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Missing- the love my life!

When Renesmee is fully grown, Jacob finally tells her how he feels about her. But what if Renesmee doesn't feel the same way about him? Rated Teen Just in case!!


4. Stupid Humans

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“Renesmee, wake up.” “Five more minutes, mom.” “No, you’re going to be late for school.” I shot up, “mom I need to go hunting today.” “I figured you would say that. You better hurry up Emmett and Esme are leaving in 20 minutes.” “Okay, can you leave so I can get dressed.” “Okay,” she laughed. “Mom,” I said as she was almost out the door. “Yeah Renesmee.” “I love you.” “Love you too,” she replied.

When I got down stairs grandma was waiting on me. “You better come on, or Emmett might leave us.” Right when she shut the door Uncle Emmett sped off. “In a hurry,” I asked being sarcastic. “Hey, I’m starved. I’m ready to show some bears whose boss.” Grandma and I laughed. “And you think you’re the boss?” “Why of course I am young child.” “Actually, I think grandma is.” “She’s got a great point son.” “Sorry.”

After we had drank all we could drink we headed for home. “Renesmee, get some sleep. You have to go to school tomorrow.” “Okay, grandma.” Later I felt cold arms pick me up. I opened my eyes, it was Uncle Emmett. “Uncle Emmett.” “Yes, Renesmee.” “How did you get turned into a vampire?” He laughed, “I’m sure your mom or dad has already told you that,” he said as he sat me down. “But, it’s not the same. I want to hear it from you.”

He sighed, “Fine. One day I went hiking through the woods by myself. I should have brought someone with me, but I did it all the time. About half way through the hike I heard something behind me. I turned around, and there was a grizzly there. I froze, but didn’t do any good. I was stupid enough to carry food in my backpack, and the bear smelled it. He lunged at me. I knew I was going to die, but suddenly I saw a figure attack the bear, and then it ran off. A beautiful woman picked me up, I thought I was in heaven, but I still felt the pain,” he stopped.

“And then what?” He sighed. “She brought to me to a man, and he bit me. Then, all I felt was fire.” “How bad was the fire?” “It’s kind of hard to explain. You know when someone used to talk about Jacob and you felt like you couldn’t breathe?” I nodded my head. “Well, it was kind of like you felt, but much worse.” “That must have been painful.” “It was, but I got a beautiful wife, and a wonderful family out of it. Plus, I got all the cools things out of it. Like running faster than a car, or jumping ten stories, and not getting hurt. So, all and all, it was worth it,” I laughed at this. Now, it’s time for you to get some sleep.” “Okay,” I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning, and got dressed. I went downstairs and ate breakfast. “Um, Aunt Rosalie, Uncle Emmett, can I ride with you guys?” “Yeah, but Alice and Jasper will have to ride with Edward and Bella,” Aunt Rosalie smiled at me. “That’s fine with me,” Aunt Alice said from upstairs. So I went and got into Aunt Rosalie’s convertible.

On the ride I couldn’t help, but ask Uncle Emmett more questions. “Uncle Emmett, can I ask you something?” “Anything.” “What was your human family like?” He looked at Aunt Rosalie, “to be honest I really don’t remember them.” “Oh. But dad remembers his mom.” “That’s because Carlisle told him about her.” “Oh, and grandpa didn’t know your family so he couldn’t tell you about them.” “Exactly.” When we got to school dad pulled me to the side. “Why did you ask Emmett about his human family?” “Because I just wanted to know if he could remember them.” “Fine, just don’t as anyone else about theirs. Especially Rosalie.” “I know dad, I’m not stupid.”

The day went by surprisingly fast until sixth period. When I walked in the door Samantha was sitting on my desk. I didn’t think much of it at first, but as I got closer to her I noticed that she was making out with Jacob! Why in the world wasn’t Mrs. Load doing anything about it? How could a teacher just let two students sit there and make out? When I got closer to them I coughed. She pulled away. “Oh, hi Renesmee.” “Hi, Samantha.” “I guess I’ll go to be my seat now. Bye Jakey, love you.” He looked at me, “Right back at you.”

I didn’t pay attention in class. All I could think about was why Jake didn’t say I love you back. Maybe he didn’t want to hurt me, or maybe he wanted to make me think about it the whole period. No, that doesn’t make any sense; he could care less if I think about him.

Maybe he didn’t love her. I mean before I was old enough to think anything about it Jake always said I love you to me. Then, I started thinking about the last time he said that before I asked him about it. “Nessie, I should take you home so you can get some sleep.” “But, I want to stay here in the cave.” “But you could get sick; I mean none of us know if you can get sick because we’re all too overprotective of you to let you get close to being sick. Its twenty degrees outside. Let’s just go back to your house.” I smiled, “but that’s what I’ve got you for. You are the human heater remember.” “Fine, but get over here so you can’t get sick.” I sat in his lap, and was almost asleep when I heard him whisper, “Love you Nessie.” “Love you more Jake,” and then I fell asleep.

“You remember that?” I suddenly was brought back to reality. I looked down; Jacob had grabbed my hand so he could see what I was thinking. He followed my eyes, and let go. “Mrs. Load had called on you, and you didn’t answer, and I knew you were thinking about something so I wanted to know what had you so distracted.” As he finished his sentence the bell rang. I got to the car as fast as I could.

“Who saw your thoughts,” dad asked as soon as I got to the car. “Don’t worry dad it was just Jacob.” “Oh, well what did he see?” “I don’t really want to talk about it, can we just go home?” “Alright, let’s go.”

After I finished my homework, which didn’t take long I asked Uncle Emmett if I could borrow his jeep. “Renesmee, how many times do I have to tell you that you don’t have to ask?” “I’ll take that as a yes.” I decided to go to the sports store in town. When I got there I was surprised to see Charles behind the counter. “Hey Renesmee, do you feel better?” “Yeah, why weren’t you at school today.” “I had to go to the hospital.” “What, why?” “Oh, it was nothing major I just kind of broke my wrist,” he held his left arm up. “How did you do that?” “I punched Jacob Black.” “What, why?” “Um, he said something that I didn’t really like, but I swear that boy is as hard as a rock.” I laughed, “You don’t say do you?” “The weird thing is it’s like Chris and Josh knew that he wouldn’t get hurt, but I would.” “That’s weird.”

“Yeah, but enough about personal stuff, how can I help you?” I couldn’t help but laugh, “well, I was thinking about going surfing tomorrow, but I don’t have a surf board.” As he was getting the board down he asked, “Who are you going with?” “No one. Do you know where a good place to go is?” “Yeah, La Push, I was going to go with Josh and Chris tomorrow, but now I can’t,” he held up his arm. “I could call them, and ask if you can go with them,” before I could answer he was already talking to Chris on the phone.

“Okay, they said you could go with them.” That was shocking, “really?” “Yeah, you seem surprised. Jacob isn’t supposed to be going, but I’m going even though I can’t get in the water just in case.” “Just in case of what?” “Well, the reason I punched Jacob was because he said something about you.” “He said something about me? Like what?” “It’s nothing to worry about, okay we need to get some board wax for your board.” “Surf what?” “Have you ever been surfing Renesmee?” “Um, not really.” “Wow, I’ll help you on land first, but then Josh or Chris will have to help you in the water,” when we approached the register I pulled out my debit card. “You have your own bank account?” “No, it’s everyone in my family uses it.” “No one uses the others money.” “Um, no,” that was a lie. The money was really everybody’s and we didn’t have to worry about using it all because we have ten other bank accounts under different names.

After I paid for the stuff, and was about to take it to the jeep Charles grabbed my arm. “I could take that stuff for you, and bring it to the beach tomorrow.” I was going to say no, but I looked in his eyes and saw that he really wanted to help. “Okay, thanks a lot. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I kissed him on the cheek, and ran to the car at human speed.

When I got home everyone was sitting on the couch. “Mom, can I go surfing tomorrow with Charles?” “Where at?” “La Push, but before you say anything we’re going with Chris and Josh, and there both werewolves.” She looked at dad. “Sure,” My dad was the one that answered. Then Aunt Alice and Aunt Rosalie ran over to me. “You kissed him,” Aunt Rosalie blurted out. “Only on the cheek.” Aunt Alice looked at me, “so, you still kissed him.” “Guys, it’s not like I’m in loved so just chill out.” “Make sure you don’t hold his hand,” dad said. “I hadn’t planned on it, plus Jake only saw it because I didn’t know he had grabbed my hand, but he already knew about my powers anyway so it’s now like I did anything wrong.”

“What are going to wear tomorrow?” “Aunt Alice, I had planned on buying the wet suit I bought today.” “I know,” she was already rushing me up the stairs with Aunt Rosalie behind her. “But, you have to wear a bathing suit underneath it. And before you get to the beach you have to wear clothes over the bathing suit.”

After two hours of going through my closet, and making me try on hundreds of different clothes both of my aunts agreed on something for me to wear. I would wear my jean cutoffs and a purple tank top over my clothes with purple flip-flops. I would wear a blue and purple polka dot bikini. They said that purple looked best on me. I was just glad that they had finished playing dress-up on me and I could get some sleep since it was already midnight.


As I was running watch I heard a conversation between Chris and Josh. “Chris, do really think it was a good idea to let Renesmee go surfing with us.” “Josh, Charles is our cousin. He likes her, and for his sake let’s be nice to her.” “Fine, but if Jacob says something about it, you’re taking the heat for it.” I phased out of wolf form.

How could they do that? Just let a half-vampire, which I was in love with on our land. What if one of the other members of the pack smells her and tries to kill, and Josh and Chris can’t stop them? The only way I could protect the love of my life was to go to the beach tomorrow, and watch over her myself. Even though she probably wouldn’t want me anywhere around her especially with her new boyfriend, Charles I was going to go anyway. $ Stupid Charles, all he did was punch me, and it broke his wrist. But, I really could call him weak because even if he was a professional wrestler he would have got hurt when he punched me. Stupid humans.