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Alice's Vision

We all know, Alice’s visions are not perfect; but this time something goes wrong. Now Alice feels she is responsible.

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3. Animals

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Oh god, I let Jacob take Renesmee to the zoo! There are a ton of animals and people! I don’t think she is ready for that. But Alice had also said, “By himself!?” which she had not answered.

Jasper and Edward trust Nessie, but so do I, and I’m sure Alice does too. Jake can handle her, right? I felt Jasper’s calmness poke my shield. I let it in, wanting to be calm. Nessie would be home soon, or at least I hoped. Dammit, why was I so stupid?

“Bella, love, Nessie will do fine.” Edward tried to comfort me. I heard Jake’s Rabbit start to pull up the, miles long, drive way. I heard Nessie say, “Thanks Jakey! I had so much fun!” she sounded enthusiastic. “I’m glad you had fun, Ness. I did too.” Is what Jacob responded with. So nothing had went wrong.

“I’m ah sorry. I can’t watch this.” Alice got up and left. Jasper followed her. “Do you know what’s up with them? Alice used to like Jacob. I know they love Nessie. Do you know?” I asked Edward. “No, I don’t. They are blocking it from their minds. They also won’t tell me. So I have no idea,” J

acob and Nessie walked in then. “Mommy!” Nessie ran to me. I gave her a big hug.

Then she screamed, “Daddy!” and Edward picked her up and twirled her around. I walked a human pace, which is hard, over to Jacob. I kissed him on the cheek, and said “Thank you.” He blushed.

Edward cleared his throat. Somewhere I heard Alice groan, then scream. I heard her yell too, “NO! NO! NO! Get him out of here! I can’t do this!” I figured she was talking about or to Emmett. He could be a pain at times.


“NO! NO! NO! Get him out of here!” Is what Ali screamed. I held her back; she wanted to kill Jacob for what she just saw, which I have no idea what that was. “Let me go, Jasper! He’s got it coming! You didn’t see…” her voice trailed off.

Then, she collapsed and started to cry, without tears, into my chest. “Jasper, we have to go, for a little while. Not through the door, I’ll be to tempted.” She pointed to the window. “If you insist,” I murmured. “Bella, and Edward, don’t you dare follow us.” Alice growled, she knew they heard, but they pretended not to.

“I know you heard me, Edward! No one follows or we’ll never come back!” I had a feeling she meant it. She jumped out the window. I followed.

I heard someone come into our room, and look out the window. It was Edward. I told him in my mind, And you do want us to come back. It was a statement, not a question.

He turned around and I heard him sit next to Bella. Alice pulled my hand, “Jasper, I need to tell you something.” She looked like she was about to cry.

“Let’s go.” I replied. We ran and ran. We were almost to Canada, by now. She stopped. “This is far enough.” She sat down. We were in the middle of a forest. I sat with her. “Ali, what did you see?” she hesitated.

“Jacob plans on…”