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Edward leaves for a second time and left bella hopeless and heartbroken. 50 years later bella is a vampire and returns to her home town forks to meet back up with her once true love.Can their love be back together after so long, or just be torn even farther apart. BannerFans.com

Bella must survive as a vampire!! I don't own any characters except:Allen and May!!

3. DoNt PlAy WiTh FiRe

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I stepped out of the car and sighed. Old memories came back to haunt me once again... Oh well, time always heals the pain so what does it matter anyway... I felt the presence of the second car pull up and come to a slow stop in the front yard behind my car. Edward was the first to get out and was followed by big man Emmett. Of course Emmett stayed behind until all of them were out, protection. This was very wise of him, because when you piss of May... She can be one big ball of flaming fire! Her power was of course second best. Amazing ability she had. Allen wasn't that bad at fighting either but his power was more reliable when someone was hurt. And mine was the bomb!! I couldn't wait to unleash it in front of the traitors! They deserved what was going to be given to them... It was only fair after all...

"Darling..." Allen's voice snaked its way in my mind.

"Get out." I spoke aloud calmly.

Allen smiled wickedly. "Are your guarding walls failing love?" He whispered again, of course refusing my order.

"You wish love." I whispered and tighten my fist. His breathing stopped and his muscles bulged.

"Allen, stop your rudeness!" May stomped on his foot.

At that point I let my grip go and he gasped for unnecessary air. I laughed a hard and joylessly laugh, for just then the Cullen's walked up to us.

"Finally." May whispered to Allen.

We all laughed in harmony. Rosalie stepped forward for the first time. "Ahem." She coughed to get our attention.

"Shall we go in now??" She gestured with her right hand up to the house.

"We shall." I spoke hard and cold. No one moved for a couple of minutes till the Cullens realized that we were not going to start up first. The Alice started up the hill, to reassure us of course.

If those Cullens weren't going to trust us, we weren't going to trust them. They play hard but we play harder. I am the leader and none of us do anything until I approve of it. That's the way it works and I was in charge. Alice grabbed at Jasper's hand and tugged him forward. But he made it clear that he wasn't going to take his eyes off of me and let his guard down. "How rude you all are to our guests!" Alice lectured her family. But I wasn't going to fall for it. She was just trying to make it sound all innocent, but I knew that Emmett was going to pounce the second I turned my back to him. I thought maybe I can test this theory of mine.

So then I turned my back to the Cullens and headed straight forward to the mansion..

"Watch out!!" May screamed from behind me.
Emmett had launched himself at me from behind, just as I predicted. He was about to land his huge body on top my small figure in a second, but that's what I got May for, Protection. I turned around slowly to see him snarling and his teeth clenched together, but just then, As if not a moment had passed... He was lying on the ground on fire and screaming in agony!

"Emmett!!!" Rosalie yelled in horror.

I instinctively turned away from him and ran to May, though he would never believe it, but this was causing her more pain then him.

May, or course, fainted and was lying on the ground when I reached her. I ignored the screaming Cullens behind me and put my hands over Mays forehead. Light immediately burst from my palms and shone onto Mays head. Allen, who went to Emmet instead of May, was kneeling in front of him.

Emmet had lost consciousness as well as May, but the fire had stopped before then. Allen was healing Emmett's body wounds and his brain trauma. Rosalie was in Edward's arms sobbing tearlessly while Alice was holding onto Jasper's stomach. Carsilie and Esme had come out and were holding onto each other now.

It was like one whole drama session, I wondered if they wept over their loss of me this same way. If I had put the tiniest scar onto each and everyone of them. I smiled at the thought of them being tormented by my leaving which only lead me to my unfortunate death not only three months later. I hadn't noticed that May was awake and opened her eyes, I was too transfixed into my flash back upon my disturbing pasting to notice. She touched my cheek and smiled up at me.

I looked down at her as she whispered the words, "No one will ever hurt you again Bella."

I smiled at her and looked up at the Cullens, theirs eyes wide with shock. Edwards face lit up with joy but then, as quickly as it had lightened up, the joy faded. Just one look of heart-ache from me made all the happiness cease to exists and be replaced with pain and regret.

I didn't feel sorry for making them upset, for that's all they gave upon me in my last days here in forks. This place still haunted my every thought with memories filled with anger and hate along sided with sorrow and pain.

"The world isn't a nice place and its demons are even worse!!" I practically spat the words out at them, hoping that my acidy tone may spark up some anger or remorse.

Alice let out a sob followed by the gasping of Esme.

"How could you say such a thing to us? We are family. We took care of you bella!" The words slipped from Esme's smooth lips. She regretted saying the words as soon as she spoke them.

I was in their faces at once, with the look of a ‘woman which fury hell hath no.'

"When did you take care of me!?! When my father died!?! I think not! You and your family of damned souls are nothing but servants of the lord of the underworld! He who sends you upon the earth to ruin god's people on their way to nirvana, condemning them forever to a black pit of pain and sorrow, forsaken for all eternity to hear the screams of those feeling the wrath of the flames from under!!"

I then turned away from Esme's broken face, twisted in agony of my words, and faced Carlisle head on.

"And who do you think you are? A man who once bathed in god's love and grace, to plunge another of innocence down from which even god's mighty eye fills with agony just to look upon! I have been to hell Carlisle; you have only read about it!"

The look on Carlisle's face changed from shock to horror. I had never been so upset since the day I found myself in hell its self. I caused not only them pain but also to myself. Those harmful memories played a video behind my eyes and burned through the walls I had trained myself to form for all these years.

And so I began to cry. I couldn't hold back the tears anymore, the pain was too much to bare. I didn't understand it but a part of me still longed for the touch of his arms, for his soft and gentle lips to caress mine again. How I ever lived without him I would never know but now I knew that he left a scar on me and I couldn't ignore it any longer...