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Forgotten Memories

What if in New Moon Jasper had gotten past Bella causing the transformation to start? The transformation causes her to go into cardiac arrest (heart attack) and die. Edward is broken. Jasper is distraught and in his hate for himself leaves Alice, leaving Carlisle and Esme with now 2 barely existing broken hearted children. Now we fast-forward ninety-eight years. Jasper goes to school where he meets someone who looks remarkably like Bella. Her name? Bella Swan, the catch she can't remember anything at all. Can Bella remember? Will she and Edward get back together? Can Alice forgive Jasper? Will Alice and Jasper get back together? Not a Bella/Jasper, Alice/Edward story I swear on Edward Cullen! Please Read! Forgotten Memories


10. A Lilttle Bit of Work

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Jasper and I just walked in and sat down on the couch waiting for someone to notice that he's here. I laid down on his lap and he stroked my hair. We're just there being together. After twenty minutes, Esme walked down the stairs with a vase of flowers in her hands. She took one look at him causing her to drop the vase with it shattering into millions of tiny pieces. "CARLISLE COME HERE!" She yelled at him as she rushed over to us. Carlisle rushed downstairs looking worried. "What? What's wrong?" As he spoke, he looked around anxiously for what is causing Esme to scream.

Jasper got up and walked over to them and simply said "Hello." Carlisle looked over to see Jasper standing there next to him. Before he could say anything Esme engulfed Jasper into a hug. "Jasper you're home!" Esme enthusiastically said. "Good to have you back." Carlisle spoke as he patted Jasper on the back. "Alice!" Esme called not realizing I had left my bedroom. "Yes?" I walked up to Jasper and he wrapped his arms around me as I did the same to him with my arms.

"Did you actually leave your room and find Jasper?" She asked surprised. "I went earlier today and there is a teeny tiny um, situation." I explained the situation is Bella and her forgotten memory.

"What do you mean situation?" Carlisle asked.

"Well you see, somehow we were wrong and Bella became a vampire but, there's um, one problem. She uh, can't remember anything or anyone other than Edward's face." I told them everything that we know so far. "Does Edward know?" Esme whispered as she glanced upstairs.

"Yes he knows everything and is with Bella now. He's going to bring her here and we are going to work together so she will remember everything. This is harder for Edward than it is for all of us especially because she had to give him the ring back." That was awful to watch. Those two are supposed to be together and I'm going to get them back together and get Bella's memory back.

"That's them now." Jasper said as we heard wheels turning in the driveway. "Just be kind and be warned on how hesitant she'll be." I warned them. For some reason she seemed very hesitant when meeting us. We listened to their footsteps approach as they came towards the door. Quickly we scattered Jasper and I went upstairs to our room and Carlisle and Esme went to Carlisle's study.

"We should let them reconnect. What do you want to do in the meantime?" I asked. We should give them as much time as possible to let Bella get to know Edward and hopefully he will help her remember everything. Memories are saved somewhere in the brain so the memories are there she just can't well um, access any of the memories.

"I don't know what would you like to do?" Jasper asked.

"I want you to tell me about everything that happened while you were, away." I struggled to find the right words to describe the much too long period of time he had been away from us, from me.

"I fought for three months to keep away but it felt like there was always something pulling me back to Forks, to you. Eventually I did come back and we don't need to talk about that. I went onto autopilot after that and my main priority was finding you or someone who would know where on this Earth you are." Jasper explained. "Tell me what you did."

"Nothing, I was a shell without you. However, there were a few months when I went looking for you but, I returned home in hopes you would be there and I found you two weeks later." I carefully explained not wanting to hurt him emotionally any more than couldn't be avoided. Jasper winced as I explained what I had been like while he was away. He looked away from me with his head down. "Jasper listen all of this is in the past we need to forget about it. All that matters is I love you and you love me, everything else is just extra detail." I told him pulling his face up and meaning every single word.

"Mary Alice Brandon Whitlock Hale Cullen I love you."

"I love you too Jasper Whitlock Hale Cullen."

Everything is going to be all right eventually we just have to do a little bit of work first.