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Missing- the love my life!

When Renesmee is fully grown, Jacob finally tells her how he feels about her. But what if Renesmee doesn't feel the same way about him? Rated Teen Just in case!!


1. Trying to Move On.

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“Mom, why do we have to go back to Forks?”

“Sweetie, it’s been a hundred years. You knew we would go back there eventually. And now it’s time. Everyone that knew us is dead.”

“Even the wolves?” I could feel the tears start to build up behind my eyes.

“Maybe, no one knows. Some of them could be dead. Some could be old. And some could be just they were before we left them.”

“So, Aunt Alice can’t see anything about them?”

“Renesmee, we’ve been through this before. The wolves cloud her vision. She can’t see him.”

I knew who him was. Everyone in my family did. We never said his name anymore because the last time they said his name I broke down into tears. It breaks their hearts to see me hurt, just like it did his. But I had to let him go. It didn’t sound right. It sounded like he was my slave, only there to make me happy. Most people would be happy to have a guy like that, but I wasn’t. He didn’t have a choice to love me. He had to love me because he imprinted on me.

I still remember the night I told him to leave. I remember the pain it caused him. The tears starting to fall from his eyes. If only I would have realized sooner that I loved him.

“Renesmee, it helps I you don’t think about him.” I looked down, she was holding my hand. I hate when they did that. All they have to do is hold my hand, and then they could what was going on in my mind. Expect my dad; he doesn’t have to hold my hand. He could be miles away, and still know what was going on in my mind. That was even worse.

We got to Forks from Alaska within hours. They drove fast. They always do because they are used to the speed because they could miles within seconds on foot. I could go fast, but not that fast.

The next day grandma and grandpa enrolled us in school. We tell everyone my grandparents are our parents. Because my mom and dad look the same age as me everyone also thinks that we are adopted because grandma and grandpa don’t look old enough to have kids in high school.

When we walked in the doors to the school everyone stared. They always did. I can’t blame because the people I’m with are designed to attract a human. That’ show there supposed to survive even though they don’t need it. They could easily out run a car, but we would never kill a human. We are, “vegetarians,” meaning we don’t drink human blood. We drink animal blood to quench the thirst. The rest of my family more often because I eat human food too. They think it’s disgusting.

When we got our schedules I compared mine to my mom, dad, and Aunt Alice’s. I knew I wouldn’t have any classes with my uncles or Aunt Rosalie because they enrolled as seniors, but the rest of us were juniors. I had two classes with mom. I had one with mom, dad, and Aunt Alice. I had one class with just my dad, and one with just Aunt Alice. Then, I had one by myself. That would be the worst. I liked having at least one of them in my class that way I wasn’t alone being the new kid in class.

The lady said she would show us to our 1st period classes. Even though we didn’t need it, everyone but me had been to this school before. We walked to Aunt Rosalie and Uncle Jasper’s class first. While we were walking to Uncle Emmett’s class he was making jokes that were too low for the human to hear. Then, we walked to dad and Aunt Alice’s class. Finally, she walked us to mom and me’s class.

We had Language Arts first. Our teacher, Mr. Melth, introduced us to the class as Isabella and Renesmee Swan, my mom’s maiden name. Since we were all ‘adopted’ it would be easier if we didn’t all the same last name. We were supposed to be fraternal twins like Aunt Rosalie and Uncle Jasper. They had the last name Hale, the name Uncle Jasper had before he joined our family. Everyone else had the last name Cullen.

As we walked into the cafeteria for lunch everyone stared. The kept staring as I ate and the rest of my family sat there silent. Well, they weren’t really silent they were just talking so humans couldn’t hear. When my dad was talking he all of a sudden got really quiet. Someone was thinking something he didn’t like.

“Edward, what is it?” He looked at my mom, “I think maybe Renesmee should leave early today.” I looked from my food, “why?” “I just think maybe you shouldn’t go to 6th period today, this was the one class by myself. “Okay,” that was fine with me, but I still wondered why he didn’t want to go that class. He always said I needed to go to school even though I already knew everything they were teaching.

“No Edward, Renesmee needs to stay school,” my mom said. “But,” dad and I said at the same time. “No buts, Edward you always say Renesmee needs her education even though she already knows everything they are teaching here. That’s the end of this discussion.

When I walked into my science class I went up to the teacher, Mrs. Load, and showed her my schedule. Thankfully she didn’t introduce me to the class. She told me to sit at the empty seat. “Sorry, Renesmee, but your science partner doesn’t seem to be here today.” As soon as she finished her sentence there was a knock on the door. She went outside then back in a few minutes later. “Well, it seems that your science partner is here now. Mr. Black, please come in and take your seat.” Black, that was Jacob’s last name, maybe he moved on like I told him too and had a family, and this was his great grandson or something, or maybe it’s just coincidence.

He walked in. He had to be related to Jacob, he looked just like him. Then, when he saw me he stopped and just stared. “Jacob this is Renesmee Swan. Renesmee this is Jacob Black.” OH MY GOD!! This was Jacob; he hadn’t aged in 100 years!!! “Mr. Black, please take your seat.” He came and sat next to me. This must why dad didn’t want me to come to 6th period. He knew Jacob would be in this class!!! I wish mom would have just let me go home! Actually, I wish I was still in Alaska!