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My Bronze Haired Angel



5. 5. Rescued

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B.p.o.v. Wednesday

I woke up starving. I had a dream about food, and I woke up hungrier than when I went to sleep. I was just glad I was aloud to sleep tonight. For the past three days, I've been made to do things that kept me up until it was time for me to wake up, so I haven't been able to sleep. I kept thinking about that bronze haired beauty. 'How had I known him?' I wondered. Phil has been really mean lately. I mean, he normally is mean, but now his is even meaner. I walked slowly up the stairs to the kitchen. When I got up there, I glanced out the window and saw a silver Volvo a crossed the street.

The man got out and headed toward Phil's house. I secretly begged that he wouldn't ring or knock on the door. Because I didn't have his breakfast made. I walked into the living room and glanced out that window to watch him. He glanced at the window I was at. I dove down and waited for a few seconds. When I glanced back up, though, he was gone. I looked around but he was no where in sight. I got back up and went into the kitchen to do my chores.

I heard footsteps on the stairs and I silently prayed that Phil wouldn't hit me to hard today. Then when I heard footsteps in the kitchen, I tensed myself so I was ready. I glanced up and it was the bronze beauty. My mouth fell open in shock. He gently touched me on my arm and slowly raised me up from my tense crouch. His hand was so cold.

"Come on. I'm taking you now." He said gently. His voice sounded smooth and velvety. I wanted to trust him, but I was scared to. He saw my hesitation and said, "It's okay. I won't hurt you. And no one else will either when you’re with me." His voice persuaded me to trust him. I stood up and he picked me up bridal style. He smelled like lavender and a little bit like... oranges? I don't know what an orange smells like, but it sounds about right. At the thought of an orange, my stomach growled loudly. I was embarrassed. My face lit up scarlet. The bronze beauty just smiled, at my hunger or my embarrassment, I don't know. He carried me up the stairs. I hadn't been upstairs in three years! It was so different than down stairs. Up here it had carpet for one. Then he carried me to an open window. 'He's going to throw me out.' I thought shocked. I knew I shouldn't have trusted him.

"Close your eyes." He commanded. I obeyed him warily. But my body immediately tensed. He held me a little tighter and jumped. Yet he landed so softly. Then we were flying... His body movements were as if he was walking, yet it felt like I stuck my head out of an airplane in flight. In a few seconds we were at his home. He carried me up the stairs to his front room. Again, he went up another flight of stairs and a kitchen was in the second room on the left.

"Esme! Carlisle!" He yelled. Then I understood. Phil sold me to them. Now I was their servant. When a blonde male appeared and a dark brown-haired woman appeared next to him, I figured this are the people I would be working for. The bronze beauty let me down and I down-casted my eyes. I didn't know the rules here.

"I-if y-you gi-give m-me a a li-list, th-then I'll h-have i-it do-do-done b-by t-to-ton-tonight." (for those of you who couldn’t read that it said, “If you give me a list, then I’ll have it done by tonight) I stuttered. The woman looked at me sadly and I realized it would be the man who owned me, who would discipline me. I gulped and started to shake a little. The man stepped toward me and I tensed. He looked stronger than Phil and he could hurt me more.

"A list? For what?" The blonde male asked.

"A li-list f-for m-me to f-fin-finish b-before I g-get a r-re-reward. A-and w-what w-will I a-address y-y-y-you b-by?" (A list for me to finish before I get a reward. And what will I address you by?) I asked looking down again. I decided to push my luck and ask, "W-what a-are t-the r-rules h-here?" (What are the rules here?)The woman looked at me with sorrowful eyes. She looked like she was about to cry when she turned and left the room. I gulped, scared to be alone with both men.

"I'm Carlisle. That is Edward. And the woman was my wife Esme." He said cautiously. Stepping forward, getting closer to me. I was now in kicking range. Now all my muscles were tense and tight. My stomach growled loudly.

"You're hungry?" Carlisle asked. I nodded slightly. "Follow me." He told me. I got up shakily and Edward put his hand on my back. I gasped in pain; my back was still sore and blood red. He took his hand off my back. Carlisle led me downstairs and we went into a room that was all white, and there were millions of books on the walls.

"Take your shirt off, please." Carlisle told me. I gulped and my heart rate increased. I slipped my shirt off and turned around. Edward breathed in deeply and left the room. I tensed up and grabbed his desk. Waiting for him to hit me.

"What is your name?" He asked me.


"Bella. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm a doctor. I'm going to make you better." He said, trying to reassure me. I nodded. Not really believing him. He moved around the desk. He got a tube out of one of his drawers and returned to my back. He applied the cream to my back. His hands were gentle, but cold. After he was done, he wrapped my back with a white bandage.

Minutes later, my back starts burning. I suck in my breath and hold back a scream. ‘I KNEW this was to good to be true. That someone would want to see me get better and not try to hurt me…I KNEW it!’ I thought angrily. Mad at my self for believing them. He must have felt my tension in the air, because he asked, “Is something wrong?”

I felt like laughing at him. Is something wrong? OF COURSE. He put stuff on my back that made it burn! I just looked down as he continued to examine my body. Then someone knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Carlisle said. Edward walked in and my breath caught... I know where I know him from.

“My silly angry angel.” I whispered to myself. Edward’s head snapped toward me.

“What?” He asked fast.

“N-nothing.” I stuttered and looked down. I could feel his golden eyes looking at me. My stomach growled again and he spoke, “You can eat soon.” ‘Yeah right.’ I thought to my self. As if anything came that easy.

Five minutes later a small pixie looking girl walked in. No she was a woman, her body had curves like she was more mature, yet I was almost taller than her. She had a bag that said McDonalds on it. My stomach growled before I even smelled it. I remembered what McDonalds meant. Food. Then the smell hit me like a ton of bricks. She sat it down on the desk and looked at me intently. When she saw that I wasn’t going to move, she laid it down on the desk.

She took out French fries, a double cheese burger, and a chicken sandwich. I started to drool so I snapped my mouth shut.

“You can eat it. Nothing will happen.” She said gently. I glanced up at her and saw a look of gentleness on her face. But then I remembered the two men in the room and I glanced at them and shook a little. She must have seen that because she pushed them out of the room.

“Now will you eat this,” She glanced at me and saw the reluctance on my face, “Please.” I gulped. My fingers where disobeying my head, I saw them creep toward the French fries. Once it was in my hands, I couldn’t stop them from bringing the fry up to my mouth. My stomach growled in frustration at the slowness I was putting the fry in.

“There ya go. Here sit down. It’s okay. No one will hurt you here. I promise.” She said, slowly walking toward me.

I couldn’t stop myself. I ate it all and wasn’t even full, but I didn’t say anything except, “Thank You.”

“You’re welcome. Oh, Bella, I’m Alice.” She introduced her self. “Now, come with me up to my room.” She said grinning.

I followed her down the hall, Up a flight of stairs and to a room that was three doors on the right. This room was huge. But there was a side room of to the side that was even bigger. It had tons of clothes in it.

“Hmm. Pink? No, blue… Yep. Blue is her color.” Alice muttered to herself as she sorted through her closet. Moments later she comes out with a blue shirt that looks expensive and some jeans that said…Vanity? On the tag.

“Here. Put these on.” She said handing me the clothes.

“I’ll ruin these. Do you have anything less e-expensive?” (Bella only stutters when she is afraid.) I asked, afraid that I would ruin these. Alice shook her head stubbornly. I changed in the closet while she waited in the room. I came out and I was fully dressed in clothes that fit and I wasn’t as hungry as I normally am. I was afraid that at any given moment, I would wake up and it would all be gone.

“You look fabulous.” Alice said clapping her hands. I blushed. It felt odd because I haven’t blushed in a long time. Just then, a tall blonde male walked in.

“Hello.” He said in a deep southern accent. “I’m Jasper.”

“H-hi J-Jasper.” I stuttered. He looked at Alice and walked over and got a book that was on the side table, then left.

“That was my Jazzy.” Alice sighed. So her and the male, Jasper, were together. Then Alice looked at me and said, “So, Bella. I need to know what happened over there. And you have to tell me the truth.” I gulped and looked down.

“H-he hit me.” I admitted. She nodded, signaling me to go on. “But, all dads hit their daughters, right?” I asked looking at her.

“No. Honey. They don’t.” She beckoned me over to her and I went and sat on her bed. “What else did he do?”

“H-he through me down the stairs and I was only aloud to eat on Mondays and Thursdays if I was good. But apparently, I hardly ever was.” I said. She wrapped her arm around my and pulled me into an awkward embrace. Her body was so hard and cold. She glanced at her clock and laughed.

“Wow. We’ve been up here for a while. Its time for you to go to sleep.” She picked out pajamas for me and I walked down-stairs with her. I started to curl up into a ball by the couch on the floor when the woman, Esme, asked, “What are you doing?”

“G-going to s-sleep.” I said confused.

“No. you’ll go to sleep in Edwards room. He can sleep on the couch.” She said looking at him.

“N-no. I’ll sleep h-here.” I said laying back down again.

“No. You will not.” Edward said. He lifted me off the floor in a gentle manor and carried me up to his room. “You need a good nights sleep.” He told me. I snuggled under his covers that smelled like him. I slept soundly, dreaming of my silly angry angel…