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I Just Can't Wait To Be Queen!

Rosalie never did want to come to Forks. The whole family had to beg her to come, especially Alice. But when she decides to become Homecoming Queen, seduce all of the boys in Forks, and take down the popular girls in Forks, can Alice stop her before too much attention is drawn to the Cullen Family? PreTwilight. Rosalie's POV.

Much thanks to my beta Anna. I don't own any of this, obviously, or my name would be on the books instead of Stephanie Meyer's.

3. Angering Alice

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I sat in my 3rd period, trying to act human. I crossed my legs. Rolled my head around. Uncrossed my legs. Played with the bracelet I was wearing. Doodled on my page of “notes” that I was taking. I had convinced some administrators to switch some of the lame required classes, like “world languages,” to my favorite one: Fashion and Design. The teacher, Mrs. Rett, explained that the whole semester would be devoted to our portfolios. The best portfolio would be offered to some “hotshot” designer. However, he can’t have been that good or I would have heard of him. I tuned Mrs. Rett out and began to draw. Soon I was immersed in my beautiful drawings and didn’t even realize how much I had done. The bell rang and I grabbed my portfolio. It wasn’t quite as light as I expected, and when I looked down I saw a stack of papers in my hands. A few of the other girls were staring at me in awe.

“What are you guys staring at?” Not that I was complaining, I loved attention. Especially when people paid attention to me. But what on Earth could be that riveting? They were practically glued to the papers in my hands.

“Those are totally fab. Oh my god, where did you learn to draw like that?” I glanced down at the top paper. It was a sketch of a dress for homecoming, the kind I wanted Alice to make for me.

“This? This is the very first sketch. It’s not that great. I never use the intricate ruffles like that if I can help it. I prefer cutouts, but that was just what kind of flowed right there.” Huh. If they thought this was good, Alice and I should open up a boutique. We could make some serious cash.

“Can I have the drawing then? I think it’s gorgeous.” I think the girl’s name was Jessica, and the one who had answered me the first time was… Lauren. At least that’s what I’d heard them call each other earlier. That’s right. I debated about the drawing. I decided to sign it in pen before I gave it to her… sort of a copyright for my design. It would only take me the tiniest fraction of a second and…

“Sure. Here you go.” The girl looked rather pleased.

The other girl, however, had managed to acquire a rather sour expression on her face. This Lauren might actually rival me for the biggest bitch going. Shocking. She pondered something and then asked, “Are you trying out for Homecoming Royalty? Jess and I are going to do it together.”

I laughed. “But of course. I’ve been trying to convince Alice to do it with me.”

The girl looked kind of pissed. Probably figured out she would lose. Oh well. I knew that I would be late to class in a minute if I didn’t get them moving. Alice didn’t need to tell me that. I gave the two a friendly smile. “I’m going to get to class. See you guys there!”

I slipped down the halls using my superhuman speed. I got to class 8 seconds before the bell rang. I smiled at Jessica and Lauren when they walked in 26 seconds late, and barely kept from laughing out loud when their jaws dropped. Lauren stalked off to a seat in the back. Jessica paused for a moment and then followed her, marginally less dramatic.

“Thank you, girls, for coming to class today.” My English teacher, Mr. Barrows, smiled at them with a bit of a sarcastic expression on his face. “I would think you would be excited, considering we are applying for Homecoming King and Queen.”

Lauren smiled for the first time. She was an ugly girl. I couldn’t let her be queen! Ewww! I deserved the title. Obviously. No human should get a title that was rightfully mine.

My phone started buzzing. I looked down at it. Alice. Shit. I raised my hand.

“Um, Mr. Barrows, I would really love an application, but could I use the restroom right now? It’s kind of urgent.” He threw the pass at me and I slid out the door. I made it to the bathroom in record time and took Alice’s call.

“Hello there, Rosalie Cullen speaking. However may I help you?” I made my voice super sweet to make her mad.

“Rose, you better stop. I don’t know what you want to do, but I see people staring at you and Emmett and you guys are all dressed up and… You didn’t?” She was pretty pissed. I decided I had better keep up the dumb blonde pretense for a little longer.

“Didn’t what? I didn’t kill anybody. There was no torturing or blood-sucking in any of my plans.”


“What would it hurt? I apply, people vote for a few girls on the list of applicants. You never know if I would make it to the “official nomination” or not.” I was running out of things to say. Crap. I had better get Emmett on my side and soon. I was pretty sure the death threat was coming soon…


“Yeah, whatever. Love you too, Alice.” I snapped the phone shut. My best bet was Emmett. I might be able to get Esme. She would do anything to keep fighting down. Maybe she could convince Carlisle, but that was unlikely. Edward and Jasper would side with Alice. It would be three against four. I was in trouble.