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Her Murky Past

"I feel strangely anxious tonight. Something is going to happen. I can feel the static in the air. I am afraid and excited at the same time. Perhaps, just maybe, my blonde knight will save me from this terrible place. My mind somewhat at ease, I lay down to dream of my fair skinned angel. Just as I begin to drift off, I am jarred awake by a vision. This is not a normal daydream, I can tell. I watch in confusion, what is to come..."

I do not own any of the recognized characters. They are all property of Stephenie Meyers! I hope you all enjoy my interpretation of what happened before the fact!

3. Memories

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Chapter 3: Memories

"Where did it come from?" I ask. How in the world would she know? She doesn't know. She can't!

"I really can't tell you... Alice? Is that your name? It's pretty. Why are you in here? You don't seem crazy at all." she said. She definitely talks more than I thought she would. She moved her legs out from under her to sit on the edge of the iron bed.

The moonlight softly plays in the air, barely illuminating our faces. Even though the light is low, I can see scars and bruises on her legs and arms. One big bruise surrounds her eye and cheek. What happened to this girl?

"I'm not. That's the thing. I am not crazy, but everyone here seems to disagree. I have decided to just lie to them. I have premonitions. Sometimes I can see something that happens later. My family..." I turn my head to look out of the small window. I thought a tear would fall until I realized that I had already been crying. "My family, they thought I'd get better here. They'll come back for me... when I get better."

"Hmm. My family is not coming back for me." she pulled her legs back up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. I can tell that she wants to tell more, maybe I can coax it out of her. "Did you see me coming?"

"No, I never did see you. I was completely taken by surprise actually. I wonder why." She's right. Why didn't I see her coming. I mean, I don't see everything but something this important I would have seen. Wouldn't I? Hmm...

"So, you can see the future... sometimes?" she stifled a laugh. "Hmm. I wonder why you only see some things. What have you had visions of so far?" she ask.

"Well, I have had many visions. The very first vision I had was of my sister." My mind took me back about ten years...

"Alice, don't you want to help mommy set the table. Daddy will be home any minute." My mother was so beautiful. Her emerald eyes sparkled every time she mentioned my daddy. She loved him so much.

"Yes mommy! Where did daddy go to?" I asked. I was eight years old.

"What you should say is 'where did daddy go?' You don't want to end your sentences in a preposition, dear. It isn't grammatically correct. He went to the store to pick up some things for mommy." She had always been so concerned

with everything 'grammatically correct.'

"Sorry mommy. I will help you?" As I was putting the dishes on the table, I got an extreme headache. All of the sudden, I could see many blurry images at once!

I saw what looked like a chair. No, a rocking chair, rocking slowly back and forth. Colors blurred the edges of my vision. My mother was rocking in the chair. She had a bundle of something in her hand. A blanket.

A baby. She was holding a small baby girl in her hands, rocking gently back and forth. Daddy walked up to her and kissed mommy on the cheek and looked at the baby.

"Isn't she beautiful Alice? You're a big sister now."

My head was spinning around and around. Daddy and mommy looked at me and smiled. All of the sudden, their faces blurred into a swirl and faded into black.

"Alice! Alice, what is wrong with you?! Alice! Look at me!" Mommy shook me hard and was yelling. I had never heard her raise her voice, ever.

"Mommy, I'm fine. My head hurts." My head was pounding so hard. What was that? "Mommy, you are going to have a baby!" I exclaimed. I don't know why I felt the need to say it out loud, but I did. I don't even know why I thought it would actually happen, but somehow, I could just tell.

"No, Alice. I am not going to have a baby. Whatever put a thought like that in your mind? Are you sure you are feeling alright dear? You your eyes rolled back into your head for a minute darling. Here, come sit on the sofa and rest, you look terribly flush." She put her hand on her stomach, as if wondering if my accusation was correct.

"It's going to be a girl, momma. A beautiful baby girl." I stated as I walked out of the room.


"About eight months later, Cynthia was born."

"Hmm... Well, regardless of your visions, I am glad that I am stuck in this place with you rather than someone who really is nuts." She smirked. She yawned and streched out long across her iron rod bed.

"Me too, we are going to be great friends." I smile.

"What, did you see that in one of your visions?" She laughed at her own joke.

"No, I just know." Whatever it is that she has gone through must have been terrible. At least her spirits haven't been too degraded. I need some answers, but for now I am going back to sleep. "I am going to go back to bed if you don't mind. I'm tired."

"That's fine, if you don't mind my singing."

"No, I don't mind." My eyelids fall heavily and I let sleep overcome me as whispered lullabies float into the night.