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You Don't Know The Half Of It

He would've helped. He really, honestly would've. How was The Famous Edward Cullen supposed to know that his high school girlfriend had given birth to his daughter? How was he supposed to know that his ex-girlfriends brother, who was also her best friend, got in a car accident and the hospital wasnt child friendly? How was he supposed to know that his six year old daughter had to stay with him until her uncle recovered? And how was Emmett supposed to know what stupid was a mean word? AN: A little OOC. Oh, who am I kidding? Bella and Edward are so out of character, its not even funny! Well, I hope its funny. But still. You get what I'm saying. Oh, and banner courtesy of lunamoon!

This is kind of based off the Game Plan. I watched it with my brother and liked the idea of it so I made it a story. Some of the stuff in her is straight out of the movie, but most of the stuff is mine!

20. Blast From The Not So Welcome Past

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Rosalie Hale

It's so gorgeous out here. And thats a lot coming from me.I was born and raised in New York City. So, yes, I'm a city slicker. No feilds of green for me. Red roses were okay though. Haha. I just had an Emmett moment.

I was a little reluctant to come here. I mean, I've never met this Bella person. I really only did it for Lila. I was a sucker for little kids. They were just so cute. I really wanted to be a mom soon. I planned on starting a family as soon as Emmett and I were married. I was hoping for a son. A son just like Emmett.I wanted him to have his curls, but my color. And Emmett's brown eyes, but my ears. For some reason, I always got compliments on my ears. Oh, and my nose. He has to have my nose too. But he can have Emmett's everything else. Now that would be the perfect child. An angel, even.

I had a best friend in high school, her name was Vera. She ended up pregnant at sixteen. I helped her though. Her parents threw her out, so my parents let her live with us. She got along well with Jasper. Everything was good. Her boyfriend, aka her baby daddy, helped a lot too. He felt really bad about knocking her up. He really did love Vera. His name was Luis. He was beautiful and sweet. The perfect guy.

Vera had a baby boy, Henry. He was so adorable. Black curls like his father and green eyes like his mother. A very good combination. After high school, Vera and I drifted apart. We talked every now and then. Last I heard, Luis, Henry and her were living happily in Wyoming. Why ever she chose Wyoming, I will never know. I was sad to hear Bella was just a year older then Vera when she had Lila. Seventeen and pregnant. Worst part is that Edward wasn't there for any of it. Not the cravings, th morning sickness or the birth. That must have hurt her. I know I would have been absolutely devestated. And then going six years without him....

It was good that she wasn't alone though. She had her brother and her family. It made me a little jealous though, the way her brother was so protective of her. Jasper was a good brother, don't get me wrong. But he never had that sense of protection that Jack has over Bella. I realize that the claim on her is from being the man of the house for so long. He took care of both Renee and Bella for most of his teenage years.

He had to protect her.

It was just natural.

And when I saw them together in the hospital, I knew. I knew she was worried. I knew she was scared, horrified. I would be if Jasper was in this mess. But they were so much closer then Jasper and I. I mean, Jasper was my twin. We had the telepathy thing going on, but that was about it. Bella and Jack had such a hard life together.

Jasper and I grew up in a New York City penthouse with our CEO father and trophy wife mother. We had tons of money. We could basically do whatever we wanted. Our dad was never home, but he always made up for that. Extravagent gifts and fancy vacations. Our mom was always out with her friends, leaving Jasper and I with some old lady nanny. To this day, I hate old ladies.

In high school, we gained absolute freedom. We didn't need a nanny anymore and we both had transportation. For our sixteenth birthday, daddy got me a Cherry Red BMW Convertible. He got Jasper a Black Harley Davidson. Best day ever, let me tell you.

So after Vera had Henry and she moved in with Luis, things were pretty crazy. Wild parties, drunken flings. I even did a little expirementing with pot. J

asper was had played the guitar his whole life. He'd had lessons since he was seven. So when he found out that a guy on his basketball team playd the drums, they got together. On one of the rare days I was home, Jasper brought Emmett, the drummer, home to compare music. I always secretly thought Jasper was kind of a band geek, so I was beyond annoyed when Jasper called me into the living room to meet his loser friend. But then I saw him. The muscle. The hair. The smile. He was perfection. I fell in love that day. We ended up going out to dinner that very night. A small chinese food place. I had been to China when I was thirteen, after daddy forgot my birthday. I'd loved the food and culture ever since. I was happy. Finally a boy who knew what I liked without even asking.

It went on from there. My parents were less then thrilled when they found out I was engaged to Emmett. You see, Emmett had grown up in a small town in Missourri. My parents thought he was low class becuase he didn't grow up the way Jasper and I did. But we blew that off. Who cared what they thought?

Until about a year after graduation, Emmett and Jasper heard about auditions for the newly famous Edward Cullen's band. They were so excited when they found out they had the job. Emmett was bouncing off the walls. When we all met up to discuss the music and get to know each other, we met Edwards little sister, Alice.

That's when Jasper fell head over heals in love. It was so sweet. He would get so nervous around her and she would just go on talking and talking like they's known each other for years. After a while, she started telling us about her best friend, Bella. I had to admit, I was jealous then too. I thought I was becoming Alice's best friend. We went out everyday and her and Jasper went out every night. We spent all our time together. But then she told me how she had been Edward's girlfriend. And how there had been an ugly break up. So, that's why Edward was such a player, Alice had explained. He missed Bella. He didn't want any single girl, besides Bella. That was so sweet, in my opinion.

When Lila came into our lives, I was thrilled. Everyone was. We got a neice and Edward got a daughter. It was perfect. Until Lila told us all why she was there. I was crushed. Even if I didn't know Bella, I felt bad for her. Almsot losing her older brother like that.....it had to have been hard. So when the chance came to meet her, everyone jumped at it. But after the fact, I became worried. What if she was a gold digger? What if she never really loved Edward? What if she hurt him again?

But when I met her and saw what a good person, a good mother, she really was I knew my worries were pointless. She was perfect for Edward. And that's all that mattered.

Alice Cullen

Around six, Mari called everyone in for dinner. They had a huge dining room with a huge oak table. Well, there were like twenty people in this house. Everyone seemed to know exactly where to sit. Except, there were empty chairs in the most random of places.

Esme sat next to Del and Joe. Carlisle was placed between Bliss and Carson. Jasper sat next to LuLu and Bella. I sat across from Bella, next to Carson and Carlisle. Emmett was with Lila and Bliss. That was kind of funny. Two little girls next to a humongous muscley dude. Rosalie was next to Rosie and Harlie. No surprise when Edward sat next to Bella and Renee. He got the best of both worlds right there. He could sit with his lover and suck up to her mom.


Bella Swan

Dino still isn't home. Good. I never want to see that scum again. Mom deserves so much better. She was so happy with dad, and then he ditched us. How sad is that? I hate seeing her to unhappy. It makes me sick to see that fear in my mothers eyes. She did nothing to ever derserve what she'd been through. It wasn't fair.

Life isn't fair, hun.

Shut up, dad! Ugh. Ever since Aunt Mari and Grandma mentioned talking to him, I've been hearing his voice everywhere. And he says the most helpful things. I think it's just my concious on like, voice privacy or something. at least I hope thats what it is. I'm in no mood to go crazy.

Grandma made roast beef and mashed potatoes for dinner tonight. Everyone's mouth is watering. Roast beef was Harlie's favorite, so she was ecspecially excited. She was practically drooling. It wasn't normal.Everyone was eating and making casual sonversation, just like any other night, when the front door slammed. Oh shit. I've hears that noise too many times to not know whats coming...

Dino stumbled into the room, obviously drunk and confused. He spotted Renee and pointed at her, angrily.

"Get up, Bitch!" He slurred. "You're my bitch!"

Carson, Edward, Jasper Emmett, Carlisle, Grandpa and Uncle Joe jumped up and hovered protectively around us women. Renee was shaking with fear and Lila crawled under the table and pulled herself up into my lap to watch this safely. I taught her well. Aunt Mari sneaked quietly into the kitchen, to call for some help, I'm guessing.

"Let's be calm now, Dino." Grandpa warned him, cautiously.

"I'll do whatever the hell I want!" He roared, stumbling into the table. It shook. "Gimme the bitch!"

"Fuck off." I growled, standing up with the guys. Edward wasn't happy about this.

"Bella. Sit. Down." He hissed through his teeth.

"No, Edward." I murmured, staring right into the eyes of the drunken monster my mother married.

"Bella. Now." He ordered, pointing at my chair. I shook my head.

"I'm protecting my mom. There's no wrong in that." I turned to Dino, who was making a grumbly noise in his throat. "Leave my mom the fuck alone."

"Make me, you little whore." He slurred, angrily.

"Don't you call my cousin a whore!" Carson yelled.

Dino continued on, enjoying Carson's anger. "You and your mom, you're just whores. That's why your precious daddy left you. Because he knew you were a whore. A little, good for nothing whore."

That's when the first punch flew. And you know who's it was?


Becuase no one talks about me and my mom like that.

And no one, I repeat no one.......talks about my dad. Ever.

Dino had blood in the corner of his mouth. He wiped it away, clumsily."You little slut." He growled, making a move towards me. Edward and Carson stepped in the way.

"Get the hell away from her, fuckface." Carson hardly ever cussed. It was refreshing to hear it from his mouth, in his accent. Almost funny actually.

"Fuckface? Fuckface?" Dino burst into a fit of uncontrolable drunken laughter. "You're the fuckface!"

"Kill him." Emmett hissed, going towards him. Uncle Joe grabbed his arm.

"Now, boy, unless you want to spend half your life in jail, you better think again." He warned, quietly.

"It'll be worth it." Jasper growled.

"Damn right." Carson agreed.

Uncle Joe sighed."Calm down." He directed. They did, surprisingly.

Dino was still laughing when the door burst open. Three armed cops came in, like they were expecting an ax murderer. They didn't look surprised to see Dino.

"Him again." A cop muttered, rolling his eyes.

"Again?" I asked.

"He was causing trouble in the city. Had to kick him out of six bars." Another officer explained.

He looked vaguely familiar. Like I'd seen him before. Well, I'm sure I have. Everyone knows everyone in this rinky dink town. But he was way different. Way way different. Black, greying hair, hazel eyes, in his thirties....

No way.


"Surprise, surprise." LuLu mumbled. It took me a minute to realize they were still talking about Dino.

Edward Cullen

I can't beleive Bella jumped up like that. Can't she see that us men were protecting her? Can't she let someone else take care of her, just this once? I mean really. That drunken bastard waltzes in here and she can't even let me stick up for her. What good was I?

And then she punched him? Punched him? I would've punched him for her! 'm the man. I should protect the woman, not the other way around. This was ridiculous.The cops had Dino in the back of their car, in handcuffs. It was a particuliarly enjoyable fight. Bella had been eyeing one of the cops since they arrived. Was she into him? He looks nearly thirty six. I felt an unfamiliar pang of jealously. But why? This man had no chance with her. She loved me.

I was debating on ways to show she was mine, when Bella finally went over and touched the man's arm. What was she doing?

"Excuse me," The man turned around. "By any chance, is your name Louie Owens?"

The man looked skeptical. "There may be some chance, yeah. Who are you?"

Bella smiled, slightly. "You used to be best friends with Charlie Swan?" She pressed.

He raised an eyebrow. "How did you know that?" He demanded.

Bella grinned. "Well, when you have some one over every day for ten years, you start to recognize them." She said, casually. He looked a little confused.

"Excuse me?" He asked.

She rolled her eyes. "Gee, thanks for remembering, Uncle Louie." She said, sarcastically.

"Uncle Louie?" He was really lost right now. You could see it in his eyes.

"Maybe this will remind you- 'Uncle Louie! Did you bring me the sunny seeds?'" Bella asked, hugging Louie around the waist. Recognition hit his face.

"Little Bells!" He chuckled, swinging her around like she weighed nothing. "How you been, little girlie?"

"I've been good." She answered. "I would have been better if my Uncle Louie didn't dissapear off the face of the Earth!"He looked sheepish.

"Charlie asked me to stay away." He told her.

"Oh, screw Charlie." Bella muttered.

"Um," Another officer waved at us. "Louie?"

He looked blank for a second, before responding. "Oh, right, right. Guys, this is Charlie's daughter, Bella. Bella, this is Tom, Robby and Earl."

"You're Charlie's kid?" The one named Robby asked. "Well, son of a gun."

"You grew up." Tom laughed. Bella looked confused. Earl explained."We've seen pictures. Charlie looks at' am all the time." He explained, waving a hand in the air like it was nothing. It wasn't nothing.

This was definately something.

Bella Swan

Charlie looks at' em all the time.

No, he doesn't. He does not. He left. And how would they know? He's gone. Good and gone.

"What?" I asked, flatly.

Earl looked a little taken back at my abrupt change of tone.

"I said, he looks at your picture all the time. Your brother's too." He added.




"How do you know?" I asked, a slow and dangerous calm settling in my voice.

Tom looked a little worried. "Well, he, um, he works with us. He's the, uh, Cheif Of Police up in, uh, ummm, Nashville." He stuttered.