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Forgotten Memories

What if in New Moon Jasper had gotten past Bella causing the transformation to start? The transformation causes her to go into cardiac arrest (heart attack) and die. Edward is broken. Jasper is distraught and in his hate for himself leaves Alice, leaving Carlisle and Esme with now 2 barely existing broken hearted children. Now we fast-forward ninety-eight years. Jasper goes to school where he meets someone who looks remarkably like Bella. Her name? Bella Swan, the catch she can't remember anything at all. Can Bella remember? Will she and Edward get back together? Can Alice forgive Jasper? Will Alice and Jasper get back together? Not a Bella/Jasper, Alice/Edward story I swear on Edward Cullen! Please Read! Forgotten Memories


11. I have to know...

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"Are you sure your family won't mind me coming to stay with all of you?" I asked. Edward had told me names and all of them seemed to pull at my heartstrings except for the fact I can't remember any of them at all.

"No one will mind Bella." Edward answered flashing me a crooked smile that I just love. He is sweet I just wish I could remember more about him than his face. It's not very obvious that he wishes I could remember him but it's still pretty clear to anyone with a smart brain.

"Okay then." I said as he pulled into the driveway. I was taken aback in how beautiful the house or more like mansion is. It's huge, white, and surrounded by trees. The mansion is elegant but modern. Beautiful is under describing it in a single word.

"You go ahead and I'll carry your bags in the house." Edward sweetly offered. I nodded my head thank you and headed towards the house taking my purse with me. It's no wonder I was in love with him while I was human. Edward is really sweet and kind.

Honestly, I feel awful not remembering anything from my past. Especially when it comes to Edward. How is it possible I completely forgot everything about me? How is it possible I forgot Edward?

As I entered the house, found myself feeling slightly familiarized by everything in the house. The grand piano is the most familiar of anything in this room. I made my way across the room, sat down at the bench and began playing keys on the piano. The melody I think seems like something that I loved deeply as a human. Edward came over sat down and played the rest of the song. "Bella do you remember this?"

"The melody, tune, and rhythm seem the familiar. Did you write this?" I asked in shock that anyone could write anything so beautiful and perfect.

"Yes, for you. It's your lullaby." Oh! He wrote me a lullaby.

"Why is it the few things that cling to me with familiarity are all centered on you?" I asked getting up from the piano and tripping over the bench, before he could catch me I regained my balance and stood back up. How important was Edward to me? How badly did I break his heart when I died?

"I do not know the reason Bella." Edward answered.

This is a lot to take in, somehow in the past few hours I've gone from knowing nothing about myself to knowing things about myself but not remembering them even the slightest bit. If he was more than just a boyfriend, if he was, is my soul mate then wouldn't someone have hinted that to me? Edward looked away from my face not wanting to give me any answer at all. "Were you more important than Jasper let on?" I asked confused.

"Please answer me, I have to know." I begged.