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Edward leaves for a second time and left bella hopeless and heartbroken. 50 years later bella is a vampire and returns to her home town forks to meet back up with her once true love.Can their love be back together after so long, or just be torn even farther apart. BannerFans.com

Bella must survive as a vampire!! I don't own any characters except:Allen and May!!

4. Leavng again

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I put my head in my hands and continued my weeping, until it to stopped and disappeared. And laughter took its place. Laughter, running through my veins and up to my brain. Coating over every feeling I had and have. The sweet feeling of joy once again filling me up and bursting into laughter. I felt happy again, even though I just had the worst emotional outburst in my life. The giggling that came out past my lips, echoed in the cool air and I took joy in it. It had been a long time since I laughed like this. It eventually started to hurt and then the tears came back, but I still laughed through them. My head bobbed up and down as the laughter continued. I didn't know if I had gone crazy or not but all I knew was laughter. Damn, this happy feeling was hurting my stomach. As the giggling started to slow down, I felt a presence near me. Closing up around me was warmth. The warmth of his arms supported my weak knees. I looked up into his eyes and was then covered in lips. His lips crushed mine, with his hand traveling up and down my body. Moving in ways I didn't recognized before. We could never do this, his tongue sliding against mine. I froze and was embarrassed when he stopped and looked into my eyes.

"I'm sorry." I blushed as I looked down at my feet. In a flash he lifted my head to lock lips again, and this time I actually kissed back. It wasn't quite a shock that his tongue took its position back against mine. I let myself explore a little, moving my tongue along his, all the while my lips moved violently around his. This was wrong and I knew it! I had to stop this! Stop it now! The voice in my head raged on and on about the wrongs of our actions but I wanted it, needed it. But, again, it was so very wrong. To myself and to someone else I had forgotten long ago. And hopefully he had forgotten me as well. I sighed past Edward's lips and listened to my conscious advice. My hand moved up and pushed gently on his chest, parting our lips for the last time.

"What is it?" He asked when our lips were freed. I stared into his eyes, the endless sea of topaz. Surrounding me, but still I knew what was right. And this was far from it.

"My past refuses me to let go of what you and your family have put me through. For my past lives up to my present. And in the present, you have no place of happiness in my heart. I'm sorry my love, but the hole in my heart reminds me of the pain you put me through. This isn't possible." I could feel my serious face forming. And his smile disappearing with the warmth that once filled me up inside. I guess there just wasn't any room for happiness in my life. So I stepped away from Edward's hold and turned to where May still lie. I kneeled down next to her and touched her cheek. Looking up at Allen standing behind me, I mouth the words "You're my real family now". He smiled down at me then leaned down to scope May up in his arms.

"I'm sorry for all the troubles that I have caused you today, but now you know I do still exist. Goodbye." I spoke the words when I got up.

We were leaving now; it was a stupid idea of mine that I might have been able to live in this cloudy paradise again. And so we turned away from the Cullens and started to walk down their hill, back to our car. My hand was then caught by another and I was abruptly turned around back to see his eyes burning into mine.

"I need you to stay with me Bella! You can't leave me again!" If he could, Edward would probably been crying.

"So now I was the one who left? I strictly remember you being the one who walked out on me!" I shoved him away from me and continued walking to the car.

I already knew he was not going to let me go now, but I kept walking anyways. I had almost gotten to the car but he then jumped in front of me and was yelling up a storm.

"You can't just come here like that and then just walk away as if we are nothing to you!" He yelled in my face, the acid in his voice leaking out into his words.

"Well then I never will come back again. I'm sorry to have troubled you for this past hour; I won't ever do it again." The sarcasm was clear in my tone of voice.

I brushed past him and stepped forward to unlock the driver's side door. He was there in a split second and pushed me back away from the car.

"Edward, I suggest you just back away and let me through." I said, trying to keep calm. I closed my eyes and concentrated on where the other Cullens were. Alice was closest to us but the rest stood firmly behind her.

"So what now, Am I suppose to be afraid of you?" Edward spat the words at me.

"If you were smart, boy, you would be." Allen spoke the words from the other side of the car.

"I wasn't talking to you! This has nothing to do with you!" Edward turned his head in Allen's direction when speaking the words.

I couldn't take his arrogance anymore, acting so high and mighty as if he could stand up to Allen. He wouldn't last a second in a fight with Allen.

"Edward, Shut up!" I pushed his to the side and pressed a button on my car remote. It unlocked the doors and Allen immediately lay May in the backseat, than closed the door.

"Allen, please just get in the car." I said to him when he started to make his way around the car to my side. When he did reach my side Edward was already back to where he stood in my way.

"Take her advice and get back into the car. I don't want to have to hurt you!" Edward challenged Allen and as of expected, Allen full charged at him, knocking Edward to the ground.

"Allen, get off him!" I screamed at him, pushing him off Edward. But he would never be seen as a coward and just jumped back on him. Edward was being pelted with punches to the face until finally throwing one himself. It knocked Allen off him and now Allen was using his speed to take advantage of Edward. But as wickedly fast Allen was, Edward was just as speedy. I stepped back and watched their dance. It so much reminded me of when Edward fought with Victoria, only this time I wasn't rooting for Edward. One of them started messing up, just like back then, only this time I think it was Edward. I could see bronze move up and down for Edward's falls and rises. I wish I could do something, but just like last time, I was helpless. And I did feel just as helpless as then. As helpless as a human ought to feel when some unnatural battle went on in front of their eyes.

But I knew I wasn't going to be helpless. Just like then, I was going to help my side in some sort of way. Right in-between a short pause of their death dance, I launched myself between them and bared my fangs at Edward. That had gotten both of their attentions, and the dance was over. My back was hunched over in a protective stance in front of Allen. A deep and menacing growl built up in the back of my throat. A warning to Edward, saying stay away.

"I won't let you ruin my life again. If you want him, you'll have to go through me first." I hissed the words at his scared ass.

Edward looked at me with tortured eyes. But no pity came to heart for me.

"Would you do that for me? Would you, would you die for me?" He hesitated with his words and when I opened my mouth to answer him he held up his hand and said, "Don't you fucking lie to me Bella!" He bared his fangs at me and crouched his back, as if to ready himself to launch at me. But no fear came to heart for me. And when the time came for him to launch at me, he did. I fell back from the power that knocked me back. He was on top of me, fangs at the point of my neck.

"Do it." I said, surprising him.

"Take the thing that you had wanted for so many years. You still do want it don't you?" His pupils grew at my words.

"No, I can't" He said, getting off me and standing above me.

I was giving him what he always wanted and now he was to weak to take it.

"How pathetic." Allen and I said in harmony. I swung my legs up in the air and back flipped myself off the ground

"I love you too much, Bella." He spoke the words with his head faced down to the ground. . I laughed at his pathetic excuse.

"Well I don't" And with those last words, Allen and I got into the car and drove away. Leaving my last chance of love behind in the dust...