear it for miles." She mumbled.

"Sounds like it." I agreed.

"It hurt her pretty bad." She told me.

"When she came in here last night....she was crying...I thought maybe she was overreacting.....but now." I couldn't even finish.

"I understand." Harlie murmured. All of a sudden there was a soft knock at the door. Harlie mumbled something about a moment and privacy before opening it. There stood someone I wanted to hate. But I didn't.

Becuase he had a point.

Edward came in, looking a little nervous. He should be. Harlie made her exit, shooting me look before she went. I noticed she rewinded the tape somewhat. Oh. I get it. She was helping me.

"Listen, Jack-"

"You hurt her." I stared at him, coldly.

He sighed."I'm sorry, Jack. I swear I didn't mean any of the things I said."

"You know, studies show that people tend to let the truth come out when their mad." I said, casually.

"Please hear me out, Jack." He pleaded. I couldn't say no to Lila's eyes.

"Fine. You have one minute." I answered.

"Jack, I was furious with Bella for keeping Lila from me. But I still loved her. I was just so mad last night....I said some things I shouldn't have said. And I apoligize." He hung his head.

He sounded sincere. But he was an actor.....or was he a musician? Memory was still a selective thing...

"You might want to tell Belle that. She came in here last night heartbroken. She thinks you hate her." I explained. He looked surprised.

"She thinks I hate her? She hates me! I love her!" He exclaimed. I glanced at the tape. I might as well wing it.

"This might say otherwise." I clicked play.

"I don't care if your father left you for dead! I don't care if your stepdad beats the shit out of your mom! I don't fucking care that your brother's going to die! I care about Lila! And that's all."

Oh, perfect! Perfect spot! He looked shocked.

"I said that?" He gasped.

I nodded, grimly. He shook his head and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"I can't beleive I said that." He muttered.

"Well, beleive it." I told him. "She's confused."

"I would be too if someone said that to me!" Edward sighed.

"So were on the same page." A voice rang out from the doorway. Bella stood there with my water, with a blank face. Edward looked embarassed.

"I would leave, but," I looked at my IV "I'm kind of stuck."

Bella smiled a little.

"Edward, come with me." Edward followed Bella out to the hall. Yes, I can still hear them!

Edward Cullen

Bella stopped in the middle of the hallway and turned to face me. She looked expectant. Oh. she was waiting for me to say something.

"Bella, I'm sorry." I breathed.

She sighed."I heard you and Jack talking. I know." She explained.

"I can't beleive I said any of those things." I told her.

"Well, you did. And it hurt." She snapped.

"I know. And I'm sorry." I was pleading with my eyes. She was silent for a suspenseful half a second before asking,

"Do you really love me?"

"Without a doubt." I grinned. I knew where this was going...

She looked doubtful.

"Do you promise?' She demanded.

"I swear." I placed a hand in the air, the official boy scout honor. She snorted. Her face turned soft though.

"I'm sorry too. For everything. You were right." She mumbled. I smiled. She was never good at apoligizing.

"I always am." She playfully smacked my shoulder. "And I know you are. You should be. But I forgive you." I answered. She looked up at me, grinning.

"I love you too, you know." She said, casually.

"Do you now?" I laughed, wrapping my arms around her waist.

"Yes, I do." She giggled.

Then I did something I've been dreaming of for years. I kissed her. A thousand memories came rushing back, and it was like we'd never been apart. We were always together in some form. I knew it.When we broke apart, she was smiling.

"I've been waiting for that." She told me.

"So have I." I smiled. She tucked her head in my neck. Just like old times.

Bella Swan

We walked back into Jack's room, hand in hand. While we were out, Mom and Dino went in. Well, mom dragged Dino in. Mom looked surprised to see my hand in Edward's.

"What's going on you two?" She asked, suspiciously.

"Oh, nothing." I said, lightly.

She snorted. "Yeah, right."

Dino was glaring at me from across the room. When mom wasn't looking, and Edward and Jack were, I flipped him the bird. He gave it to me right back. Loser, I thought, as I rolled my eyes.

Stupid Italian Loser.

"How's you holding up, Jack?" Edward asked. It was like yesturday never happened.

"I'm doing okay. It could be worse." He laughed, hoarsely. "When am I gonna get to see my neice?"

I laughed. "I'll go get her."

We had used Edward's fame appeal to get Lila in. Now the docters didn't even question us, they had saw Lila on TV and knew who her father was. Word had gotten around that Edward Cullen was in Tennessee though. Planes of people have been coming in. But no one expects him to be in this little town. Luck was on our side.

Lila was sitting on Carson's lap in the waiting room. Rosie and Delilah were sitting there looking through a magazine. LuLu was getting something to eat in the cafeteria with Aunt Mari. Uncle Joe, Grandma and Grandpa were at the house, getting Jack some stuff. When Lila saw me, she jumped up and scrambled over.

"Mommy!" She cried, jumping into my arms.

"Lila!" I exclaimed back, twirling her around. She giggled.

"I didn't get to see you that much yesturday." She pouted.

"Is Uncle Jacky awake?"I turned to Carson.

"You didn't tell her?"

"I did, she just doesn't beleive me." He grinned. I loved Carson's voice. It had the perfect southern touch.

"Yeah, he's awake. Wanna go see him?" I asked. She nodded.

We went to Jack's room in a hurry. We raced there, Lila won. Well, okay, I let her win. But still. I made her think she beat me fair and square. It was cute to see her dance around in victory. Dino rolled his eyes when she danced into the room and muttered something about 'Stupid Americans...'

Yeah, well he was a stupid Italian.

"Uncle Jacky!" Lila yelled. She bolted for his bed, but Edward sweeped her up. She pouted.

"I wanna see Uncle Jacky!"

"You can see him. You just can't touch him. He might get hurt." Edward warned her. She sighed. It made her sound just like Edward.

"I think I can handle a six year old, Eddie." Edward glared at the nick name.

He hated when people called him Eddie. His name was Edward, as he constantly reminded people. Lila squealed and launched herself into Jack's waiting arms. He winced as she sat on his bandaged ribs, but he brushed it off. He was such a good uncle. Lila smiled and played with his hair. She loved the way his brown curls bounced when she pulled them.

It made Edward laugh to see her so absorbed in something as simple as that.Dino glared at Lila. It made me mad. Why the hell was he glaring at her?

"Hey, Father Mafia." I snapped. Dino hated my nickname for him. "Quit giving my kid those looks."