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My Bronze Haired Angel



14. 14. Buster

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Chapter 14- Buster

“Ohh. Honey we weren’t talking about you!” Alice said stepping out the door with her hands behind her back. “Here. I found her for you and I thought you might like it.” And she took her hands out from behind her back and gave me…

And she gave me a dog. It was a big dog. I gulped. The only big dogs I knew were Bleeder and Shreader...

"Here. You get to name her and every thing. I think she is a German Shephard." Alice sat her on the ground. She was a skinny dog. I could see her ribs. I kneeled slowly and stuck out my hand for her to sniff. She got up and slowly, hesitantly, walked to me, with her nose in the air and her eyes darting at everyone and everything. She sniffed my hand and rubbed her head up against my hand.

"Hey, girl. your a beautiful girl. Aren't you?" I whispered to her and she inched forward until she was leaning up against my legs. She looked up at me and green eyes looked at me. They were beautiful.

"Emerald. Yeah. That's a good name for you. Emerald." I whispered to her. She seemed to like that name. I petted her and I felt her shake.

"Are you cold? Lets go to my room." I told her. I stood up and she lowered herself closer to the ground. "Come on." I encouraged her. She crawled to me and I took a few steps back. We did this all the way to the steps which is where we were out of sight of the Cullen's. Emerald got up and, timidly, followed me to my room. I took off my blanked and placed it into a pile on the floor. Emerald settled in and I ran my hands along her. Her stomach was bulged, dispite her ribs showing. Soon, Emerald fell asleep and I went back down stairs to Alice.

"Where did you find her?"

"Well, I sorta bought her. Her owner beat on her and he sold her to me." Alice said softly.

"So she was hit," Alice nodded, "Just like me?" Alice nodded again.

"You two could comfort each other." I nodded. I walked back up to my Emerald with a big bowl of food. When I opened the door, she lifted her head and came over to me, her tail wagging slowly, very low. I sat the bowl down and she scarfed it down. She walked over to her "bed" and I followed her. I layed down with her and we fell asleep.

I woke up to a horrible yowling. It was coming from Emerald. "ALICE!!!" I yelled. She was there in a flash.

"It's okay Bella. She's having puppies. She and her litter will be fine." I nodded, breathing fast. A few hours later, the last puppy was born. He was smaller than the others, by a lot, but his eyes were open and the others weren't. "He's the runt. He will probably die soon." Alice said sadly. I kept staring at him and he stared at me. He had one bright blue eye and one dark chocolate brown eye. "Buster." I whispered and his ears cocked up. "You're Buster." When all the puppies went to feed, there were twelve in all, Buster didn't have a spot to eat. He whinned pitifully and I walked over to him. "You'll get to eat next." I promised him. I petted him until I fell asleep.

When I woke up, Buster was on my neck, curled up to get warm. I got up slowly and held him up. I walked to get Esme. "May I stay home today so I can watch over the puppies?" I whispered softly so I wouldn't wake Buster. She nodded reluctantly. I waited for Buster to wake up. When he did, I put him up in my room with the others. Emerald was just starting to feed and Buster whinned. "You can eat now." I said to him and put him next to Emerald. I went back down stairs and fell asleep on the couch. I was exausted! When I woke up I went back up to check on the puppies, and Buster was whinning at Emerald. She was standing over him, and Buster was to short to reach her so he just sat there and cried. The other puppies where asleep.

"Buster." I called. He turned his head to me and took an unsteady step toward me. I walked over and lifted him up. We went down-stairs and I got out a cup of milk and warmed it up. When it was warm, I stuck my pinky in it and put it to his mouth. His tongue lapped it up off my pinky and his mouth sucked, trying to get more. I pulled my finger away and dipped my whole pinky in the milk. That is how I fed Buster until he could drink it by himself.

Buster turned out to be black with white paws and nose. He is tallest of all the puppies (although all the puppies are tall), so I think Emerald mated with a wolf. Only four other puppies made it; Princess, who is black, Marco, who is light brown, Ryle, who is all white, and Zig-Zag, who is the second tallest and looks just like Emerald. But Buster likes me best, and I like him best. Buster is now ten months old. That's ten months after Alice said that he might die. Esme was homeschooling me. I liked this better. I didn't have any friends but I had this feeling that I was forgetting someone important. Edward started talking to me. It seemed like he was mad at me forever!


I walked into Edwards room.

"Edward?" I called out. He came to the door.

"Yes Bella?"

"I-I don't like it when your m-mad at me." I stuttered looking at the floor. He lifted me up.

"I'm not mad at you. I... I just had this... Problem, to take care of for awhile." He reasured me. I still think he was mad though. (The problem Edward had to take care of was the fact that he wanted her blood and he had to control himself and that he was falling in love with a 13 year old.)



"Buster! Come here boy!" I yelled outside. All the other puppies where sold and Emerald passed away after she had her puppies. It seemed like she lasted long enough that her puppies could survive licking up milk themselves.

I saw Buster run toward me. I knew I was going to be knocked over so I took off running in the other direction. Buster was soon at my heels and I pushed myself to go faster. But Buster still over took me. I colapsed on the ground and he licked my face. "Yeah, I love you too." I said petting him roughly. "Lay down." I told him and he layed down, right next to me, with his head on my chest. His head rose and fell with my breathing. "I love you, Buster. You're the best dog in the world." I told him. Well aware that my family could hear every word I was saying, know every feeling I was feeling, and see what ever move I would take in the future. Buster was a little afraid of the Cullen's at first, but he is starting to be okay with them. Today was my last day of being homeschooled and of my "summer" break. I had to start eleventh grade at Forks High School. The Cullen's would be there with me though. So that was a plus. And I should be pretty safe, I mean, What could happen at Forks High? Right?