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You Don't Know The Half Of It

He would've helped. He really, honestly would've. How was The Famous Edward Cullen supposed to know that his high school girlfriend had given birth to his daughter? How was he supposed to know that his ex-girlfriends brother, who was also her best friend, got in a car accident and the hospital wasnt child friendly? How was he supposed to know that his six year old daughter had to stay with him until her uncle recovered? And how was Emmett supposed to know what stupid was a mean word? AN: A little OOC. Oh, who am I kidding? Bella and Edward are so out of character, its not even funny! Well, I hope its funny. But still. You get what I'm saying. Oh, and banner courtesy of lunamoon!

This is kind of based off the Game Plan. I watched it with my brother and liked the idea of it so I made it a story. Some of the stuff in her is straight out of the movie, but most of the stuff is mine!

21. Figuring It Out

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Renee Dwyer

Charlie. My ex husband Charlie. My ex husband Charlie who screwed up my life, Charlie. He was in Nashville. Two hours away was where my love resides. This was too good to be true. Bella didn't see it that way. And I know Jack wouldn't. Oh, he's going to throw a fit. Bella's fuming in her head right now, I can tell.

"Nashville?" Bella asked, flatly.

Earl nodded, nervously. "Um, yeah."

To make matters worse, Tom added, "He's a real nice guy."

Bella Swan

Yeah. Nice enough to ditch his family. His family that needed him. I hope he burns in hell.

"Belle," Uncl Louie started, uneasily. "As much as I love talking to you, I really need to get the story on this Dino guy. I need to know what I'm arresting him for."

"Oh, yeah." I muttered. "He's a drunk, for one."

"And abusive." Edward added, coming up next to me. He slung his arm around my shoulders, comforting me.

"He hit you?" Uncle Louie gasped, looking at me like big purple bruises were going to suddenly appear all over my face.

"Mostly Renee." I said, softly. Uncle Louie whistled under his breath.

"Charlie ain't going to be happy bout this." He mumbled.

"It's what he wanted." I snapped. Uncle Louie looked at me in shock.

"He never wanted you hurt." He told me, quietly.

"He hurt me when he left." I growled. Uncle Louie backed off. Smart man.

"You're right. And he was a jackass for doing it." Why did I get the feeling he was just telling me what I wanted to hear?

"Can we keep this G rated?" Carson asked from behind me. "There're kids here."

Uncle Louie looked behind me and grinned.You see, we had always lived in this house. Before we moved to Forks, Jack and I grew up here. Uncle Louie had been Charlie's best friend since they were kids. Uncle Louie was my godfather, actually. Uncle Louie used to come around all the time when we were kids. Everytime he came, he had sunflower seeds with him. Or, as I called them, Sunny Seeds. Last time he's seen my family, was the last time he saw me. Right before Charlie walked out.That was ten years ago. I'm sure he saw a change. Uncle Louie then came up and hugged everyone in a random order, belting out loud and cheerful greetings. He tried to name the kids, from memory.

"Let me guess," He pointed at LuLu.

"LuLu?" She nodded, happily.

"Delilah?" She gave him a thumbs up.

"Carson?" Carson saluted him.

This was where he started getting confused. He pointed to Harlie. "Rosie?"

"Nope." She shook her head. He tried again, gueesing right this time.

He turned to Bliss. "I know you're Bliss, but who's this little one?" He asked, gesturing towards Lila.I cleared my throat and he turned around. I picked Lila up and settled her on my hip.

"Uncle Louie, I'd like you to meet my daughter, Lila."

He looked frozen. I guess he wasn't expecting that. A lot of people always ask me if Lila is my sister.I continued. "This is my boyfriend, Edward Cullen-"

"Edward Cullen?" Tom asked. "My wife loves you!"

Edward chuckled. "Glad to hear I have some fans."

Edward Cullen

"Could I get an autograph for her?" Tom asked, eagerly.

"Of course." The people here were so nice.

I know Bella never wanted to leave. I didn't want to leave either. These people were so sweet, like family. I signed my name on a few slips of paper for the officers to pass around. They were grateful, I could tell you that much. I would be too. You could probably get out of quite a few arguements if you got your wife her favorite celebrity's autograph. But I've never had a wife, so I wouldn't really know.

Two weeks ago, Dino ws arrested for Spousal Abuse and Drunken Rage. According to the cops, he could've seriously injured us in his drunken stupor. Not. He was going to court in a few weeks, and Bella, Renee and Jack were going to have to testify against him. Jack would be out of the hospital in a week. He would be on crutches for a little while, but he could manage. After all, he was Jack.Bella, Lila and I were visiting him right now. Bella was filling him in on the Charlie situation.

Jack was not happy at all. Bella and him were discussing pro's and con's. Well, that sounds very formal. They were basically agreeing that it would be very bad for him to come back in their eyes, while I threw in a few good points and Lila played with my hair.

"He can't just waltz back in after thriteen years of ignoring us." Bella grumbled.

"It wouldn't be fair to Mom or you." Jack agreed.

"It wouldn't be fair to you either. Or Lila." Bella added.

"You would be seeing your idol again, Bella." I reminded her.

"He's not my idol." She snapped. "Jack is."

"Awww," He touched his heart. "How sweet."

"Shut up." Bella mumbled, swatting his chest.

"When am I getting out of here?" He asked, looking around.

"When you're all better." Lila answered.

"I am all better, short stuff." He responded.

"I'm not short!" She argued, an angry look on her small face.

"Yes, you are." Jack said, smiling as she wrinkled her nose up.

"No, I'm not." She said through her teeth.






Lila climbed down from my lap and pulled herself onto Jack's hospital bed. She leaned in so she was right in his face and growled,

"I. Am. Not. Short."

Jack pretended to be scared. "Oh no, she's gonna eat me!" He cried, placing his hands over his eyes. This made Lila's anger dissapear. She giggled, prying his hands off his eyes.

"I'm not gonna eat you, silly." She giggled.

"Phew." Jack pretended to be releived. Wow. He really was an excellent uncle.

"Back to the Charlie issue." Bella said, impatiently.

"Mommy, relax." Lila told her, putting her small hand on Bella's cheek. Bell placed her hand over Lila's.

"I'll try, sweetie." She sighed, smiling lovingly at Lila. Lila climbed into her mothers lap and snuggled against her chest.

"I say we don't talk to him." Jack announced.

"I second that." Bella agreed. I rolled my eyes.

"You two are avoiding confrontation." I informed them.

"Well, tell us Mr. Famous Pants," Bella said, sarcastically. "What do you think we should do?"

"I think you should confront him and tell him how you feel." I answered, easily.

Jack paused, but Bella scoffed."He wouldn't listen." She argued.

"Hang on a sec, Bellerina. Famous Pants might have a point." Jack disagreed.

"Thats Mr. Famous Pants to you." I grinned.

"Respect your elders, son." I admit, that was a good comeback. And he was four years my senior.

"Yes, sir." I mocked him, saluting him as if he had authority.

"Thats more like it." He chuckled.

"If you girls are done," Bella said, scowling at us. She obviously wasn't amused. "How does he have a point?"

"Well, you'd be able to tell that mother-" Jack cut himself off, looking at Lila. "Mother fuddler, how much he hurt you. How much you hate him. Anything. You could give him what he deserves."

Bella nodded, processing this. "So, basically, give him hell?"

"Correctimundo." He grinned, slyly.

Bella rolled her eyes."You're such a loser." She muttered.

"Me? You're the one who tried to walk up an escelator." He laughed. Bella glared at him.

"That was one time. And I was six!" She cried, smacking Jack's arm.

"What's wrong with being six?" Lila pouted.

"Everything, short stack." Jack told her, ruffling her hair. She huffed.

"I thought we went over this already."

Bella and I laughed. Jack huffed, mocking her. This made her huff back. They went back and forth for about two minutes before Lila was running out of breath. Thats when Jack pretended to be exhausted and gasped, convincingly,

"Alright. You win."

Bella glanced at the clock and sighed. 6:30. Dinner time. I know Bella didn't really want to leave Jack all alone. But we had to be home for dinner soon.

"Time to go." Bella announced, sadly.

"But mommy!" Lila whined.

"We'll be back tomorrow, lady bug." Bella reassured her, kissing her forehead.

"Promise?" Lila checked.

"Promise." Bella responded, resting her chin on Lila's head as she stood up and hoisted Lila on her hip. "Bye, Jack. Love you." Bella kissed Jack on the cheek and went out of the room to start the car. It was particularly cold tonight.

I turned to Jack just before I was about to take my leave.

"Oh, Jack?" He looked me in the eye. "Thanks."

"For what?" He asked, gaurded and confused.

"For being there. For Lila. For Bella. For both of them." I answered. His eyes softened.

"No problem, man. I'll always be there for them." He told me. And he wasn't lying.

"I know. Thats another reason to say thanks." I smiled. He grinned back.

"Get out of here, whipper snapper." He laughed.

I chuckled as I made my way out of the hospital and to the car where my girlfriend and daughter awaited.