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You Don't Know The Half Of It

He would've helped. He really, honestly would've. How was The Famous Edward Cullen supposed to know that his high school girlfriend had given birth to his daughter? How was he supposed to know that his ex-girlfriends brother, who was also her best friend, got in a car accident and the hospital wasnt child friendly? How was he supposed to know that his six year old daughter had to stay with him until her uncle recovered? And how was Emmett supposed to know what stupid was a mean word? AN: A little OOC. Oh, who am I kidding? Bella and Edward are so out of character, its not even funny! Well, I hope its funny. But still. You get what I'm saying. Oh, and banner courtesy of lunamoon!

This is kind of based off the Game Plan. I watched it with my brother and liked the idea of it so I made it a story. Some of the stuff in her is straight out of the movie, but most of the stuff is mine!

23. Charlie's World

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I don't think I've ever seen Dad so happy. He picked me up into a hug, and swung me around like I was five again. He was strong for an old guy. But then again, he was Cheif Of Police. I guess he had to have a little muscle. Jack wasn't as thrilled. He cheered, half heartedly, sarcastically muttering,

"Yeah! Woohoo! Alright! Yeah!"

I rolled my eyes when he threw his arms in the air and did a little dance while he was laying down. Dad didn't seem to notice, he was too absorbed in our reunion to see much else. Thats why he didn't see Edward and Lila come in. I did and so did Jack. He had an evil glint in his eye and I saw a little party in his head

."Oh, Bells, its so good to be back." Dad sighed.

"Um, Bella?" Edward asked from behind. Dad and I turned around. Edward was standing there with Lila, looking completely lost. Lila was squirming in his arms a little, eager to see Jack. Edward put her down and Lila bounced onto Jack's bed. Jack wrapped his arms around her, protectively. Dad was staring at Lila like she was God or something.

"Edward...meet my Dad." Edward's eyes bugged out. "Dad, meet my boyfriend and the father of my child, Edward Cullen."

"Aren't you famous or something?" Dad asked, a little skeptical.

"Yes, sir. You could say that." Edward answered, politely.

"We'll its nice to know my Little Bells is taken care of." He murmured, shaking Edwards hand.

"She wasn't always." Jack grumbled under his breath. I shot him a look.

"But I am now," I said calmly. "Dad, this is my daughter, Lila."

"Lila?" He asked, seeming happier that he knew something helpful now. "Thats a cute name."

I almost laughed out loud. I don't think I've ever heard Dad use the word cute.

"You're mommy's daddy?" Lila asked, her eyes widening.

"Yep." Dad grinned, rubbing my arm a little.

"So you're my Grandpa?" Lila demanded, eagerly.

"Sure am, kid." He laughed. Lila launched herself from Jack's arms into Dad's. Dad stumbled a little, but chuckled. I don't think any of us were expecting her to do that. Well, maybe I was. And Jack didn't seem too surprised. He was pouting that Lila liked Dad so much already.

"So..." Edward said, trailing off. It was a little awkward.

"So, Dad. Why are you here?" I asked. He looked around the room a little.

"Louie filled me in. Heard all about your, um, step dad." He mumbled, looking a little embarassed.

"Not sure if the word Dad describes him all that well." I murmured, looking at Lila wrapped in Dad's arms.

"Sorry about that too." He muttered, looking down at his shoes.

"No worries." I told him. He looked up at me, gratfully.

The nurse walked in, thank god, saving us from another awkward silence. She smiled at us and checked Jack's vitals.

"Well, Jack." She grinned. "I'd say you'll be out of here by next week."

If he wasn't hooked up to an IV, I swear Jack would've done a backflip. He cheered and hollered for a few minutes, with me going along with it at first. After he started to do the running man lying down, I backed down. I may be a dance teacher, but the runnng man wasn't my style.

"What happened with you, anyway? I never got the whole story." Dad asked Jack, sitting down in a chair with Lila in his lap.

"Some moron in a truck hit me head on about two months ago." Jack answered, upset that he actually had to speak directly to Dad.

"Ouch," Dad whistled under his breath. "Thats gotta hurt."

"Yeah, kinda." Jack said, throwing him a sarcastic look, as he threw the blanket off from over him.

His cuts were healing and not nearly as bad as before, but they still looked bad. His cast was there still, it would be for at least another three or four weeks. His ribs were healing okay, but there was still some damage. His head was almost all better, just a little while longer.

"Uncle Jacky, do you hurt?" Lila asked, curiously.

"A little bit, lucky charms." Jack smiled.

"Do you want me to kiss your booboo?" She asked, innocently.

"Oh, will you?" Jack cried, like he was in pain.

Lila climbed onto the bed, leaned over, and kissed Jack's stomach. He grinned and ruffled her hair. She snuggled against him. I wanted to take a picture, it was so cute.

Edward Cullen

She looked exactly like him. I couldn't get over that. They were practically identical. Exact same hair color, exact same eye coler. Same facial features, same expressions. She was definately Daddy's Little Girl. That was for certain. I was glad that he made the first move to get back in her life. She obviously wasn't going to, and neither was Jack. It was better that he walked in unnanounced.

But I know it must have taken some convincing. Bella doesn't easily forgive. And their door wasn't exactly open. It was all but welded shut. I know the boyfriend wasn't supposed to be excited about meeting their girlfriends father, but I was thrilled. Bella adored him, obviously, but I was kind of nervous. I mean, what if he thinks I'm worthless? What if he doesn't like me? Will he think I can make a stable home for his daughter? Oh, God, I hope so. It would make my life a hell of a lot easier. Bella and iI have already had so many opsticles thrown in our way, we don't need another one. I admit, a lot of the obsticles were ones that I put up.

I felt terrible for saying the things I did in that fight, even if she did forgive me. I love her so much. I've been debating on asking her to marry me or not. Not so much as debating on whether or not I am, but whether or not its too soon. We've known each other nearly eight years, six of which we were apart. I don't want to seem pushy. But I am, I really am. I want nothing more then to have her as my wife. To have my ring on her finger, to have her proclaim her love for me in front of all our family and friends. Her and Lila are my whole world. I love them both so much. I don't think I could ever leave them again. But I know I'll have to eventually.

Not permenantly, of course. But for concerts. CD signings. Tours. Bella doesn't like moving around. But she'll have to if were together. And I just want to apoligize in adance a thousand times for that.Hey. Wait. That gives me an idea for my next song......

Charlie Swan

I feel to goddamn bad. Leaving my baby with that horrible man. Leaving my son to be a man at such a young age. Leaving Renee to juggle work. I just didn't know what else to do. I was so lost. I felt trapped. I love Bella and Jack more then anything, but I just couldn't stay any longer. I wanted to take them with me. But that would've broken Renee's heart. I already knew that me leaving her would do a lot of damage. I didn't want to take away her kids too. That was just cruel.

When I left, I didn't want to go too far. I wanted to be able to watch Bella and Jack froma distance. But when I heard that they moved...I wasn't about to go groveling to Mari, begging to know where they went. So I stayed in Nashville. It was a little differnt from Feilds, but it was good. Louie moved with me and we shared an apartment for a few months. But then I met Anna. She was gorgeous. Long, wavy blond hair. Freckles. Soft green eyes. She was perfect. She was sweet. She was kind. She was harmless. And she wasn't looking to hold me back like Renee. She was open to anything. So, we bought a small house in Nashville together. Louie moved in with his girlfriend, Kendra, so it was all good.

But I missed my kids. I kept pictures of them everywhere. On my desk at the station, all around the house, in my wallet. Anna thought Bella was absolutely beautiful. And she thought Jack looked very nice. She's always wanted to meet them. And, she's always wanted kids. Thats why, two years ago, I got her pregnant. We had a son. His name is Caden, it means fighter. I always liked that name, but Renee always insisted on something simple. Hence, Jack. I got to name Bella though. Isabella Marie. Beautiful. She was my little Bells. I loved her so much. She was my little girl.

Thats why I wanted to kill myself when Louie came home the other day, from god knows where, and tells me he saw Bella. Told me everything he knew. Leaving out the part where she had a child. He told me that Renee had gotten re married, he was abusive, a drunk, that Bella was safe, she was happy with her famous boyfriend. All seemed well. Except when he told me that scum used to hit Bella too. I know Bella could stick up for herself, I should be more worried about Renee. But Bella is my baby. And so first thing in the morning, I got in my car and drove to Feilds. It was good to be home. I had heard that Jack was in the hospital. I knew he'd be a little less eager to forgive. Thats why I went to hm first. Plus, he was my son. I wanted to see what became of him.

When I saw Bella walk in that room....she was all grown up. She looked like a women. Her hair had grown out longer, she had gotten taller, more mature. She wasn't little anymore. I knew that she wouldn't be, but still...last I saw her, she had pigtails and was playing baseball in the backyard with Carson and Jack. Last time I saw Jack, he was awkward and dying to shave. Now he looked like he desperatly needed a shave. And he had muscles. He wasn't ripped or anything, but he looked toned. I couldn't exactly say the same for myself.

I told Anna I was going to see my kids last night. She was ecstatic. She wants to see them as soon as we made peace. That time was now. But, as immature as it may sound.....I was scared.

Of Renee.