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Forgotten Memories

What if in New Moon Jasper had gotten past Bella causing the transformation to start? The transformation causes her to go into cardiac arrest (heart attack) and die. Edward is broken. Jasper is distraught and in his hate for himself leaves Alice, leaving Carlisle and Esme with now 2 barely existing broken hearted children. Now we fast-forward ninety-eight years. Jasper goes to school where he meets someone who looks remarkably like Bella. Her name? Bella Swan, the catch she can't remember anything at all. Can Bella remember? Will she and Edward get back together? Can Alice forgive Jasper? Will Alice and Jasper get back together? Not a Bella/Jasper, Alice/Edward story I swear on Edward Cullen! Please Read! Forgotten Memories


15. The Dress

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I was relaxing with Edward and a thought occurred in my mind. How did Edward react to thinking I was dead? "Edward, I need to know and please don't downplay it. How did you react when you thought I had died?" I asked him.

I saw Edward pinch the bridge of his nose and close his eyes. Was it that bad? "Bella you know you are the center of my world, right?" I nodded yes, as he continued. "When you were gone there was no more center of my world. I could see no point in continuing to exist anymore and I barely did. I was unresponsive, quiet, only speaking when spoken to, and depressed the only reason I did not race off to Italy to die was something you had told me," He paused for a second and I took the opportunity to ask my questions. "Me? It's because of me you stayed alive? How is that if I was the reason for you wanting to kill yourself to begin with?"

Edward chuckled before continuing. "I am assuming that since now you can remember everything you will remember what I am about to say. There was one day, your last birthday to be specific we were watching Romeo and Juliet for school. When I mentioned that, I had been making my contingency plans you freaked out and made me promise never to kill myself. I thought about it repeatedly but could never bring myself to break that promise I made to you because I love you." Edward finished.
I have no idea what to say. I'm in awe that it was my promise that ended up saving his life. "I don't know what to say. I cannot believe that you had kept that promise, even when you made it I had a feeling you would break it if I was to die. If possible I love you even more than before." We kissed right after that. It's ridiculous how much I love him.

"I still think I love you more Bella." Edward replied. I rolled my eyes at him.

"I really honestly truly doubt that." I told him.

"Bella, you're comparing one tree to an entire forest again." Edward chuckled as he lightly teased me.
"Oh I'm not so sure that you're correct about that Edward Cullen." I teased him back. Instead of saying anything, he just kissed me. When we broke away even though we didn't need it, we were both breathless and gasping for air.

Neither one of us had anything to say, we just both lie there in each other's arms just being together for an unfathomable obsolete amount of time it would seem to anyone watching us, but to us it seemed as if it had been five minutes.

Some amount of time later an annoying short little pixie bounced into room breaking our tranquility and serenity. "Bella, I really need you to come and try on your dress, now." She ordered.

"How long have Edward and I been lying here?" I asked confused at the fact she had a dress already.
"About seven hours," She started and a look of confusion crossed my face before she continued, "Silly Bella, I've had your dress for years and years. It was made just before the uh, incident." Alice continued. "Anyways," Alice started quickly venturing away from the subject. "Bella you need to try on your dress." After Alice stopped talking we sat there waiting for her to start again. It only took a millisecond for me to realize that she was done.
"The only problem is that trying on the dress involves leaving Edward's arms." I complained and snuggled closer to my Edward.

"But Bellllllllllla if you don't try on the dress I won't be able to see how it looks in real life." Alice whined and tugged on my hand. Realizing that there was no way to get Alice convinced I don't need to try on the dress; I kissed Edward and followed Alice out of the room.

A matter of minutes later I was standing in front of a mirror in a white semi-poufy dress.