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Midnight Madness

cullen family and bella locked in at port angeles mall, what do they get up to...?

Stephenie Meyer owns all characters! baby-doll slip: http://www2.victoriassecret.com/commerce/onlineProductDisplay.vs?namespace=productDisplay&origin=onlineProductDisplay.jsp&event=display&prnbr=CM-237950&page=1&cgname=OSSLPGRTZZZ&rfnbr=5253 bra:http://www2.victoriassecret.com/commerce/onlineProductDisplay.vs?namespace=productDisplay&origin=onlineProductDisplay.jsp&event=display&prnbr=CM-226370&page=1&cgname=OSBRPMWLZZZ&rfnbr=4606 panties:

1. Chapter 1

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Midnight Madness Bella POV: This morning I was day dreaming about how incredible it would be if we all got locked in at the Port Angeles mall, imagining where things could lead to for Edward and I. Our relationship had been progressing, but none the less this progression was slow, my desire for him was strong and undeniable. Meanwhile, Alice had got a vision on what I wished that could happen this evening. She was bubbling with excitement, and threw a huge grin towards me; her face told me that this was going to be a night to remember. Rosalie was graciously moving down the stairs, and caught the look on Alice’s face, and flew down the stairs to kneel at Alice’s feet, Alice bent down and began whispering very fast about what the night had install for us. As Rosalie began to stand back up, she gave me smile that I took to mean thank-you and good thinking. All 6 of us piled uncomfortably into Emmett’s Jeep, Alice was driving while I was sitting shotgun. None of the men knew what we had installed for this evening; Alice had been reciting the Vietnamese national anthem into 17 different languages and Rosalie had been remembering her favourite sexual encounters with Emmett, these little tricks had kept Edward right out of their minds. Although he was suspicious, fortunately he was still very clueless. We took a back route to get to Port Angeles mall, and got there under 15 minutes. Edward, Jasper and Emmett all had faces of dismay, they were truly not looking forward to shopping; little did they know, it wasn’t going to be a ‘shopping’ trip. Alice and Rosalie grabbed hold of each of my arms, threw an empathetic look towards Edward and quickly ran off with me. I was surprised he didn’t run after me, Alice and he must’ve shared an internal conversation. As I opened my eyes we were standing in front of Victoria’s Secret, I groaned internally and trudged in slowly behind them. “Uhhhh… I think I will wait outside...” I said as I attempted to escape from the store, forgetting about vampire speed and strength. The both pulled me back in, and gave me evil glares. “Bella! We are doing this for your own good!” cried Rosalie “Now could you please try these on for us!” Alice was pushing a pile of lingerie into my hands; the pile had an assortment of items throughout it. A teddy, a corset, night gown, bra&panties set, and last of all a blue baby-doll slip. “You expect me to wear something like this?” Holding out the blue baby-doll slip. “Edwards face will light up, when he sees you in this. Now choose one piece of lingerie out of the pile, and go try it on” “Noo… I cannot do this, the vision you saw earlier was just a daydream” I cried. “We need to crack Edward! We all know that he is protective, and is scared of breaking you. But both of you need to have this chance, because it’s quite clear you both are sexually frustrated,” Alice said. My face blush with colour, as I nervously chose my lingerie. I grabbed the deep violet bra&panties set and rushed into the change room. I put it all on, and looked in the mirror. The purple brought out the unusual paleness of my skin, my hair was ruffled from taking my top off, my cheeks were flushed from the heat of the change room, and my breasts had cleavage that I had never seen before. I looked like a sex goddess. Alice shoved a pair of silver strappy stilettos under the door and told me to try them on. I walked out of the cubical with confidence and pride I had never had. Both Rosalie and Alice whistled under the breath, they looked impressed. Rosalie had never given me a proper compliment before. Rosalie rushed over, and adjusted the straps to the bra, and Alice heaved and pushed my breasts up to emphasize them. “Bella keep that on! And put this on over the top. I’ll pay the lady for the baby-doll slip, and that bra&panties set,” said Alice. Rosalie looked at me, and gave me a wink. She handed me a pair of black jeans, and a top I didn’t recognise. I slipped the skin tight jeans on, my hips looked so curvaceous in them it made me wonder why I never owned a pair of them. The top was even more wow. It was almost the same colour purple as the bra, and came down very low and accentuated my breasts. The heels remained on, as I strutted back out in my newly condemned outfit. I held my Victoria’s Secret bag, and pictured myself putting on the little slip dress, and slowly walking over to Edward in it. Alice looked at me and winked, she also knew that would happen. “Well since the shopping centre will be closing in approximately 9 minutes and 17 seconds, where would you like to hide, so we won’t be kicked out?” questioned Alice “We could always go to a bedding store, and hide under the beds. But first we must find the men, so they don’t get to anxious,” suggested Rosalie. I followed behind both of them so Edward would get a surprise seeing me. We found Jasper, Emmett and Edward at the gaming arcade, looking slightly bored. I walked to the side a little, trying to get a glimpse of Edward. We could never last long without each other. Jasper turned around first, and raised an eyebrow at Alice; by his face he looked shocked that Alice or Rosalie hadn’t bought anything yet. Alice quietly whispered into Jasper’s ear, but I didn’t catch a word they were saying. Rosalie walked up behind Emmett and slapped him on the arse; he turned around and pulled her body close. Slowly Edward turned around searching for me. I could tell he was searching for the girl who was previously wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. He caught a glimpse of me, and his eyes widened with an expression I only got late at night from him. He used his vampire speed, and raced over to me. I inhaled his scent, and my head immediately began to spin. My face was heating up; I could feel his eyes penetrating my face, trying to get me to look up at him. Reluctantly I looked up into his probing eyes. “Hi Beautiful,” Edward whispered in a husky voice “Hello,” I purred, Jasper had been setting the ambience perfectly. Edward’s arms were beginning to rap around my waist with his hand lightly resting on my arse, his guard was slipping slowly. “Guys,” Alice said “The shopping centre is closing soon, but we girls wanted to have a fun night, so go find somewhere to hide. And we will meet back here in say 15 minutes?” Emmett looked up with curiosity on his face; he obviously hadn’t thought something like this would’ve happened. His face lit up with joy, Edward looked displease that we managed to trick him into doing something ‘bad’. We all ran in different directions, Edward pulled me onto his back. And we quickly ran for the bedding area in a department store. We quickly slid under the bed, and became silent. I could feel his eyes prying at my torso and legs. We silently crept out from under the beds, and rushed back to our original spot. “I can’t believe that my idea, actually worked!” I said, gleefully. Edward, Jasper, and Emmett’s head turned to me “This was your idea?”Edward stammered, his eyes were still focused on my body. “Damn straight it was, we needed something exciting to do, I have become rather sick of when you kidnap me. And plus Alice and Rosalie were just as excited to do it, as I was,” Edward continued to look at me, his eyes were such a deep golden colour I had never seen before. “Edward, honey? Can you please tell me what you are staring at?” I questioned in a quiet tone, already knowing the answer, but wanting to hear come it from his own velvety voice. Alice was sitting in Jaspers lap, talking seductively to him. Rosalie and Emmett were playing Tongue Hockey, and looked like they didn’t want to stop anytime soon. “I am staring at my beautiful fiancée, and how breathtakingly gorgeous she is looking,” he stated firmly, his golden eyes piercing into my deep chocolate ones. My face turned rosy, and my eyes lowered. He paced towards me, and brought his face down to mine and leaned in for a kiss. It was passionate, strong, and was heart melting. His tongue was touching my lower lip, asking for access, I obliged and fell even deeper into the kiss. I could feel myself become dizzy, and I pulled away from the kiss. I took a deep breath, and began kissing his jaw line, doing light butterfly kisses all the way to his ear lobe, which I playfully bit, he moaned a deep sensual moan that made me incredibly wet. “Edward, can you hold your thoughts a little longer?” I teasingly whispered. “Not for long, my love…”he mumbled, slightly squeezing my arse. I grabbed his hand, and turned around. “Is anyone interested in playing, strip poker?” I said in a loud clear voice. Four heads looked my way, and all looked rather excited. I sat down, dragging Edward with me, beginning the formation of a circle. Alice and Jasper sat to the left of Edward, while Rosalie and Emmett, sat to the right of me. This would be an interesting game, I thought to myself. Time passed, and Alice, Rosalie and I were sorely losing, not that we cared though. The purple bra&panties worked magic on Edward; his eyes never left my body. My breasts didn’t lose their cleavage or their accentuation. The panties were cut extremely low, leaving nothing to the imagination. I was becoming exceedingly wet; I knew Edward could smell my arousal. Abruptly the game had a sudden turn around, and the boys were sitting in their boxers, Edwards knees were curled up to his chest it was obvious at what he was hiding. “Edward, as you can see, there is nothing to be ashamed about in this family. So lower your legs from your chest, and start playing the game properly.”I smirked and fluttered my eyelashes, he looked at me with a mixture of emotions on his face; shock, embarrassment, provocation, and arousal. I gave him a seductive smile and wink. And he lowered his legs from his chest. His member was standing at attention, and I giggled; he looked truly mortified. He grabbed his shirt and draped it across his lap, attempting to hide his now obvious erection. Jasper was changing the mood, so the game wasn’t funny and embarrassing anymore, but very arousing and heated. I was now Alice, Rosalie, and I fortunately got lucky, and now the boys were naked, and all looking rather uncomfortable. Shortly all of those problems would be taken care of. I heard the clock in the town square, signalling that it was 12.00 pm. It was time to work my magic. I stood up slowly, and ran my fingers through my hair, and reached for Edwards’s hand. He got up willingly, and picked me up and put me around his waist. I locked my ankles together behind his back and began to kiss and suck on his neck, I would occasionally nibble him, and he would moan then shudder. I unlocked my legs, and he dropped lightly on the ground, his eyes were full of deep longing and desire. I kissed him full and passionately on the lips, and quickly went into the shadows to put on my breath taking baby-doll slip. If he thought that my bra&panties set was good, he was in for a rude shock. I un-hinged the bra, and slipped off the panties, and swiftly through them into the corner. This was it, the long awaiting of our sexual romance beginning. I broke off the tag, and slid my way into it, the material latched to my waist, hips, and thighs, bringing out all my curviness. My breasts were amplified again, look naturally large. I would have to thank Alice once we were back at the Cullen mansion, she sure does know how to pick out the best lingerie. I stepped back into my 8 inch silver stilettos, feeling sexier than I had ever felt before. I stepped out of the shadows, and walked over to my Edward. He was lying on a magnificent bed. That was hanging from cords attached to the roof. The white canopy was draped around the bed, so I could only see his shadow. I quickly walked across to him; he sat upright and looked at me. Astonished at how naturally beautiful I looked. I took one final step, and leaned over him. And kissed him, that kiss was to show him how I felt every time he left me breathless. I pulled away slowly from him, keeping my eyes closed and licking my lips, he looked up at me dreamily and quickly flipped me over so he was hovering over me. “Bella, do you have any idea how ravishing you look to me? To any man?” he said, breathlessly “My heart will never beat again, but yet somehow you make it feel as if I’m human again, making me feel as if I have just ran a race.” I gave him my smile I save just for him, it was small, but he knew that it meant I love you. His hand was tracing up and down along my side, amazed at how voluptuous I was. He leant down to kiss my collar bone, his lips continuing to flutter down into my cleavage. His hands were massaging my breasts, making me moan delightfully, his left hand moved down to my leg, and trailed up the slip, getting closer and closer to the spot where I most desired him. I pushed myself upwards, and started to unzip the slip, slowly yet fast enough that he could memorize each piece of skin he saw. He leaned forward so he could do the job, while my delicate hands, traced circles around his abdomen. I let my hand trail further south, and tracing his ‘V’ I felt the slip fall off me, and didn’t feel ashamed that he was seeing me naked for the first time. He looked at me intently until I slowly pushed him backwards, forcing him to lie down. I crawled on top of him, kissing from his Adam’s apple all the way to the edge of his ‘V’. I heard his sharp intake of breath; his large member was pulsating with desire. I kissed the head of his penis, and the slowly draped my mouth around the whole of it. I used my hands to start rubbing the shaft, making him feel so overjoyed made me even wetter. He closed his eyes, and allowed me to continue. I slowly moved my body further up his body and placed my opening at the head of his penis, I was dripping wet, I waited a moment and slowly allowed my channel to envelope his shaft. I gasped as his penis hit my G-spot; he opened his eyes, and placed his hands on my waist. Quickly, very quickly he flipped us over so he could penetrate me from above. I moved my legs around to lock behind his back, and groaned even louder, as he pulled his penis out then back in again. He sighed, and the quickly picked up the pace. I was crying out his name so loud now that I knew that the others would hear. Muscles were tightening in my stomach, clenching together, and then a wave of euphoria hit us at the same time. I screamed his name, while he growled a feral, erotic growl. My back flew up off of the mattress, he held it up to his stomach while we road off the waves of euphoria. He slowly pulled out of my now tight channel, and rolled to the side. I was hot and sweaty yet very content, and I rolled back into his chest; trying to cool myself down. He was lazily drawing circles on my back, the pleasure of his touch made my back tingle. I leaned into kiss his chest, hoping that he may have enough for another round. I looked up into his bright golden eyes, and I saw that he had no intention of letting me go. “Edward, this time I’m on top” I purred into his ear. His growl caught me off guard, he looked pleased to have me on top. I kicked off my heels, and pushed down against the mattress, I wanted to play dirty this time. I grabbed the ribbon that came with my slip, and tied his hands together, although this seemed a pointless thing to do, he wanted to play along. I slid my body up and down his, my breasts pressing against his cold granite chest, making my nipples erect, he leaned up and started to playfully suck on them, causing me to leak some of my juices onto his pelvis. He groaned as my hot fluids, reached his body. His penis was upright and was full of testosterone and venom, his yearning was strong and delectable. I moved my hot core, to sit directly above it, and brought myself heavily down on it, instantly bring a cry to my lips. I pushed myself up and down his shaft using my hands and knees; I could feel my orgasm coming. I could hold it in until he was just about to come. Edward broke free of the ribbon and placed his hands on my hips, helping me move faster. Hearing my backside and his pelvis clap together brought my orgasm to the next level. “OH, OH, OH OHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed. My breasts were dancing, and held Edward’s eyes captive. “OH MY GOD, IM-ABOUT-TO-COME!” I yelled, convulsing around his man-hood. I fell forward onto his chest; panting raggedly, keeping our bodies connected at all times. Edward pushed my hair away, and whispered in to my ear “Bella, I love you with all my heart”, he kissed the top of my head, and continued drawing light circles on my back. “I love you too, Edward” I mumbled incoherently, and fell asleep on his cold, granite chest.