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Seattle - murder capital

Sequel to Jacob, Edward, Charlie and the word vampire - vital to read first The first chapter of eclipse if charlie already knew of vampires. Warning - long random and quite boring. Rated teen - just in case

It is boring, i repeat, BORING

1. Chapter 1

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Charlie’s POV

I knew cooking wasn’t one of my specialities, but I needed to talk to my daughter. I felt a little better about the situation with the mythical creatures hanging around the area, but I still didn’t like the fact that my daughter was in love with a vampire. I knew he would rather die than do anything to hurt her; the reason why he left last fall was to protect her for heaven’s sake! However, that didn’t stop my constant worry on the matter.I started up the hob, putting the noodles in the water, whilst getting the sauce out of the fridge and putting it in the microwave. It was only on its first revolution when Bella ran down the stairs and stopped it, so much for taking dinner off of her hands.

“What have I done wrong?” I demanded.

“You’re supposed to take the lid off first, Dad. Metal’s bad for microwaves.” She removed the lid as she spoke, pouring half into a bowl and the rest back into the fridge. She fixed the time and pressed start. I pursed my lips.

“Did I get the noodles right?” She looked at the pan on the stove speculatively.

“Stirring helps” she said mildly. She grabbed a spoon and started prodding the noodles. I sighed. “So what’s all this about?” she asked. I folded my arms across my chest and glared at the rain, not really seeing it.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about” I grumbled. She looked mystified for a moment, but went back to trying to stir the noodles. She seemed deep in thought for a minute. I wished I had Edward’s ability so I could hear her. After a while she spoke up again.

“Did I miss something? Since when did you make dinner?” She looked down at the lump of pasta in the pan “Or try to make dinner I should say. I shrugged.

“There’s no law that says I can’t cook in my own house”

“You would know” she replied, eyeing my uniform. I hadn’t realised I still had it on.

“Ha. Good one” I shrugged out of the jacket, hanging it on the peg for my gear along with my gun belt. I hadn’t worn that to the station for a few weeks, since the La Push wolves were being invisible now, and the vampires had been chased away by the Cullen’s return. I sighed. Bella kept glancing at the clock; I had put a stop to Edward time after they told explained about Victoria. I was attempting to control my thoughts around him, but, from the way he flinched from time to time, I knew I wasn’t doing too well. I sat down at the table and picked up the paper. A headline immediately caught my eye:



I read on, getting more and more agitated. It was just too close for comfort. I tisked.

“I don’t know why you read the news Dad, it only ticks you off.” I ignored her, grumbling at the paper.

“This is why everyone wants to live in a small town! Ridiculous.” I ranted.

“What have big city’s done wrong now?” she asked.

“Seattle’s making a run for murder capital of the country. Five unsolved homicides in the last two weeks. Can you imagine living like that?”

“I think Phoenix is actually higher up on the homicide list Dad. I have lived like that, and I was never close to being a murder victim ‘til I moved to a safe little town.” I shuddered, not quite used to how casually she brought up her dangerous lifestyle.

“Well, you couldn’t pay me enough” I replied lamely. We ate dinner in silence, me reading the paper, Bella reading Wuthering heights, again.

“Ok, Bells” She looked up expectantly “You’re right, I did have a reason for doing this. It’s about mythical creatures” She scowled.

“Dad, I’m not going out with Mike Newton” she told me.

“That was not what I was suggesting. I meant, I don’t think you should spend all your time with the supernatural” I said sternly. She grimaced, and then glanced at the clock.

“Dad, I can’t really see people whilst I’m grounded.” She informed me jokingly.

“Well, that’s sort of where I’m going with this…” I said hesitantly, grimacing.

“You’re serious, I’m free!” she seemed excited, and shocked at the same time. Three raps on the door immediately stopped our conversation. She leapt out of her chair and ran to get the door. I followed more slowly, working to control my unfriendly thoughts. Their greeting was the normal ‘hi’ and ‘how was your afternoon?’ but it always seemed more intense to me. Edward grinned at me.

“Good evening Charlie” he said, perfectly polite as always, that’s what you get for being born in 1901. He laughed cheerfully. Bella glared at the pair of us.“I hate it when you do that” she muttered. We laughed at her pouting face. I couldn’t stay cheerful for long; I found my mind wondering back to the paper. Edward stared at me, looking fearful. He went, human pace – the rule in my house – to the kitchen. Bella and I followed at the same pace, finding him intently reading the front page.

“Vampires?” asked Bella worriedly. Edward nodded, looking worried.

“Newborns, it happens all the time; we wouldn’t pay attention if it wasn’t so close. We should probably take care of it – no one wants a visit from Italy.” I shuddered. So much for peace and quiet.