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My Bronze Haired Angel



8. 8. Decisions

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Chapter 8- Decided The judge banged her hammer and said, “I have ordered that Isabella Dwyer lives…”

The judge banged her hammer and said, “I have ordered that Isabella Dwyer lives with her step-father, Phil Dwyer.” My heart started racing. ‘That’s not where I want to be!’ I objected in my head. I looked over to Edward franticly for him to say something, to make her change her mind. He just looked sorrowfully at the ground and turned back to his family. They got up and hugged him and he glanced at me. I begged him with my eyes to help me. But he just looked away and I was put into the car with Phil as the driver.

When we got to his house, I was petrified. As he sent me down to the basement I realized in horror that I had to pee. I sat down-stairs, wiggling. About an hour later Phil called me up. He was sitting at the table with something in his hand. As I got closer, I realized it was a book.

“I’ve been reading. Doing research on how not to get caught again, when I came a crossed this book, A Child Called ‘IT’. See, this woman didn’t get caught until the boys teachers intervened. But you don’t go to school, do you? Nope so your all mine. This book gave me some pretty good ideas. I’m kinda ashamed to admit I didn’t think of these first, but, hey, this is how you learn, right? From others experiences?” His grin scared me. “So, go down stairs until I tell you to come back up.” I went down, my bladder feeling like it was going to burst. Half an hour later he called me back up. He lead me to the bathroom. All I could think about was using the restroom. He turned on the water in the shower and I thought that this was some torcher devise. That, somehow, he knew I needed to pee.

"Get in." He ordered. I stepped into the tub obediantly. The water was freezing. He left the room and I was wiggling, trying to hold it. When he came back and told me to get out, I went. "You are sick!" He yelled at me and called me names. Phil jerked me out and kicked me. I fell to the ground and he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to the basement steps.

As he pushed me down them, he clipped my head with his foot. As I tumbled down the stairs, I grabbed my head to protect it more from the fall. My body ached from it because I'd gotten soft living with Edward... Edward, my beautiful angel. I'll probably never see him again, never get to thank him for taking care of me for a while...


I could hardly get up. Phil was really liking that book. He hasn't fed me since he got me back. I was so hungry, I'd eat anything he gave me.I walked slowly up the steps, my bones starving for nutrients. I got up to the kitchen and Phil was sitting at the table. "P-Please... please g-give m-me so-someth-thing t-to e-eat. I-I'm s-so h-hung-gry. I-I'll d-do a-any-anything. (Please give me something to eat. I'm so hungry. I'll do anything.) I whispered, my stomach growled in agreement.

"Now Bella, that's not necissary. You'll eat soon enough if you can be quick enough." Phil grinned, walking out. I went to do my chores, slowly. My body was so weak, I couldn't do anything fast. Around seven o'clock P.M., Phil had me sit at the table. In front of me was a plate of scraps. It was a feast to my eyes. My stomach practicaly jumped out of me trying to get to the food. My mouth watered at the site. "You have 60 seconds to eat as much as you can, GO." Phil told me. I picked up the fork and was about to shovel the food into my mouth when it disappeared. My eyes filled up with tears. It was so close. I could smell it. I could practically taste it. Phil looked at me and smiled. I wanted to know two things. 1) Who would write a book that told someone how to torcher someone else? And 2) What else was in this book, how much longer was I going to go unfed?

On day ten, Phil did the same thing again. I was still too slow. I felt like I was going to faint. The next day, I woke up, barely. I just wanted to die. My stomach was so empty, it didn't stop grumbling at all. When I would sleep, I would dream of food, then I would wake up crying because I was so hungry and Phil was so mean. I snuck up-stairs and made sure that Phil was still asleep and opened the fridge. I stole cheese slices, and delly meat. I walked back down-stairs and slowly, or I tried to be slow, and I acted like it was my last meal. Three days later, I saw Edward and Jasper walk up to the door. I gulped and tears sprang to my eyes. When I saw Edward, I was reminded of the promise he made me, to never let Phil hurt me again. I hurried to the basement and listened. They knocked and I heard Phil's heavy footsteps make there way to the door.

"Hello?" Phil asked gruffly.

"Hi, we are here to..." Edward's beautiful voice faded away and a loud noise was issued in the living room. "STOP! Get a hold of yourself. You're better than this. Come on." I heard Edward yell. Then the door to he kitchen opened. They stepped in and closed the door. I couldn't tell who it was, though, Edward or Phil. I huddled in a corner by the water heater, and waited. After what seemed like an eternity, the light came on...It was Edward. He held his arm out to me and I ran over to him. He patted my head and I clung to him. "Please don't m-make me s-stay here a-any more. I-I promise I'll be g-good." I begged. "Bella, Bella. Don't worry. I swear this time, You will be safe in my arms." And at that moment, I truly felt safe. He carried me up-stairs and to his Volvo. He headed toward his house, when my stomach, growled very loudly. I gripped my torso in pain. I had three cheese slices and two slices of bologna in fourteen days, so when my stomach talked, it was unbearible. Edward looked worridly at me, "Bella? Bella, what's wrong?" My stomach growled again and he turned into a sit down resturant. We got our table and he told me to wait and he left to go... somewhere. He came back and minutes later, Carlisle and Alice walked in. Tears filled my eyes when I saw them.

I wanted to go hug Alice and never let her go. She is my first and only friend. She sat next to me and hugged me. I hugged her back willingly. The server came but I only got a water.

"Bella. You need to eat." I shook my head. "W-when I g-go back, He'll just h-hit m-me h-harder." Edward looked sad.

"Bella, He won't EVER get to you." Alice said, tightening her grip on me slightly. So Edward ordered a double cheeseburger, french fries, a milkshake, and a fruit cup. I ate it all greatfully. They just watched me and I felt extreamly self consious. When I was done, I went back to his house. I walked in behind Edward and next to Alice and saw a beautiful blonde. She looked like a super model. She was tall and her wavy hair was to her mid-back. I looked at her face and it was full of hatred, for me... I shrunk down and walked closely behind Edward.

I glanced back at her and she was glareing at me. She had pitch black eyes and she scared me. She stood up and walked over toward me, her eyes never leaving my body.

"You!" She spat and I had a hard time breathing. Then, to my terror, I saw only blackness...