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Alice's Vision

We all know, Alice’s visions are not perfect; but this time something goes wrong. Now Alice feels she is responsible.

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5. Renesmee & Reality

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Chapter 5: Renesmee


I came home to find my Bella, crying. I figured Emmett had finally won. That was true, but not Bella’s reason for crying. I wish I could just read her mind, all the time!

“What’s wrong, love?” No answer. “What are you thinking?” I asked again. She pushed away her shield, almost effortlessly. She had been doing it a lot.

I heard everything! She was thinking about what had just happened with Alice. How her best friend, her sister, was keeping a secret. She was thinking about how she and Alice used to stay up all night, to tell each other secrets.

She regained her shield and started to speak. “Alice saw something truly terrible; I can sense it.” She sounded miserable, like a two year old who wanted some new toy.

“Then before her and Jasper left, I heard her say, ‘It’s coming sooner than planned.’, What’s coming, Edward?” she was crying and yelling now.

I wasn’t sure. I thought I had something to do with Jacob, and Renesmee. It couldn’t be possible. If it were bad enough, then it must be personal issues; that they don’t want to share, just yet. “Daddy? Mommy?” I heard Renesmee down stairs. She just arrived home with Jacob. They went with Quil and Claire, to the fair. “Edward-?” Seth? Why was Seth here?“Yes, Seth?” I was down stairs with my Bella, in my arms, no longer crying. “Mommy! Daddy!” Renesmee cried with joy.

Bella sprang from my arms, ran to Nessie, and scooped her up all in one second. “Renesmee-“ Bella cooed, rocking her back and forth. Nessie gave her mommy a light kiss on the cheek. I walked over and encircled my arms around the two them. “I love you both so much!” I murmured. “Mmmm…” Bella breathed into my skin. “Daddy! Daddy! Guess what!” Renesmee spit out, to excited for pronunciation. “What, Nessie?” I asked, I liked being called ‘Daddy’.

She reached up and touched Bella’s face, and my own. We saw all her highlights of her fun day with Jakey. Sethy had to take her home because Jakey had to go somewhere, and get ready.


We put Nessie in her room and left Jacob to watch her. Everyone was going hunting. Everyone not including Alice or Jasper. They have not shown back up yet. All the wolves were with Jacob at the house.

Chapter 6: Reality


When Alice collapsed, I knew why. Alice saw that she would do that to herself. She told me that we needed to go far away afterwards. We also might not come back.

We picked a new spot today. Instead of North we went south. Everyone was going hunting tonight. Jacob and the pack were babysitting.

Alice took me to tell me their plan, and how to stop them. But there was something she doubted. “We came South for a reason, Jasper.” Like there was anyone else here.

“Why, then, Ali?” I asked her. I truly had no idea. “We came South, because they plan to take her South.” She informed me. That made sense. “What time?” I asked. “Soon.” She replied.

Her eyes went blank and glassy for a second. Then she stood up. Time to go, I thought. “We aren’t going to the pack.” Alice commented. “They are coming to us.” What? Wait a minute!

“Are you sure?” she looked at me with that Are you seriously doubting me? Look she has. I heard Jacob say in the distance, “We’re going to have lots of fun, Nessie.” I also heard him pick up his pace when he smelled us. “Where are we going, Jakey? I smell Aunty Alice, and Uncle Jazzy. Where are they?” She has a keen nose.

Jacob growled, “I don’t know, Ness.” We stepped from out a tree in his way from where ever he was headed. “Where are you going?” Alice asked innocently. “Is it your business, leech?” he snarled, to my wife. Alice had to hold me back. “Yes it is our business. She is our niece, our business.” I told the dog. “She is our brother, and sister’s child.” Alice added. “So it is our business.” Renesmee let out a cry,”Stop! No fighting!” but it was too late.


We came home to no one, nothing. The dogs had been gone for hours. Alice and Jasper still not back. I figured Jake took Renesmee to the cottage to get some sleep.

So Edward, and I, ran to the cottage. No was one there. I called Jake’s cell phone, which Edward gave him. He had left it here. I called Nessie’s emergency line, but Embry answered “Hello?” he asked. “Embry? Where is Jake and Nessie? They disappeared.” I asked in return. “I don’t know.” He answered. “Then why are you answering Renesmee’s phone? Huh, Embry?” I was very annoyed now.

“Oh, That’s an easy one. Renesmee left it at Jake’s house, last time she came over. I was here, so I answered the phone, seeing it was ringing. That’s why I am talking you, Bella.” “So you don’t know where they are?” I asked feeling dumb. “Does Billy?” I had to make sure. “Billy!” Embry screamed, “What?” Billy replied. I heard him wheel his chair over to where ever Embry was. “It’s Bella. Do you know where Jake is?” I heard Billy grab the phone, and Embry walk away laughing.

“Bella?” Billy asked. “Who else? Hey, do you know where Jake and Ness went? I can’t find them.” He hesitated with his answer. “Ummm…Bella, I’m not quite sure at the moment. Jake has been distant lately. He packed a suitcase last night-“I froze. “Wh…What…Did…You….Just … Say?”I dropped the phone. “Edward!” I cried. He ran to me. I was on the floor, crying; as best a vampire could.

“What? What happened?” He yelled softly. “Did you find Jacob?” I asked. “No, but we found Alice, and Jasper. They were crying in the forest, south of here.” I ran over to Renesmee’s closet. Her suitcase, the fake I.D.s, a bag of cash, and a handful of clothes were all gone. “No!” I cried mournfully.

Edward was next to me now. “What? I don’t get why you are crying.” He stated. “Look what is gone, Edward!” he didn’t get it. “Her suitcase, clothes, their fake I.D.s, that bag of cash. Billy just told me Jacob packed a suitcase too.” Anger gripped Edward’s heavenly face. “What if, something bad happened and they had to get her out away?” He tried to sound as if that were the case. We both knew it wasn’t. “We need to talk to Jasper, and Alice.” I murmured. “Yes.” He agreed.

* * * * * *

We talked to Jasper, and Alice. She told us her visions, and then started to tell us the fight. “They came straight to us,” Jasper took over. “But it was Jacob, Seth, Embry, Leah, Quil, and Jared, against me and Alice.”

“And with out my visions, of them, I couldn’t do much.” Alice interjected. She was still crying. “They got away even with my excellent fighting.” Jasper commented.

“While we were fighting Jacob and Nessie, slipped away-“he never finished his sentence. I broke into tears (Ha-ha get it tears) “Did she want to go?” I couldn’t stand it if he said “yes.”

“No. She was crying to go home the whole time. Saying, ‘Jakey please, please, I want to go home! With Aunty Alice, and Uncle Jazzy! Home!’ “ Jasper tried to put calm in the room but that made me angrier. I ran upstairs, I never felt like leaving my room again.