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Missing- the love my life!

When Renesmee is fully grown, Jacob finally tells her how he feels about her. But what if Renesmee doesn't feel the same way about him? Rated Teen Just in case!!


5. The Box

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The next day I was woken up by Uncle Jasper. “What’s wrong,” he never woke up me up unless it was an emergency. He said I needed my sleep because it keeps me calm. “Nothing, I heard your phone ringing so I answered it. It is Charles.” “Oh, thanks Jasper. Hey Charles.” “Sorry to wake you up Renesmee.” “No, its okay,” I glanced at the clock. “I probably shouldn’t have slept till eleven in the afternoon.” “Oh, well I’m going to meet the guys at the beach, and I was wondering if you wanted me to come pick you up?” “Um, no it’s okay. I still have to get dressed so I’ll meet you there in a little bit.” “Oh, okay see you then.” “Bye Charles and I hung up the phone.

It only took me five minutes to get ready so I waited a little while so it seemed like it took me a while. I would have let him come and get me, but since the sun was out my whole family would be sparkling like a million diamonds. I think that would make him just a little bit suspicious.

When I got to the beach Charles, Chris, and Josh were waiting for me. “Hey guys are we ready to catch some waves?” “Well, Chris and I are ready. Charles is going to have to show you the basics on land first. Then, when you’re ready we’ll see if you can handle the waves.” “Sounds like a plan,” I can’t believe he’s being nice.

After about twenty minutes of me making a fool of myself Charles stopped mid-sentence. I followed his glance, Jacob was walking towards us. “Charles, can you try and be nice?” He looked at me, “fine, but if he says anything it’s on.” “That’s all I ask of you.” When Jacob got to us he looked at Charles, “dude, I’m sorry about your wrist.” He looked at me, “its okay. I shouldn’t have punched you.” “No, you had every right. I shouldn’t have said what I said about her.” Oh my gosh, what the crap did he say?

Then, Charles and Jacob started joking around with each other. They were hanging out, and I was stuck trying to learn how to surf by myself. After about thirty minutes I decided to go and try out the waves.

When I got out there the waves were out worse than I thought they were. I decided to try anyway. I paddled out, and as the waves were approaching I got ready to stand up. Then, I heard someone shouting at me, “RENESMEE, DON’T TRY IT! THE WAVE’S TOO BIG!” I stood up then I felt the waves start crashing around me, and I was knocked off the board.

Seconds later I felt arms wrap around me, and I was suddenly on the beach. I looked up and Jacob was carrying me to Charles, Chris, and Josh. He sat me down. “Renesmee, are you okay?” “Yeah, I’m fine.” Why did Jacob save me? I pretty sure I would have made out fine. “Maybe we should take her to a doctor to make sure that she didn’t hit her head hard.” “No, I’m fine, but I’ll just go home and get gr, my dad to check me out.” I started walking to the car.

“No, someone should drive you home.” “I’ll be fine Charles.” Then, Jacob said something, “I’ll drive her home in her car since all of you have your cars here.” NO! Charles can take me. I saw Josh look at Jacob and mouth something, but I couldn’t tell exactly what it was.

After we drove away from the beach I couldn’t stand the silence, “won’t your girlfriend get mad if she finds out that you drove me home?” He laughed, “Who in the world are you talking about?” “Samantha, who do you think I would be talking about?” He laughed his beautiful laugh again, “she’s not my girlfriend. She’s just a friend.” Now it was my turn to laugh, “Yeah right and I make out with all of my guy friends.” “I’m telling you were just friends if you choose not to believe me that’s your with benefits.” “Alright, I’ll agree with that because seriously I have to take care of my guy needs.” My smile faded, “yeah I guess you have too.”

After a few minutes of silence I noticed he missed a turn going to my house, “you were supposed to turn down that road.” “I know, but I have something to give you, it’s from Charlie.” His name pained me. “He knew he probably wouldn’t see you guys before he died, he asked me to give it to all of you. It’s at my house. There’s one for each of you.” “Each meaning everyone?” “Yes, everyone one of those bloodsuckers.” I laughed, “You know I’m one to right?” “I know, but you’re not like them.”

After a while he pulled into a driveway. He lives in Grandpa Charlie’s old house. It didn’t look right without the head of police’s car in front of it. “You live here?” “Yeah, I didn’t plan on it. A couple of years ago I came back, and no one had bought it yet so I decided to buy it. Come on.” “I think I’ll just wait for you to come back,” by the time I finished my sentence he was pulling me out of the car.

“Jacob, I don’t want to go in there.” “Come on Ness, the house isn’t going to eat.” “That’s not why I don’t want to go in there.” Ten minutes later he finally convinced me to come in. “Want a soda or any food?” “No, I’m fine Jake lets just hurry up so I can go home.” “Alright, be that way. Come on they’re upstairs.” When we got to the top of the stairs he walked into the room that used to be my mom’s. I glanced in and saw a picture of us that we took a few weeks before I left.

Then, he came back out of the room with one envelope in his hand. “That’s for all of us?” “No, it’s just one. The others are in the other room. When he opened the door I glanced and seen the room empty expect for one box. He went and picked up and opened it. He opened the box and put the envelope in his hand inside the box. Then, he started walking down the stairs so I followed.

When we got in my car he drove my car again. We drove till we were about ten minutes from my house. “Maybe you should go now. I can drive from here.” He laughed, “Now come on you and me both know that wouldn’t help anything because they can already smell me.


“WHAT, that dog can’t be coming here! He has hurt my niece enough! I’m going to go get rid of him!”

Edward looked at me, “Rose calm down. They’re getting along, and she just told me that everything was okay. Apparently, he has something to give us from Charlie.” I looked at Bella, “what is it?” “I don’t know she didn’t tell me that.” “Well, that dog has to be thinking something!” “Rose, he keeps thinking about school stuff. He doesn’t want me to know what he’s thinking.”

“Fine, but if he says something I’ll kill him.” Emmett laughed, “Now my jeep is going to smell like wolves. I might just trade it in for a new one.” Then, I heard Carlisle, “they’re here.”


I have to turn in my report tomorrow. I need to finish my science project……

She opened the door, and all of the vampires I used to think of as my family are sitting there. Carlisle came up to me, “hello Jacob. It’s been a long time,” he extended his hand out to me. I shook it. Esme came up to me and hugged me, “it’s so good to see you.” Everyone else, expect Blondie came up and greeted me.

“So, what do you have to give us dog?” “Hey Blondie I’ve missed you too. I have a new joke for you. Why did the blonde die in a helicopter crash? She got cold and turned off the fan!” She didn’t laugh. I knew she wouldn’t. “Okay, um I have to get going so here Nessie,” I handed her the box. Then, I left before I got too attached to being here because I know that she wouldn’t want me to come back here. I said my goodbyes and left.


Mom looked at me, “sweetheart what’s in it?” I opened the box and there was a stack of envelopes like the one I had seen earlier. I reached in the box, and looked at the top one. I handed them out to my family. Each had a name on it. After I had already handed out the envelopes I looked at it and there was one envelope left. Mine. Everyone else was sitting on the couch about to open their envelopes. “I think I’ll just go upstairs to read mine.”

Mom looked at me, “alright sweetheart. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I went upstairs and laid the envelope one the night stand. I laid down on the bed trying to collect my thoughts. Why was he so nice? Why did Grandpa Charlie send us the letters? Does Jacob still like me? Should I tell him how I feel?

I looked at the envelope one more time. I don’t think I can handle reading this tonight. I’ll just go to sleep and read it tomorrow. Why did Jacob still have my picture next to his bed? I eventually fell asleep thinking about all the crazy things that had happened that day.