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Alice's Vision

We all know, Alice’s visions are not perfect; but this time something goes wrong. Now Alice feels she is responsible.

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1. The Vision

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We all know, Alice’s visions are not perfect; but this time something goes wrong. Now Alice feels she is responsible.


It was January 30, 2009; that I had my worst vision ever. I just took Emmett’s favorite teddy bear. He found out and came after me. While we were wrestling, I was winning; I was looking for Emmett’s next move. While searching, I had a vision I thought it would be impossible. It was a vision of two people that was supposed to be impossible for me to see. But I saw it. How can this be?

I froze. Emmett took advantage of that, he pinned me to the floor. What brought me back was Emmett yelling “I WIN! First person EVER to beat ALICE!” I had no response. How could I tell this horrible thing to anyone? Edward was hunting, so I have to guard my thoughts when he comes home.

There was only one person that I can tell.


Alice scared me by running up behind me. She looked worried. I knew Emmett had won, but I do not know why Alice was so… scared; until she took me so far away that none of our family could possibly hear.

We stared at each other for an immeasurable amount of time. Then she spoke, “Jasper, you are the only person I trust enough to tell what I saw, while wrestling with Emmett.”

Her expression was pained. “You have to promise not to tell anyone. To keep your thoughts guarded, Can you do that?” She knew I could. “Yes, Ali, love. Now please tell me.” I swore to keep the secret, but I didn’t know it would be that bad.

“I had my worst vision ever. I saw Jacob,” She growled his name, so full of anger. I’ve never seen her that angry before. “Take Renesmee without Bella or Edward’s permission. Jasper! Jacob plans on kidnapping, her!”

I stared at Alice in shock. “Alice, you can’t keep that from them!” I told her firmly. “Jasper, you promised! We should be able to prevent this ourselves!” She started to cry. I could almost see the tears. “No. There is no way to tell them. I promise.”

“Alice, you know, I won’t tell.” Her eyes went blank, for a second, and then looked at me. “I know that Jasper. I love you.” She said this with an amazing intensity. “I love you, more than my immortal life.” I whispered. She laughed, “I know.”

Then she got very serious. “We have to stop this.” She stated. “We will.” I promised her. “Esme is worrying we left again.” She chuckled; but not her normal self.

With that said we went back to the house. Esme asked where we went; Alice told her “Needed alone time.” This was true. Emmett felt like gambling tonight. “Hey Jazz, $100 says I win…” I cut him off “Not tonight, Em.”

Bella was worried for some reason. I put a sea of calm on the room. Bella relaxed. I had to keep my thoughts guarded at all times. If I slipped once, Edward would know.

Of course, he heard that. He looked at me and lifted one eyebrow. If only I had Bella’s power! Then this would be so much easier! He looked at me again. I whispered, “Never mind.”

He still wanted to know. I sent a feeling of assurance to him. He stopped; But knew what I did.