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Forgotten Memories

What if in New Moon Jasper had gotten past Bella causing the transformation to start? The transformation causes her to go into cardiac arrest (heart attack) and die. Edward is broken. Jasper is distraught and in his hate for himself leaves Alice, leaving Carlisle and Esme with now 2 barely existing broken hearted children. Now we fast-forward ninety-eight years. Jasper goes to school where he meets someone who looks remarkably like Bella. Her name? Bella Swan, the catch she can't remember anything at all. Can Bella remember? Will she and Edward get back together? Can Alice forgive Jasper? Will Alice and Jasper get back together? Not a Bella/Jasper, Alice/Edward story I swear on Edward Cullen! Please Read! Forgotten Memories


9. Should Be and Always Will

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"I believe this is yours." Bella dropped the ring in his hands, never making contact and even though he was not showing that he is heartbroken over all this, Jasper and I both know he is.

"Um, thank you for this." Edward awkwardly thanked her. This is painful to watch. There is nothing Jasper and I can do to fix this. Worst thing that can happen to a vampire is forgetting who you are. "You're welcome Edward." She welcomed him.

"Jasper you're coming home with us, right?" I asked. He'll come home with me? He just has too. "Of course, I'm never leavin' you again, that would be the second dumbest thing I will have ever done." He promised me.

"What's the first?" I asked dumbstruck.

"Leaving you, the first time. I will never ever forgive myself for doin' that to you." He spoke while shaking his head furiously at himself.

"Stop apologizing. You did what you thought was best at the time, dumb but you thought it was the best." I spoke as I lifted his face up to show him how serious I am. That was the end of the particular issue, unless he keeps talking about it. "So you got to know forgetful Bella. Is she basically the same personality wise?" I asked. Glancing over my shoulder, I saw Bella and Edward talking.

"Come on, we should take them home, we have a lot of work to do." Jasper said pulling me with him as he began to walk back over to them.

"Bella, will you come with us?" I asked. Maybe if Bella meets other people in the family she'll remember. She has to remember, Edward needs her to.

"Sure, I'll need a ride though." Perfect.

"Great! You can ride with Edward in his Volvo. I'll ride with Jasper." My plan will work. Eventually she will have to remember everything. We will surround her with stuff from the past and she will eventually remember. Bella nodded and followed Edward to his car.

"Alice, what are you doing?" Jasper asked the second we were alone in his car. "Well, if Bella and Edward spend enough time together eventually she will remember everything. We just have to refresh her memory a little. Turn here." I explained as he drove towards the house. He just chuckled. "I love you."

"I love you too." A minute later, we pulled up into the driveway. Worry suddenly became evident on his face. "Jazz, what's wrong?"

"Everyone in there has to hate me. I broke your heart and killed Bella." He said in an ashamed of himself tone.

"Jasper Whitlock Hale Cullen, no one could ever hate you. The people in there are our family; they will love you no matter what!" I nearly yelled at him still trying to make it so they don't hear us and ruin the surprise.

"Lots of people should hate me Alice. Why you chose to love me I'll never understand I'm awful." Jasper continued to bash himself more and more.

"No one could ever hate you. I love you because you're loving, caring, sweet, kind, amazing, wonderful, unhateable, and pretty damn close to perfect. Stop bashing yourself." I explained and ordered him.

"Okay let's go in." Jasper took my hand and we walked in the door, hand in hand, the way it should be and always will.