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Alice's Vision

We all know, Alice’s visions are not perfect; but this time something goes wrong. Now Alice feels she is responsible.

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2. Lies

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APOV The Next day.

The whole day Edward has been nervous. I swear if Jasper slipped… Well I couldn’t do anything if he did. Bella has been very clingy to me. She keeps asking me questions like, “Alice, did you see something, I need to know about?”

The answer should be “Yes, Bella,” and go on to explain but instead it was, “No, I haven’t Bella. Why? Do you think something will happen?” She would answer, “Well, you have been acting kind of weird today.” Then I would answer, “Look at your clothes! I’ve been fighting trying to take you upstairs and change you myself!”

She would laugh, and then go sit with Edward. Who would then look at me like ‘You are so crazy!’ Of course, he wouldn’t say it with Jasper next to me, the whole time. Besides, it would upset Bella.

Finally, Edward couldn’t take it anymore. He got up, and gestured for me to follow. Jasper looked like he wanted to come, but I said, “ It’s okay, really.”

When we left the room, I heard Bella say, “Jasper? Do you know what’s wrong, with her.?” He answered, “What do you mean?” like he had no clue. I felt assurance drift toward Bella, but she had her shield up. “She has been acting… umm…. You know not Alice like.”

I didn’t get to hear the rest. That’s when Edward started to talk.


“Alice , what’s wrong?” she looked stunned, but answered in her mind ‘Nothing is wrong! EVERYTHING is fine! And will be fine!’ This stunned me Alice told me almost everything. This was obviously bugging her.

“Will you please stop? Everything is fine!” she yelled at me. Then she added, ‘If I wanted to share, Edward, I would!’ she stormed off. I went and sat next to my Bella.

“Where is Renesmee?” Alice asked Bella. “Oh, she went to the zoo, with Jacob.” This is what stunned me the most. “You let him, take her? By himself!? Are you sure they are at the zoo?”

Jasper looked at me like, How could you do that, to Alice? He thought it too. “Yeah, I mean why not? Alice, what’s wrong?” My Bella asked her. She was quick with her comeback, “Well, you know Renesmee, is a Vegetarian Vampire, so is the zoo really the best place, for her to be?”

She did make a good point.

I remember when, Alice, Emmett, Jasper, and I all went to the zoo. Of course, we go see the bear. Emmett start’s to lick his lips. Then he walk’s up to the cage, and makes faces at the bear; It growled. So did Emmett.

Anyway, Bella replies, “Oh god. You are right. There are lots of people there too!” Bella started to worry, but Jazz spread a sea of calm on the entire room. “We can trust Ness, can’t we?” asked Jasper.

“Yes we can. I trust her completely. She wouldn’t do anything bad. She always tells me what’s wrong too.” That comment was meant for Alice.