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I Just Can't Wait To Be Queen!

Rosalie never did want to come to Forks. The whole family had to beg her to come, especially Alice. But when she decides to become Homecoming Queen, seduce all of the boys in Forks, and take down the popular girls in Forks, can Alice stop her before too much attention is drawn to the Cullen Family? PreTwilight. Rosalie's POV.

Much thanks to my beta Anna. I don't own any of this, obviously, or my name would be on the books instead of Stephanie Meyer's.

1. Prologue: Where in the World is Forks?

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 582   Review this Chapter

I could hear my family talking about me downstairs. Normally I would be pleased at this turn of events (after all, it is all about me!), but today it made me even angrier than I already was.

I stalked down the stairs, trying to use just the right amount of force so that I would sound loud but not so much that I would break the heels of my new shoes. They were expensive and one of a kind, and I’d be damned if they broke the first time I wore them. I stormed into the living room. My last stand before… Forks. Shudder.

“Jasper!” Alice hissed, glaring at him. I felt a wave of utter calm come towards me, but instead of sinking in the emotions bounced off. I laughed.

“Think you can change my mind that easily? Think again. I don’t want to live in a small town. New York? London? Places where there are malls? That would be fine. But no, our family has to live out in the middle of NOWHERE! Coach doesn’t visit Washington, folks.”

Alice frowned, staring off into space for a moment. After a bit she winced and stared at Edward. He looked at her and chuckled at whatever he saw.

“Look, Rose, you’ll love it there. Everything ends fine. The boys are pretty funny when you mess with them, particularly for me, and you’ll have a great time with Emmett.” It was his turn to grimace. “Not that I prefer that, but I’ll live…”

I glared at him, and in my mind I screamed, That is so NOT FUNNY Edward. Emmett and I didn’t ask for someone to watch our thoughts during our time alone. Stop with the charades and tell me what Alice really saw.

Edward stared at me and sighed. “Rose, you really didn’t have to scream all that. I already told you what Alice saw. And as for the… other things, I can’t help it. You two aren’t exactly quiet about it.” If he could have blushed, I’m sure he would have been.

Carlisle shook his head sadly. “Rose, I know that you don’t want to go to Forks. But it’s been settled. We are moving there. Please, for the sake of the family, just come along with us. Our family wouldn’t be the same without you.”

Edward smirked, probably thinking that it would be better without me. Go to hell, Edward. He blinked and looked at me, confused. Maybe I was wrong. That would be a first.

I made the mistake of looking at Esme. She was pleading with me, and she looked so sad. I didn’t want to let her down…

Grrr. I hated it when they used the guilt trap. I turned to Emmett, hoping he could do something to help me, and found him to be staring at me with his gorgeous golden eyes. I couldn’t possible resist my Emmett, now could I? Especially when he looked at me like that. I could just see the longing in his eyes…

“Fine, I’ll go,” I said brusquely, acting as though I was fed up with them asking. Which I was. That just wasn’t the real reason for my acceptance. I watched Alice relax the slightest bit, and noticed Edward smirking at the real reason for my acceptance.

Esme let out an audible sigh. I could tell it had been bothering her that I might not come to Forks. Oh well. I would just accept it. But they better not expect it to be easy…