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Alice's Vision

We all know, Alice’s visions are not perfect; but this time something goes wrong. Now Alice feels she is responsible.

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4. Why us?

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The vision was worse than the last one. Way worse. It was hard to say, even worse having to think about it. “Jacob plans on…on…taking Renesmee…far away…and…and…” My voice trailed off.

“And what?” Jasper prompted me. “And…raping…her…” I finally gulped out. I was furious. I could tell Jazz was too

“The worst part is…we…we…” I couldn’t finish that sentence. I would make it not come true. The end to that sentence is, We won’t prevent it.

That was what I needed to say, but couldn’t it. I cried even harder into Jasper’s chest.


At home, I heard Bella crying. I immediately ran up to see her. “Bella? What happened?” I almost yelled. “Why don’t you tell me?” she cried.

“What happened?” I demanded. “Emmett beat me at arm wrestling!” she stammered. “That is not a very good reason to cry, Bella.” I lectured her.

“But Alice, we bet the usual! Emmett is going to start making comments again!”

I looked at her meaningfully. “No, he won’t. He thinks beating you, is better than making rude comments.”

This was true. I just saw it. “Oh well, I guess that’s good. Where did you and Jasper go?” she changed the subject just like that. I knew she would. “Out to talk.” True. “About…?” she was so nosey! “Well, we have been having problems.” Half true. Problems, but she thought relationship problems.

“But you guys look closer then ever!” she was shocked. “You haven’t known us that long, Bella.”

“Yes, I have!” she argued. “I’ve known you long enough for you to be my best friend!” She wasn’t lying I liked her better than Rose; But I thought Jacob was her best friend.

“You haven’t known me for 79 years. Well, knock off 19 years because I don’t remember them. That’s 60 years, Bella.” And another two because that’s when I met her.

“There is something you are not telling me, that you should.” Bella looked as if she was going to cry again.


I was not crying because Emmett beat me, though he did beat me. I was crying because, Alice, my best friend, was keeping a secret, from me. Alice was my best friend because; I couldn’t stand Jacob’s smell.

“There is something you are telling me, that you should.” I told her. She hesitated, eyes went blank, and then she started to scream. “Tell me, Alice!”

She came back, eyes focused. “Where is that, DOG?” she growled. “Tell me!” I ordered her. “Bella, this is something… I wish I didn’t get to see or hear… okay?” She was trying her best not to growl.

“I can handle it, Alice. Whatever it is; I promise, I can control myself.” Alice collapsed on the floor. Unresponsive. “Carlisle! Jasper! Help! Someone!” I screamed. Could a vampire faint? I didn’t think so, but Alice has always been…unique?

Carlisle and Jasper were next to us in less than a second. “Alice…” Jasper pleaded. “What did you do?” Jasper growled.

Carlisle was in doctor mode. “When did this happen?” he asked. “Um, about tree seconds ago.” I told him. “What happened right before this?” He asked “I….I….” don’t want say.


I woke to Bella stuttering, “I…I…” I saw this a good time to joke. “I…I… only….wanted… to know…..everything, Alice is keeping from me.” I teased her.

“Alice!” they all screamed in unison. The only thing I meant for her to hear was “Jasper, I need to talk to you…Now!” I told him. “Our usual spot?” he asked. “Yes, dear. Let’s go!”

Then I saw Bella’s face. “Alice, you can tell Jasper; but not me?” she clutched her heart; like it could still hurt. I grabbed Jasper’s shirt and almost jumped out of the window.

But before I did I told Bella, “I just can’t.”