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Edward leaves for a second time and left bella hopeless and heartbroken. 50 years later bella is a vampire and returns to her home town forks to meet back up with her once true love.Can their love be back together after so long, or just be torn even farther apart. BannerFans.com

Bella must survive as a vampire!! I don't own any characters except:Allen and May!!

2. Meet and Greet

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 767   Review this Chapter

May and I walked to together into the cafeteria and I was about to run out but may grabbed me and turned me around. "Just try to breathe normally bella. I don't want any suspicious stares from the little people." She pointed at the tables of guys who were already staring at us, and the girls that walked past us, jealousy in there eyes. I glared at them which made them flinch and turn away. "Solved that problem now let me out of here." I urged but her grip on my arm wouldn't budge. I sighed and just walked, staring at the food in disgust. "Eww..." I mumbled to low for any of the people near me to hear. May stepped on my foot which made me jump, and I hit her arm.

We sat at the table farthest to the little people and close near the "Cullen" table. Great... This day couldn't get any worse. Then I heard a small voice behind us. "Excuse me. Are you guys new here?" Alice, I knew that voice from miles away. I smiled wickedly. I knew them but they didn't know me. I turned and smiled at the familiar face and my family gasped. "Hello." I said in a sweet voice. She held out her hand to shack but I just stared at her, wrinkling my nose. She coughed and pulled it back, I smiled at her reaction.

She turned to May and nodded. "You must be the leader I presume." She said and held out her hand to her instead. I laughed and Allen joined in. May giggled after a few seconds and left Alice with a confused and shocked expression. "No actually."

I didn't get up and neither did my family, I was the leader and they always followed my lead. I didn't mention that our eyes are crystal red... I didn't, how dumb of me. "Hello." They all said and I nodded..

None of them recognized me! Yes my plan was working beautifully! They each tried to shake mine and my family's hand and I didn't shack anyone's and my family followed. I just looked up at their surprised face and smiled politely. "So you're the leader after all aren't you?" Jasper made clear. "And this is my husband." May said quietly behind me, grabbing Allen's arm. Allen and I laughed at her. "No one is going to still him away May." I told her.

"Yea, Their all married anyways." Allen told her. She relaxed as Edward stiffened. "You forgot one Allen." I said and pointed at Edward. Edward sighed and went back to his table. I looked away and back to Alice. "Who is your leader?" I already knew Carlisle was, but they didn't know that. Alice spoke "He does not come to school which I question why you three do." She raised an eyebrow at us. And they all stared at our eyes. "Believe it or not but our resistance for humans is much stronger than all of yours put together. But there is no need to include the weak one in this comparison." I looked at jasper.

"My husband is not weak!" Alice hissed at me. Allen and May both stood up as if to protect me, which is exactly what they were doing. Emmett stood up straight and flexed his muscles. I laughed at the sudden tense atmosphere. "Do you forget we have an audience?" I tilted my head to the humans who were all looking at us now. Emmett relaxed but May and Allen didn't. "I suggest we meet your leader at once and just skip this hell hole?" I noticed Edward had gotten up and I made him sit back down. He stared at me in horror, but I just kept smiling sweetly at him.

I got up and practically danced out of the cafeteria, feeling the human's stairs burn into my back. My family got up and followed me out to our car and got in. Edward came to the window as I roll it down and waited. "Just follow me." He said. I smiled and rolled the window back up. They left and I sped up past them and lead them back to their house. Allen and May were in the back waving to the ‘Cullen' car. I sped up making them hit their heads on the glass. I was cracking up and just kept my eyes on the windy road to the Cullen Mansion...