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Missing- the love my life!

When Renesmee is fully grown, Jacob finally tells her how he feels about her. But what if Renesmee doesn't feel the same way about him? Rated Teen Just in case!!


3. Why am I so stupid?

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When I woke the next morning I went to Aunt Alice’s room, she always knows how to cheer me up. “Aunt Alice,” I said quietly as I opened the door. “Over here Renesmee.” She was in her closet getting rid of some of her clothes. “Didn’t you just buy this last week,” I asked holding up a white shirt. “Yes, but I already wore it.” I laughed. “You know Aunt Alice, even though I’ve lived with you for hundred years I don’t understand how you can get rid two hundred dollar shirt after only wearing it once. Actually, I don’t think I’ll ever understand that.”

She laughed her beautiful laugh. “Well, I’m sorry if I only want the best.” “And you always force it one everyone else too. Especially mom, but I guess she should be use to it by now.” “Your right, but Renesmee I know you didn’t come in here to talk to me about clothes.” “That’s another thing I don’t like about being in a house full of gifted vampires. One of them can see the future.” We laughed.

“Renesmee, I’m not really sure how to help you get over Jacob. But, I’ll try my best.” “Thanks Aunt Alice,” I said holding back the tears. “You know its okay to cry Renesmee.” “Yeah, I know, but I don’t want to have tear streaks on my face when I go to school. You might force me to wear makeup then.” That defiantly made her laugh. “I guess we better get to school now,” I said after she finished laughing.

When I walked into third period with Aunt Alice, someone approached. “Hi, I’m Charles.” “Hi, I’m Alice and this is my sister, Renesmee.” “I know. Um, Renesmee, I was wondering if maybe you would want to go to the movies with me and some friends tonight.” “I don’t,” then Alice nudged me. She said low enough the Charles couldn’t hear “say yes.” “I don’t think I could ride with you guys, but I could meet you there.” Charles’ face lit up, “that’s fine. The movie is in Port Angeles at 7:00.” “Okay, I’ll meet you there,” I agreed.

“Why do I have to go Alice,” I asked quietly when we got to our seats. “Well, I’m no expert on getting over guys, but what from what I hear, it’s easier to move on when you have a new guy,” she smiled. “But, what I don’t get is why you are going to meet him there.” I looked at her, “well, I don’t need dad giving him the third degree. Plus, he thinks dad is my brother, and you know dad wouldn’t act like a brother to him.” She laughed, “I guess you’re right.”

When we were walking to lunch Alice was practically jumping up and down. She couldn’t wait to tell everyone about Charles. After Alice told everyone about my date Charles approached our table. “So that must be the guy my daughter is going out on a date with.” “Dad, please be nice.” “He will,” mom agreed for him. I was actually surprise about how nice everyone was to him. I think he got along with Uncle Emmett the best. They couldn’t stop cracking jokes over every little thing that someone said.

When I walked into sixth period I was actually happy. I know what you are thinking, how could I possibly be happy when Jacob is in this class, but Charles was in this class too. Maybe I do really like Charles more than a friend. And maybe just maybe Charles could help me get over Jacob for once.

When we got home Alice insisted on picking out an outfit for me. We finally agreed on a t-shirt and jeans. But Aunt Alice made the shirt low cut and the jeans so tight I could barely breathe, I tried to convince on letting me wear a different pair of jeans because unlike her I had to be able to breathe. But she wouldn’t change her mind.

When I got to the movie theater Charles and his friends were waiting outside for me. “Renesmee, this Chris and Anne,” he said motioning to two of the people. I knew Chris; I had met him in the woods. He hated me. “And Chris’ brother Josh and his date Elle.” Oh this was just great, I was here with two werewolves that hated me, and almost killed me. “I haven’t seen you at school before,” I said trying to be nice.” “They live on the reservation. They’re my cousins.” “Oh,” Please don’t tell me he’s a werewolf too. “We’re just waiting on two more people,” Charles said. I saw Chris and Josh go tense.

A few minutes later a motorcycle pulled up in front of us. A girl got off the back of it. I’d seen her before, but I wasn’t sure from where. Then I remembered where I had seen her from before. It was the girl I had seen flirting with Jacob. Then, it got even worse. She was here with Jacob!


Everyone was sitting in the living room waiting for my daughter to get back from her date even though she had just left ten minutes ago. All of a sudden Alice was having a vision. After the vision Edward stood up about to run, “Edward, Alice, what is it.” Alice was the one to answer, “I can’t see Renesmee anymore.” “Oh. That just she means she’s near werewolves. WOAH WEREWOLVES!! Which werewolf?” “I’m not sure.”

“Edward calm down. Just because she’s near a werewolf it doesn’t mean she’s near Jacob. Just hear her thoughts and you’ll know.” After a few seconds Edward looked up. “She just met two werewolves named Chris and Josh. But, wait she already knows them even though they don’t go to her school.” “How,” I asked. “Hold on,” a flash of anger crossed his face. “Apparently the other day she wondered into La Push and these two wolves wanted to kill her. But, Jacob told them not too.” “WOW, Jacob saved her life,” I was defiantly surprised that she hadn’t told me this.”

“But, then he told her he had moved on.” That broke my heart. “Wait, someone just showed up on a motorcycle. A girl got off the back. For some odd reason Renesmee wanted to bunch her at school.” “That must be the girl she saw flirting with Jacob,” Alice chimed in. “Wait, the guy’s getting off now,” he went tense. “What is it Edward, you’re worried,” Jasper asked. “Jacob.”

He almost ran out the door. “Edward, Renesmee is old enough to handle herself. If things get to bad she’ll leave. So please just let her try to handle things,” I pleaded with him. “Fine, but I’m going to listen to her thoughts.” “That’s fine with me.”


“Renesmme, this is Samantha, and you already know Jacob,” I heard Charles say after a few moments. “Nice to meet you,” Samantha held out her hand. I shook it. What else was I supposed to do?

When we got into the theater Jacob sat on the end, and Samantha sat next to him. Then, Anne and Chris. Then, Josh and Elle, and Charles sat next to Elle. I sat down next to him still in shock. Half way through the movie Chris was making out with Anne, and Josh was making out with Elle. Then, it got to the part of the movie were the guy leaves the girl even though she begged him to stay. How ironic, with me and Jacob it was the other way around. Then, it showed the girl heartbroken because he left her. This is where ‘I had to go to the restroom.’ I sat outside the theater praying for the movie to end.

A few minutes later the door opened up. It was Jacob. He walked over to me, “can I sit here?” “It’s a free country.” “True,” he sat down next to me. There was an awkward silence for a minute. “I wouldn’t have come if I knew you were going to be here Jacob.” “Why?” “Because, it’s just hard, never mind.” “Renesmee,” how I wished he would call me Nessie like he used too. “I, I want to try, try and be friends again.” I mouth hung open in shock. He shut it, “you might catch a fly.” “Jake, I don’t think I can.” “What catch a fly, I think if you could catch a deer when you were a few weeks old you can catch a fly,” he laughed. “Not that Jake. I don’t think we can be friends.” “I was afraid you would say that. But I guess I should have been expecting it. You don’t think I can be just friends with you.” “Jake.” “Yeah, I’ll tell Charles you felt sick.”

Then, he left. How could think that? I couldn’t be just friends because I wanted to be more than friends, not him. I went out to my cry, and drove away. I drove and cried till I somehow got home. When I opened the door my mom hugged me tight. “I don’t understand how Jacob could think that. I’m so sorry sweetheart.” “It’s okay. I’m going to go to bed now,” I managed to squeeze out. “Alright sweetheart.”


When I finally got home I tore off my clothes, and turned into a wolf. How could I think she could ever want to be friends with me? She’s moved one.“Jacob, are you okay?” “Fine, Chris. Go home I’ll do watch tonight.” “But you did it last night.” “Chris just please go.” “Fine, but if you need me you know where to find me.” I felt his thoughts leave me to myself. I ran to a cave that was far away enough that a certain vampire couldn’t hear my thoughts. Why did I tell her I moved on? I still love her. I should have told her that in science class, or in the woods. Just to let her know. And maybe just maybe she felt the same way. But, there was no way that was going to happen now.

Then, the memories hit me. Me and Renesmee sitting in this cave talking. Her sitting in my lap, that was before she thought anything of it. Us playing the rain in front of the cave. This is the one place where we could go and not have to worry about Edward peeking in on us. The one place where I felt no one could take her away from me. Why was I stupid enough to let her go?