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You Don't Know The Half Of It

He would've helped. He really, honestly would've. How was The Famous Edward Cullen supposed to know that his high school girlfriend had given birth to his daughter? How was he supposed to know that his ex-girlfriends brother, who was also her best friend, got in a car accident and the hospital wasnt child friendly? How was he supposed to know that his six year old daughter had to stay with him until her uncle recovered? And how was Emmett supposed to know what stupid was a mean word? AN: A little OOC. Oh, who am I kidding? Bella and Edward are so out of character, its not even funny! Well, I hope its funny. But still. You get what I'm saying. Oh, and banner courtesy of lunamoon!

This is kind of based off the Game Plan. I watched it with my brother and liked the idea of it so I made it a story. Some of the stuff in her is straight out of the movie, but most of the stuff is mine!

6. Dreamland

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"Edward, help me!" Bella huffed as she tried in vain to lift her pumpkin.

"I'm coming." I chuckled.

Alice was carrying her dwarf pumpkin easily, fiddling with Bella's camera with one hand.

"Aha!" She finally exclaimed. She dropped her pumpkin and dragged some guy over to us.

"You don't mind taking our picture, do you?" She batted her eyelashes.

"N-no." He stuttered, gulping. "Thanks." She chirped.

"Bella stand next to me. Edward you get next to Bella."

I took Bella in both my arms resting my chin on her head. She laughed a little, burying her face in my chest. Alice rolled her gray eyes at us. And that's exactly when the man took the picture.

Those were the days, I thought with a small sigh. Lila generated another picture. It was Esme, Carlisle, Alice, Bella and I. We were in my living room sitting similiar to how we are now. Carlisle on the couch, Esme with her legs crossed. Alice on the floor, Bella on my lap. A comfortable place with comfortable people.

"You guys, sit still! I'm putting the timer on!" Alice warned us. She messed around with her digital camera for a oment, before placing it on the entertainment center. She quickly flung herself into the postiion she was in before, smiling widely at the camera. Bella had been sitting beside me, so I quickly pulled her into my lap. She laughed at my eagerness, but complied nonetheless. I grinned, as did everyone else as the small flash went off.

"That was so cheesy." Emmett commented. "What were you, the Von Trapps? The Partridge family?"

"No, we were happy that our little boy was in love." Esme responded, ruffling my hair.

"You and mommy were in love?" Lila gasped. "But she said you were jerkface!"

"Hey!" Emmett protested. "Why isn't that on the Mean Words list?"

"Because my mommy says it and she doesnt say mean words." Lila told him matter of factly.I couldn't even try to hold in my laughter. I couldn't even count how many times she called me 'mean words' that morning.

"Fuck you!"

"I hate you, you bastard!"

"Shut the hell up!"

" Bite me!"

"That is shit, Edward!"

"Get out of my face, goddamnit!"

Those were just a few. She used some other choice phrases as well. Let's just say, my ego never fully recovered from some of the things she told me.

"Your head is shoved too far up your ass for you to even hear how big of an jerk you really are!"

"Put some ice on your head, maybe it'll make the swelling go down, you're heads looking a little big!"

"Your ego is bigger then your head! For god sakes, Edward, get over yourself!"

I suppose I deserved some of those. But that first one was still a little harsh. I'm not a jerk. Or a jerkface, for that matter. I'm myself, is all. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. At least, that's what I like to tell myself. Lila took another picture out, the last picture it seemed. My breathing hitched when I saw it.

It was Bella and I. I had my arms around her, I was standing behind her. She twisted around to kiss me. That's when Alice took the picture.

"Boo!" I whispered, as I wrapped my arms around her stomach from behind.

"Oooo, scary." She said, playfully. I chuckled in her ear.

"You better beleive it." I murmured. She shivered. She laughed and twisted around to meet my lips. We heard tiny running footsteps and heard a flash. We looked up and saw Alice dancing around with Bella's digital camera.

Bella laughed and started chasing Alice around the yard. Alice was fast, but Bella was faster. She tackled her, just like her brother showed her, and brought Alice to the ground. They were tangled together, laughing like mad women.

That was a good day. I never wanted it to end. But sadly, it had, and that was one of the last days Bella was truly happy with me. At least, that's what I think.Those were all the pictures Lila had with her. She said, and I qoute, 'Mommy said she wouldn't be gone long, I didn't need too many pictures'.

I then realized that no one really had an explanation. I beleive Alice did too, because she then asked Lila,

"Sweetie, why are you here?"

"Mommy didn't have no where else to put me. My Uncle Jacky got in a car bang and got broken. The doctor place he's in doesnt like kids, and mommy was scared to leave Uncle Jacky. So, she decided to send me here." She explained.

Car bang? Hmmm. Sounds exactly like something Bella would teach her.

"Doesn't she have parents?" Rosalie asked, rather rudely.

"Mommy's mommy was with her in the doctor building. Mommy doesn't know where her daddy is, and Grandma's husband is a meanie head to mommy and me." Lila answered, defensively of her mother.

Obviously she inherated that feirce loyalness from her mom.

"Well, doesn't she have friends? I mean, everyone has friends." Jasper wasn't asking this to be rude, like Rosalie. He was genuinely confused, I could tell by his face.

"Bella was never good at making friends," Alice shook her head. "She's too headstrong. People are repelled by her independance."

"And Uncle Jacky is mommy's best friend." Lila added. That was true. Even while Jack was off at college, he called her every night at exactly nine o'clock. Every weekend he drove for three hours to come and see her. And he emailed her as often as possible. He always liked to send her pictures of him and his girlfriend, I think her name was Amy. Bella didn't care for Amy at all. She thought she was a whore.

"Who's your best friend?" Esme asked, sweetly. Lila smiled, a full Bella like smile.

"Mommy." She responded.

"But what about friends at school?" Carlisle asked.

Lila sighed, making her soun far older then six. "The girls in school don't like me. Their mommies knew that daddy and mommy weren't married and told them. They picked on me cause I only had mommy."

I was schocked. Were little kids really that cruel?

"But your mommy is so much fun." Alice protested.

"That's what I said. And one day when Uncle Jacky picked me up from school cause was mommy had to work, this mean girl Ashley said that Uncle Jacky had to pick me up because my daddy was too busy not wanting me." She looked down, saddened with this memory. "Uncle Jacky was really mad. He yelled at Ashley's mommy."

"What did he say?" Emmett asked, a little amused. I know, it's sick to be amused with little girls pain, but I think he was more humored by the fact Jack yelled at some little girls mom.

"He said that Ashley was a little brat, and that I didn't have a daddy because that was mommy's choice. He told her that he loved picking me up and taking care of me, because I was his neice and he loved me." Lila cheered up a little when she remembered this. "Uncle Jacky is my best friend too."

"That's so sweet." Esme mused, quietly.

"Sounds like a cool guy." Jasper agreed.

"Eh, he sounds okay." Emmett said, making a shaky sign with his hand.

"Trust me, Em. He's more then okay." Alice told him.

"He was a nice boy." Carlisle added. "

Still is, it seems." I murmured, almost silently. No one heard but Lila, who looked up at me with peircing adoration in her glowing green eyes.

"He is." She promised, in a small and innocent voice.

Was that adoration for Jack, who protected her as any good uncle should? Or for her mother, whom she was a lively clone of? Or maybe, just maybe......that adoration was perhaps for me?

I shuddered slightly at the thought.

It was around seven when Lila started getting a little drowsy. Esme, Alice and Rose went to help her get to bed. I heard Rosalie in the bathroom, helping Lila brushing her teeth. I heard Alice in one of the spare bedrooms, helping her with her pajamas. I heard Esme tucking her in, kissing her goodnight. What I didn't hear was Alice sneak up behind me in the kitchen, to tell me that Lila wanted me. I sighed, a small amount of irritation. I couldn't exactly call Tanya while Lila was staying with me, could I? Hmmm. This could be a problem.

I made my way to the spare room that Lila was sleeping in. When I moved in, Alice and Esme painted all the rooms and got me furniture they thought would suit me. I loved my loft, but sometimes....it was unnerving. To have rooms that seemed like people occupied them, even though it was just me and Spike. And now Lila.

The room she was in was painted a soft purple color. I saw that she had brought her blankets with her, for comfort reasons I'm sure. She was laying in the large bed, eyes lazily closing. Why on Earth did she want me?

"What?" I asked, coming to stand at the foot of her bed.

"Will you sing to me? I have bad dreams if I don't hear my lullaby," She told me, softly. "Mommy says it was her lullaby before I came."

Bella sang Lila her lullaby? I composed it for soon after I realized I was madly in love with her. Maybe, there was a slight chance Bella still had the connection to the lullaby that I had? I had a lot of memories revolved around that simple song. Nights spent in Bella's small room, humming the tune as she drifted off to sleep. I knew it by heart. I even caught myself singing it when I was in the presence of no one else.

"Only if you promise to go to sleep right after." I told her. She nodded, drowsily. I

t wouldn't be long before she was out. I started to hum the tune I knew all to well as I watched her drift off to dreamland. I vaguely remember Bella, before going to sleep, how she would always whisper, "I'll see you in Dreamland."

When I was convinced Lila was asleep, I crept out of the room slowly. But as I was closing the door, I heard a soft voice whisper in the dark,

"I'll see you in Dreamland."