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My Bronze Haired Angel



2. 2. My Silly Angry Angel

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The sun was just going down and normally Edward would be leaving this town in the darkness of the night. He was just passing though on his way to the city. Plenty of places to hide and with the dark murky skies and long night with lights every where. It was the perfect place for a demon like himself to exist. And yet as he stood back slung over his shoulder almost ready to leave he felt as if his feet were nailed to the ground. He said that he would leave after she fell asleep but her breathing had evened out only minutes after they had parted yet he stayed until almost sunrise just watching her sleep and thinking deeply.

As he walked down the shaded road walking a normal pace in the direction of the big city. He knew that going this way would take slightly longer but he also knew that the pale blue house with white shudders was this way. He knew he was slightly masochistic by torture himself with the scent he knew he could no longer claim. He knew the house was just around the corner so he prepared himself for the onslaught of the aroma but what reached his nose was shocking. Fresh blood. Her blood. His eyes turned black with thirst as a snarl ripped from his throat. He launched himself forward not caring one way or another if any one saw him. He would just kill them too. He flew up the roof and straight into the room with white lace curtains only to find her bed mad and clothes all over her floor. He climbed back out and stood on the roof smelling the air.

If he had a heart it would have stopped at the site he saw next. Blood was spilt out on the side of the pool and the water had been tinted red. Of more immediate importance was the brown hair splayed around the small body of five year old Bella. The blood was seeping from a wound in her head and her eyes were closed the dark lashes laying on her pale cheeks. He dove straight into the pool fear etched into every venom filled vein in his body. He took her tiny body into his arms and dragged her to the surface. He laid her by the side of the pool brushing the dark brown tendril from her face. He could still hear her pulse as slow as it was. He looked around for any one. Any one who could save her. He had long ago stopped breathing to avoid temptation. He saw a young girl in the kitchen who didn’t look old enough to drive. He could run faster then a car any way.

“Hold on Bella. I won’t let you die.” He whispered in her ear as he pulled her back into his arms and began to break though the woods straight for town and the emergency room. He flew to one of the roofs with her body cradled to his chest. He couldn’t help but see the irony in this. He did this when he was taking a life to feed his hunger but now with a silly little girls body in hands he was attempting to save her. God had a sick sense of humer. Once he reached the doors to the ER he almost ripped the handle off the door. He flew right up to the secretary. “She needs immediate attention.”

“Oh dear!” The women shrieked. “Code Blue! Code Blue!” She said into a small white controller. Three men in green white with covers over their mouths came with a stretcher.

“You can hand her over to me.” The man in front of him said. He tightened his hold on her but not enough to crush her. “We need to get her head sewed up or she’ll die.” The man said seriously and that seemed to snap Edward out of his trance. He walked forward and gently placed her body on the stretcher. He ran one hand down her wet hair before putting her arm closer to her. He turned quickly out and sat down in the waiting room chair away from the rest of the humans. He stared at the door where they had just taken Bella. A couple minutes later the secretary walked over.

“We need her name, age, accident report, insurance and you might want to call your parents and tell them what happened.” She smiled with a look of sadness in her eyes.

“Excuse me?” He asked raising one perfect brown brow.

“You’re her brother right?” She asked in confusion.

“I don’t even know the girl. I saw her bleeding to death in a pool so I brought her here.” He snapped irritably.

“Oh... Well do you know what street she lives on?” She asked cautiously.

“Yeah... Brookhill...” He muttered staring at his shoes.

“Do you know her first or last name?” She asked.

“Bella.” He said softly.

“Thank for all your help...”

“Edward.” He said simply.

“Edward... Would you like us to call you when we know how she is?” She asked.

“No thank you.” He said getting up but once again it felt like his feet wouldn’t move.

“Okay. Thank you again.” She said as he walked swiftly towards the door. When he got outside he saw a woman with long blond locks and big brown eyes which were full of tears as the girl Edward had seen in the window was behind her apologizing profusely.

“First my husband and now I’m going to loose my little girl.” She sobbed into her hands.“I’m sorry Ms. Swan.” The girl sobbed behind her.

“You should have been watching her!” She yelled through her tears. They seemed to notice Edward watching.

“Are you the boy who tried to save my baby.” She was pointing a shaky hand toward him. He nodded silently. She suddenly threw her arms around him and sobbed.“Thank you Thank you.” He stopped breathing and forced himself not to throw her off him.

“You’re um... welcome.” He said pulling away.

“I’m sorry but I need to go see her.” She sobbed and walked swiftly towards the door. His eyes were slowly going back to their normal size. He began to walk where ever his feet would take him. What luck to be the same road where young Bella lived. He looked up over the fence to see the pool had been drained and someone was cleaning the side of the pool. He turned quickly and entered through the front door. You walked into a beautiful living room with a big screened TV and dark blue leather couches and cream colored carpeting. On the other side was a wide kitchen with beautiful tile work. He walked up the winding oak stair case. He saw a little white door with flowers painted on the outside. He gently pulled the knob open and walked inside. He looked around then went forward towards her twin sized bed. Billy was sitting propped up against the pillow. He took the bear in his hands it stared up at him with those beady black eyes.

“What are you looking at?” He snarled throwing the bear across the room. He got up and walked towards the window to see if the cleaner had gone yet. He had. He looked on the floor where the bear was laying. His emotions were torn the smarter part of his brain told him to pack up and get out of here before you really screw things up but the more impulsive and slightly more prominent side wanted to return to the hospital. To Bella...

He picked up the bear and decided to let his instincts guide him. He jumped from the roof over the pool straight on through the forest and straight to the hospital. Bella’s mother was sleeping on the couch turning restlessly. She looked exhausted mentally and physically. He turned and walked down the hall to the place he new held the little girl who was making everything he knew to be right wrong. He knocked on the door and when no one answered he decided to just go in. There she was with a gauge bandage wrapped around her head. Her brown locks were splayed across the pillow. He walked quietly over to her and breathed in her scent it reminded him of his human obsession. Chocolate... Only now it didn’t repulse him as real chocolate did. He could imagine that if ever he drank from her it would taste like heated chocolate syrup think and rich...

He smiled down at her before brushing the hair from her face and listening to her steady heart beat. She smiled even in her sleep; her tiny pink lips were turned up in the corners. He lifted one are with his pale fingers and placed the bear in her embrace her lips turned up more at the familiarity of the toy and she hugged it closer to her chest. He smiled in return and leaned down to press his lips first to the head of the teddy.

“Good night Billy watch her for me okay?” He lifted his head and stared at her face once more before kissing her on her gauge wrapped forehead.

“Sweet dreams Bella.” He looked out the window and seeing the sun would be rising any minute. He gave her face one more fleeting glance before stroking one curl and turning out the door and running back to his home in the inn only a town over from hers.

The next morning Bella opened her eyes to find herself in an unfamiliar white room and a bad headache. She only had her eyes open for a couple of seconds before her mother was above her teary eyed and sniffling.

“Mommy what’s wrong?” She asked cocking her head to the side.

“I thought I was going to loose you too.” She gingerly hugged her precious daughter.

“Loose me?” She asked.

“Yes. I’m so glad your okay.” She sobbed. “Don’t you ever do that to me again.’ She snapped furious with her daughter for almost taking herself away from her.

“Do what mommy?” She said shocked at her mothers out burst.

“Go outside by yourself.” She snapped.

“Well Melany was being boring again. And I did ask she said it was okay.” She pouted crossing her arms across her chest.

“Don’t worry from now on I’ll get you a different baby sitter.” She almost growled out.

“Okay maybe one that knows how to play Barbie?” She put in her face breaking into glowing smile. Renee couldn’t help but smile at her daughter.

“Maybe.” She chuckled.

“So why am I here?” She said almost conversationally.

“You hit your head on the side of the pool and fell in and you couldn’t get back out so you fell asleep but someone picked you up and brought you here so they could fix your head.” She chose her words carefully.

“Who brought me here?” She asked pulling Billy tighter.

“Some guy who was walking by and he heard you scream.” She said thanking god he did.

“What did he look like?” She asked excitedly.

“Bronze hair, pale skin, the strangest dark red eyes and on all he was rather good looking.” She smiles stroking her daughter’s hair. Bella gasps excitedly.

“What?” Renee asks.

“Oh nothing.” Bella giggles.

“Did you bring Billy for me?”

“No actually I didn’t...” She didn’t dwell on it maybe she had not thinking about it.

“Oh...” Bella had a secretive smile on her face that she couldn’t wipe off.

“You hungry, sweetie?” She asked getting to her feet. Bella nodded and sunk back down in the white hospital bed.

“Alright I’ll be right back.” She smiled once more and turned and walked out.

“I always new he was an angel.” She whispered. Bella kept smiling to her self and wrapped her arms more firmly around Billy giving him a small kiss on the head. “My silly angry angel...”