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You Don't Know The Half Of It

He would've helped. He really, honestly would've. How was The Famous Edward Cullen supposed to know that his high school girlfriend had given birth to his daughter? How was he supposed to know that his ex-girlfriends brother, who was also her best friend, got in a car accident and the hospital wasnt child friendly? How was he supposed to know that his six year old daughter had to stay with him until her uncle recovered? And how was Emmett supposed to know what stupid was a mean word? AN: A little OOC. Oh, who am I kidding? Bella and Edward are so out of character, its not even funny! Well, I hope its funny. But still. You get what I'm saying. Oh, and banner courtesy of lunamoon!

This is kind of based off the Game Plan. I watched it with my brother and liked the idea of it so I made it a story. Some of the stuff in her is straight out of the movie, but most of the stuff is mine!

8. The Mind Of Bella Swan

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Edward Cullen

I was so angry right now. Tanya had suggested I hit my innocent little daughter! I may be new at this parenting thing, but I knew for a fact I just couldn't lay a hand on that face. She didn't have a clue what those words meant. She just knew they were mean. Tanya was going to get a peice of my mind.She was sitting on my couch, her stillettos making small indents in the carpet.

I growled. She was so comfortable. Not for long.She grinned her slutty grin when she noticed me.

"That little brat better not interupt again. I bet you showed her, Eddie-Kinz.""

How dare you." I hissed, menacingly.

"What?" She looked irritatingly confused.

"How dare you suggest I hit that child!" I growled.

"She deserved it." Tanya shrugged.

"She in no way deserved that! She's just a little kid! She doesn't know any better." I said through my teeth.

"I bet her mom never taught her manners. She probably got so sick of the little brat, she shipped her off to you." Tanya snorted.

"One, don't you ever call my daughter a brat. Two, if you ever insult Bella like that again I'll kill you. Bella is a god damn excellent mother. And I love her with all my heart. Three, she didn't get sick of her own daughter! Her brother was in a car accident and is in the emergency ward! Bella's worried sick about her family, when all your thinking about is hooking up with a rockstar." I barked.

"I made you a rockstar." Tanya sniffed like the little priss she was.

"No. I mead myself a rockstar. With the help of my family and Bella." I disagreed, narrowing my eyes at her.

"You wouldn't be anywhere without me, Eddie." She said, snottily.

"Really? Then I'm going back to being nowhere, because you're fired!" I yelled.

She looked shocked."You can't fire me!" She argued.

"Oh, I beleive I just did. I should have done it a long time ago, too! A six year old is a hell of a lot smarter then you, Tanya! I bet Lila could be a better agent." I mocked her.

"Well, then hire her because I quit!" She exclaimed, storming for the door.

"You can't quit! I already fired you!" I yelled. She slammed the door behind her. I sighen, angrily and ran a hand through my hair. Stupid, slutty Tanya. Why did I even hire her in the first place?

Oh, yeahBecause she was hot. And easy.Just like me.

Bella Swan

I sat by Jack's bed, holding his still hand. He hadn't been very talkitive since he got here. I couldn't blame him, I mean, he was in emergency care! But still, it worried me when he was so silent. I wonder how Lila's doing. I really hope I did the right thing sending the center of my world off to Edward. I know he's responisble and a good guy deep down, but he still has a tendency to be...selfish.

Lila was a lot like him , minus she selfish. She had a bad temper. She was sarcastic and witty. She was absolutely brilliant, even for a six year old. Not to mention, they were practically identical.Sometimes it hurt to look at my baby. To see the same expressions he always used, mirrored in that innocent face. It burned when she would roll her eyes at me. I remember Edward doing that all the time when he thought I was being ridiculios.

He always thought I was being ridiculous.

Edward just never grasped how my mind really worked. I mean, he knew me better then most, but I practically shared a brain with Jack. He didn't grow up the way I did. When we moved away from Tenessee, to Forks, mom couldn't find a stable job for a few months. Dad had left us to fend for ourselves. I was only ten, I couldn't do much, but Jack was fourteen. They gave him a job at the gas station, working the cash register. He worked there until he was eighteen, and had just enough for college.

When mom finally got a job as a receptionist at the hospital, she had to work overtime most days. That job just didn't pay the bills. Jack always gave half his paycheck to help out, but mom didn't like taking money from her son like that. When Jack went off to college, I was fourteen. That's when mom decided it would be best to marry Dino. Dino was Italian. He grew up in Florence, Italy with his mother and father. When he was fifteen, his mother committed suicide. His father became an alchohalic to handle his pain. Dino followed proudly in his footsteps.

He was in Forks that month on 'buisness'. Really, he had been looking for a low key place to continue his drinking in peace. On one of his drunken fits, he broke his arms. He had to go to the hospital and that's how mom and him met. Mom didn't know he was into that drinking shit til way after the fact. They got married three months after they met.

I wasn't happy at all, and neither was Jack. We thought mom was rushing into this way too fast. But if it made her happy, we would plaster a smile on our faces and suck it up.Only two weeks after they got married, Dino hit my mother. He got home from work (He taught violin at the high school. Sooo embarassing) one day and mom had a headache. She hadn't made dinner yet. Dino didn't have a very high tolernace for incompetance or tardiness. I would know, mom made me sign up for his class.

I only got a B- to make my mother happy. Dino was apparently starving. I had seen him taking shots in between classes that day, so I knew he was a little tipsy. I tried to get home first, to warn my mom, but you could only go so fast on foot. Dino refused to drive me home and I was only fifteen, I only had a learners permit. Dino beat me home and when I walked in the door, mom was crying in the kitchen with a red handprint on her smooth skin.

She had cried on my shoulder all night. I thought about calling Jack. But I couldn't worry him like that. He had too much to do already, what with college. He had gotten into Yale, just like me. So we let it slide. After a few weeks, the violence got more and more frequent. After about four months, he hit me too. Of course, I wasn't defensless like Renee. I actually knew how to pack a punch.

Jack and my cousin, Carson taught me when I was nine. Carson is a year older then Jack, so he was fifteen when we moved away from home. He was tuff, but he actually cried when we left. Everyone did. I always fought back whenever he tried to hit me. I gave him a black eye twice. And kicked him in his man package five times.

I'm surprised he can have kids. I kick pretty damn hard. Ask Jack if you don't beleive me.

After a while, he got more agressive with my mom when he saw I wasn't going to take it calmly. My mom was an easy target. I tried to teach her to fight back almost every day, but she was just too nice and sweet. She could never hit anybody.

When I met Edward, I was sixteen. I had transfered high schools, to get away from Dino. I used to go to Port Angeles high. I switched so that I went to Forks high school. It was only a block away from my house, so I didn't even have to drive. Not tha I had a car.I was the new girl. People generally didn't like new kids in normal places, but in Forks there aren't a lot of new people.

I'm sure kids had seen me around town now and then, but we didn't go out much. Too many bruises on Renee, and I had to stay home to make sure Dino didn't ruff her up too bad. Kids tried to be friends with me, but I didn't want their friendship. I liked to keep to myself. I wasn't very good around new people. I was just like my dad when it came to that. But I had to sit next to Edwrad in bioligy. I had planned to just put my headphones in and play my music during that class, like I had all day, but Edward had other things in mind.

He was a player, a man whore. I didn't want anything to do with him.But then he started talking about music and The Rolling Stones. They were before my time, but Renee used to play them in the car all the time. I loved 'Paint it Black' but he told me that 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' was the best. I had to argue with that. It so wasn't.

Trust me. I know music.

After a few weeks, he didn't get on my nerves as much. Sure, I still ground my teeth a little around him, but over all...plus, I was friends with his little sister, Alice. She was a sophmore. We were seniors, but she had lunch with us. Edward had actually left his friends to sit with Alice and I. Shocker, I know. We started going out in the middle of the year. He claimed he loved me with all his heart. I thought that was BS but I really did care about him.

And over the years, I realized I love him. He had so much faith in me. He knew I could get that full scholarship! He was determined I would get into Yale and make my mother and brother and all my family in Tenessee proud. And you know what?I did.The night I got my acceptment letter, I ran straight to Edward's house. Carlisle and Esme had been on a buisness trip in California. Alice had gone with them. It was just Edward and I. We didn't plan to sleep together.

It just happened. I know, these things like that don't just happen. But it felt that way.I was so confused when I woke up in Edward's arms the next morning. I couldn't wrap my head around it. I slept with him? Really? I was so scared. What if he had a disease and didn't tell me? What if I was pregnant? He tried to calm me down, but I wouldn't listen. I screamed at him all morning. Yelled, cried, threw an absolute tantrum.

At the time, I thought it was all his fault. I realized later on that I was equally responsible for the mistake.I convinced myself it was a mistake. I moved into Jack's apartment, afterwards. He was in his last year at Yale and I was in my first. It only made sense we lived together. After about two months, I noticed a few changes. I had started throwing up for no aparent reason and my appetite increased. I didn't think anything of it at the time. But after another whole month went by, I decided I should probably take a pregnancy test, just to rule that option out.

Little did I know that I couldn't rule it out.

Because I was. I was pregnant. When Jack got home that night I was crying so hard I couldn't tell him what happened. I could just point to the pregnancy test. He was frozen. Until finally, a minute later, he threw the test as hard as he could at the wall and ran over to hug me. I remember him whispering in my ear that things were going to be alright. That I was going to be alright. Along with my baby.

We set up an appointent the next day. I was so scared, I was shaking. The docter told me I was four months along and that I was late, I should have made an apointment two months ago. When I told him that I had no idea I was pregnant, he didn't beleive me. He said that this baby had been bouncing and kicking all the time. I'm not exactly sure how I missed that. But anyway, I was officially pregnant. The first thing Jack and I (he took me to my appointment) did was go tell my mom.

Dino was home, unfortanutely. When Jack went to go to the bathroom, he called me a whore. Mom was thrilled that I was having a child and threw herself into planning. Names, clothes, furniture. Everything. We talked about everything that night. Dino couldn't care less. He was actually mad that mom actually had something to do now, she couldn't take care of him all the time. I rolled my eyes when he pouted and stormed off in the kitchen.

Jack laughed.

Mom was worried though. She knew that an unhappy Dino meant an unhappy life. My pregnancy was hell. I spent all my time writing in a diary and eating. I was a huge pig the whole time. We went through twice as many groceries. My feet were swollen, my back hurt, I was an elephant and to top it all off I couldn't work! I was a dance teacher and I couldn't exactly dance with those extra forty pounds I gained and the baby inside me.

My boss, Jolie, understood completely. She was the head ballet teacher and owned the studio. I taught ballet, hip hop and gymnastics. Renee signed me up for ballet when I was four and I've loved it ever since. I started hip hop when I was eleven and kept at it up to this point. I've always done gymnastics, my cousin LuLu taught me when I was five. Jolie was a beautiful, french, twenty five year old woman. She knew what I was going through.

She had her son by herself when she was twenty. Her son's name was Adrien, like his father. Jolie's boyfriend bailed on her before she found out she was pregnant. She didn't really love him, but they'd known each other since they were born. It was one of those relationships where everyone thought you just looked 'right' together. But Jolie always wanted her son to have some momentum of who his father was.

By my sixth month, I was humongous. Jack, who got more and more protective as my pregnancy went on, talked to my stomach a lot. He was with me so much and so over protective, people use to assume he was the father. When I would say he was my brother, they got all mixed up. It was better to just let people assume. Easier, might be a better word.I had Lila on March 6. The best day ever, was what most people liked to say. I thought otherwise. Hell, is what it was.

The whole time, Jack held my hand. I remember cursing Edward to the pits of hell for hours. Screaming, crying. Absolute torture. I had Lila in Tenessee. I wanted her to be born there, just like Jack and I. LuLu, Jack and mom were in the room with me. LuLu was my cousin and was three years older then me, but she was my best friend. I mean, besides Jack. LuLu was jumping all over the place screaming with me, telling me to let it out. Mom was crying and holding the hand Jack wasn't holding. Jack was the most comforting. He held my hand and never winced once when I nearly cracked his bones.

He would murmur in my ear about how I was doing so great, that I was being so strong. I would scream at him, horrible things and he just kept on soothing me. Or attempting to sooth me. When it was finally over, LuLu screamed. She was bouncing off the walls. She was just as excited as me. Everyone was in the waiting room, waiting for me.

Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Joe, Aunt Marigold. My cousins, Rosie(fourteen), Carson (twenty seven), Delilah (seventeen), Harlie (thirteen) and Bliss (eleven).

They are all those ages today, it was six years ago that I had Lila. Uncle Joe and Aunt Marigold (We called her Aunt Mari. Uncle Joe calls her goldie) are Delilah and Bliss's parents. Uncle Joe is mom's twin brother and Aunt Marigold has been mom's best friends since they were little. My Uncle Louie and my Aunt Kenzi died in a car accident when Carson was eighteen. Just old enough to be Harlie and Rosie's gaurdian.

Harlie doesn't really remember her parents, she was only four when they died and Rosie was only five. But LuLu remembers, she's only two years younger then Carson. LuLu really misses her mom sometimes. It was really hard on Carson and her, raising two little girls. But they had our help.

Everyone in my family had that Tenessee charm. LuLu had gorgeous blond curls and bright blue eyes. She had a year round tan and was absolutely hilarious. The most sarcastic, good hearted person you'll ever meet. Caron was the same. Gold curls, blue eyes. South side sun tan. Rosie had the curls, but she had brown eyes. Harlie had straight hair with blue eyes. Not much variety.

Delilah had black hair. Jet black hair and soft brown eyes. Bliss had wavy black hair and green eyes, like our grandma. Uncle Joe had the black hair, but Aunt Marigold had brown eyes. She also had golden locks. Made the goldie locks joke a little more understandable. My mom has reddish brown hair and the most amazing blue eyes.

My dad had dark brown hair and brown eyes, like me. Jack had the family curls and dad's eyes. His hair was mahoganey like mine, but mine reddened like mom's in the sun. When I first held Lila, I saw no resemblance at all. It almost made me cry to think that she might go through life wondering where she got her eyes and where she got her hair. Even the day she was born, she had a shock of bronze hair.

But as soon as everyone saw her, they were hooked. Her small cooing noises and cute little giggles. They were putty in her baby hand. I tried to make it seem like she had grandma's eyes, but it was obvious she didn't.

Grandma's eyes were dark green, like grass. Edward's were like shiny emeralds. Her hair was inevitable. I knew from the very beginning she would have his hair. It was impossible to pass. No one in the family but Jack and Renee had met Edward. So everyone was taken back by her striking penny colored hair. In fact, no one knew that Edward Cullen was Lila's father.

Jack and Renee were the exceptions, of course, along with Dino. But no one else in the family. I didn't have the heart to tell them. Bliss adores Edward Cullen's music and would hate to know that her idol was a walk out. He really wasn't, but thats how my whole family saw whoever the dad was already. I wouldn't be able to change their minds.

I never told anyone, but I was kind of offended. Dino didn't once come to see me after I had Lila. And to tell the truth, I had always kind of hoped that dad might have heard about Lila and come to see me. Dad and I used to be so close. He was practically my best friend. He did everything with me. Took me to the stables to ride horses with him, take me to the lake and used to call me his Little Bells. I miss him so much. Not a day goes by tha I don't wonder why he left us.

Him and mom didn't really get along, but that's no reason to abandon Jack and I. Jack needed him. Jack was left without a guy to turn to. It was mome or me, and I was younger so I couldn't give him the help he needed when it came to his problems. He needed a male role model. I guess that's what mom thought she was giving him when she married Dino.

Pretty dumb if you ask me.

As I layed there looking at my brother, I felt tears come in my eyes. I stroked his shiny, deep brown curls, softly. He had helped me so much. All my life he was there. And the one time when he really needs my help, I can't help him.

I'm the worst sister in the world.