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Edward leaves for a second time and left bella hopeless and heartbroken. 50 years later bella is a vampire and returns to her home town forks to meet back up with her once true love.Can their love be back together after so long, or just be torn even farther apart. BannerFans.com

Bella must survive as a vampire!! I don't own any characters except:Allen and May!!

1. Forks again...

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 451   Review this Chapter

In all my 50 years as a vampire, I never thought I'd see the rainy town of forks again.

"Oh how I hate this place" I thought to myself.

"Give it back!!" May yelled. "No!!"Allen threw back. "Shut up..."I mumbled quietly.

"Give it!!!" May continued. "Stop it" I mumbled once more. I was at my last straw.

"ALLEN!!!" May shouted "SHUT UP NOW!!"I shouted, slamming on my brakes.

I was in their faces in less than a second. "I'm trying to drive!" I explained, trying to keep calm. "Sorry bella..."May whispered, Allen nodding. "It's okay." I said. I turned around and started back up the road, in silence. I loved getting to be in charge of our family.

We made it to our home, which was three stories high and had a forest as a front yard. I was loving it!! We unpacked and got ready for school in the morning. "School, no!!" I thought. I seriously hated school as a vampire, it sucked...*sigh*But I had to deal with it...

"Yes, school!!" At least May was excited about her new school. "Great..." I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes. She glared and Allen laughed. I crossed my eyes and stuck my tongue out at her. Allen was bursting into laughter and I giggled at him. May, of course, started a fight with me and we wrestled. I won.

This morning on the way to school, I wanted to slaughter Allen. "I think I eat too much..." He complained again about his stomach-ache. "Well then, stop being a pig!!" I teased him. He glared and I winked.

We stopped and parked my car in the front of the school. "I hate this place too."

May and Allen went straight to the office, but I looked over to my side out of old habits.

There in front of me was the Silver Volvo that haunted my every thought." No!!!"

This couldn't be real. He left, they all left. I grabbed at my chest and tried so hard to breathe evenly. "He's here. My...Edward..."

That day went by so slowly. I couldn't concentrate and didn't pay attention to anything that was going on. That was his car and he was here. I didn't have a chance to think it straight before lunch came. I jumped up at the sound of the bell. I had to face him, them, no matter what. "Why did I have to come back? I shouldn't have come back!!" I thought over and over again. But it didn't matter now, I was already too late. I walked in the cafeteria, changing my life forever...