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One Last Chance

Ana Forrester has settled in with her new family. For the first time, she feels as if she belongs. She has parents, brothers, sisters, friends, and her soul mate/imprint Seth But clouds are starting to gather on the horizon, and not just in the tiny town of Forks. There’s another coven that talks of revolution and rebellion. What will happen if they carry out their plans? SEQUEL TO ABSTRACT REALITY!!!!CHAPTER 5 IS NOW UP!!!!! PLEASE R&R!!!!!!!5/7/09: I edited some things in chapter five that are important to the plot. Please re-read it if you have read that chapter already; it's a very important plot fragment!!!!

The first time I tried this, the story gor rejected because I put it in two categories... I'll just put it in No Time Frame, but we all know it's also Post BD, too... Love Ya!! :DDDD

2. Chapter 2: Sean

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Chapter 2: Sean

He stared at me, surprised. It was obvious that he’d never seen a human among vampires before.

“Hello,” I replied, “I’m Ana.” I held out my hand, and he took it, his face still a mask of surprise.

I knew there were two types of vampires; however, I couldn’t tell if he ate animals or humans though, due to the mirrored lenses of his sunglasses. His sandy brown hair was basically a pile on his head; not like Edward’s untidy, yet well-groomed locks.

I saw Nessie run out of the kitchen, and stop when she saw Sean standing in the doorway. Edward, Alice and Bella walked out behind her; I saw Edward draw back slightly upon see Sean on the doorstep.

“I’m here to see Carlisle,” Sean said urgently. “It’s a message from Alistair. Also, my coven and I ask for temporary shelter here. Not for long; just until things settle at home.”

Another vampire grumbled darkly under his breath as he walked into the hall after Sean. This vampire had long black hair, a long thin nose, and slightly slanted eyes. He stared at me, as surprised as his coven leader.

“Oh, a young human!” The man exclaimed. “Greetings, dear. My name is Seamus! It’s a pleasure to meet a young human without a gun.”

He gestured out the door to another vampire with a similar hairstyle and facial features. “My twin brother, Kerry. He’s a bit hotheaded. Pity he doesn’t have the hair to help me support that claim.”

Another couple of vampires walked in, and Seamus paused. “Daniel and Mary-Kate, on the other hand, they have hair red as turnips, but they’re as cool as a couple of pickles.”

“Really?” The vampire named Daniel muttered. His eyes were almond-shaped, with a small nose. His mate was similar, with a tiny button nose, slim waist, and wide eyes.

I saw his eyes shift around the house until they landed on me. I saw what looked like a sad smile appear on his face before he turned to Sean, and the two of them began to mutter in voices so low that I would never be able to hear.

“Ana,” Nessie whispered, and I followed her into the kitchen, and out the back door to the garage. Jacob’s Rabbit was sitting outside in the drive, and we gladly climbed in.

“So, where to, ladies?” Jake asked, a smile in place; despite it’s sincerity, though, I saw that his eyes were staring anxiously toward the house, making the smile unable to reach his eyes.

I saw Seth sitting in the passenger seat, his eyes closed. I realized he must have fallen asleep; he hadn’t slept well since the Volturi had come three months before. I shuddered, ridding myself of the terrifying memories.

“La Push, namely First Beach,” I replied.

“And step on it,” Nessie added.

“Anxious?” Jake muttered, his foot already on the gas. I felt the car rev, and we sped down the driveway toward the highway.

“That’s an understatement,” Nessie and I replied. I felt myself shuddering again as I remembered the looks that Sean and his coven had given me when they’d first arrived.

I heard Jake’s phone vibrate, and he pulled it out of his pocket, stared at the caller ID, sighed and answered.

“What foul ideas were in his mind?”

Jake paused as Edward relayed what he’d learned. I could imagine him, running his hands through his bronze hair, Bella matching him step for step, the same worry, fear and stress in his eyes mirrored in hers as well.

“Does Alice know where?” Jake asked. Another pause

“All right.” Jake replied, shrugging “I’ll keep an eye out. Tell these guys not to feed in the Forks area, though.” Jake closed the phone, and Seth yawned and opened his eyes.

“Sleep well?” I asked. Seth nodded.

We continued driving in silence, not talking until we reached the beach. It seemed only in my imagination, but the sun seemed brighter and warmer, and the sand almost softer, warmer even.

I knew that change was in the air.