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One Last Chance

Ana Forrester has settled in with her new family. For the first time, she feels as if she belongs. She has parents, brothers, sisters, friends, and her soul mate/imprint Seth But clouds are starting to gather on the horizon, and not just in the tiny town of Forks. There’s another coven that talks of revolution and rebellion. What will happen if they carry out their plans? SEQUEL TO ABSTRACT REALITY!!!!CHAPTER 5 IS NOW UP!!!!! PLEASE R&R!!!!!!!5/7/09: I edited some things in chapter five that are important to the plot. Please re-read it if you have read that chapter already; it's a very important plot fragment!!!!

The first time I tried this, the story gor rejected because I put it in two categories... I'll just put it in No Time Frame, but we all know it's also Post BD, too... Love Ya!! :DDDD

1. Chapter 1: Prologue/ A New Day

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Edward said that their plans had been doomed from the start. It was an impossible plan, he’d said, unable to go into effect because of the power the intended victims wielded. Not to mention the wrath of those who would be angry because of the effect of this plan.

I, too, had hoped that their words were simply words. Simple ideas, thoughts, threats; I had believed that their plans would never be carried out, that me and my family would live in peace, unhindered by the plans the others made.

Now, here we stand, afraid for our futures, our lives and our loved ones, all because of the dreams of one person, and thee willingness of another. I had thought them simple words.

How very wrong I was.

Chapter 1: A New Day

I yawned, and opened my eyes to see the sun streaming in through the window, which was actually part of the wall. Another early spring day greeted me. I slipped out of bed, and walked out the door… right into a pair of warm, inviting arms.

“Hey, Ana!” Seth said, “How did you sleep?”

“Okay,” I replied, “for a human. What were you doing outside my room?”

Seth chuckled. “I was bored, so I came up here. I thought it’d be a nice surprise. For a human.”

It was my turn to laugh.

“Did someone say ‘for a human?’” called a familiar voice. I looked down to the end of the hallway to see a young woman with long brown hair. At the same time, a voice squealed, “Ana,” and I was nearly taken down by a flash of bronze hair as a pair of brown eyes smiled at me.

“Morning, Nessie!” I said, and glanced up again. “Morning, Bella.”

“Morning?” Emmett’s voice rang out from the end of the hall, making me jump. “It’s almost noon!”

“It’s only 11:30!” Another male voice replied, followed by a scuffling noise. I saw Bella roll her eyes, the effect ruined by the slight grin on her face.

“If you so much as rip off a single strand of hair from my husband’s head, Emmett, I’ll rip your head off, and stick it on a scarecrow in the cornfield of a rural Midwestern town!” Bella admonished over her shoulder; I knew Emmett and Edward could hear her, despite the fact that she didn’t even yell down the hall.

“I’m sure he heard you, but he’s halfway down the stairs now,” Edward said as he walked over to Bella, kissing her on the cheek. I could almost see the blush that should’ve been there at her smile.

“Ana, want to go to La Push today?” Nessie asked, “Jake, Seth and me are going; it’s supposed to be a nice day today.”

“Sure.” I agreed. “Let me just get my things.”

“See you in five!” Nessie called as she ran past her mother, and down the stairs. I shut the door to my room, grabbed my new swimsuit and towel, pocketed a bottle of sunscreen, and bolted for the stairs.

Jasper waited at the bottom, laughing at Emmett, sprawled out between the piano and the stairs.

“You owe me!” He chortled. “Pay up!”

“Fine.” Emmett groaned.

I chuckled, walking toward the door. At that moment, everything seemed perfect. At least, for a few more seconds. As I put my hand on the knob, though, it swung open, and I glanced into the shaded eyes of an unmistakable vampire.

"Hello," he said in a slight Irish brouge "I'm Sean."